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Knights Of Ni

Updated on October 2, 2014

The Knights Who Say Ni

The Knights of Ni are characters in Monty Python's 1975 movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail; here you can find out more about them, see video clips, merchandise and pictures of the Knights who say "Ni".

Monty Python and the Holy Grail has consistently been voted one of the funniest comedy movies ever, and with fans of the movie the scene with the Knights who say "Ni" is one of the most popular. I first watched this movie years after my father had been exposing me to random outbursts of "Ni" and I must confess that the scene quickly became one of my favourite parts of the movie too.

I hope you enjoy this page devoted to the Knights of Ni.

A Quick Question About The Knights Of Ni

Are you a fan of the Knights who say

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The Knights Who Say Ni
The Knights Who Say Ni

Who Are The Knights Of Ni?

The Knights who say "Ni" appear in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They are the guardians of the forest and protectors of sacred words, barring the way for King Arthur, Sir Bedevere and their squires and demand a tribute in order to let these travelers pass.

The Knights who say Ni are led by a 12 foot tall knight, with stumpy arms and deer antlers stuck into his helmet; whereas the remaining Knights of Ni are of normal height and have helmets which cover their faces.

Whereas in other movies, tributes and quests take the form of dragon-slaying or the finding of some secret parchment, The Knights who say Ni have a rather more mundane request - they want a shrubbery! To ensure that King Arthur and his fellow travelers comply with this quest, the knights repeatedly yell "Ni" at them, striking fear into the group who then go off in search of a shrubbery salesperson who does not overcharge.

Buy your own Knights Who Say "Ni" plush toy from from $24.99.

Watch The Knights Of Ni Scene From Monty Python & The Holy Grail

Knights Who Say Ni Bobble Head Toy

Toy Vault Knight of Ni Mini Bobbler
Toy Vault Knight of Ni Mini Bobbler

This Knight who says Ni appears as a funny booble-head toy that collectors of movie memorabilia and Monty Python fans will love. This Knight also masquerades as his alter-ego "The Knights who say Ecky ecky ecky ecky Patang Zoom Boing". Place this on your desk to raise a laugh in the office.

The Knights Who Say Ni
The Knights Who Say Ni

The Sacred Words Protected By The Knights Of Ni

The Knights of Ni are the self-proclaimed protectors of the sacred words;




However, it is only the word "Ni" that the Knights use repeatedly in order to inflict fear and pain on their victims.

King Arthur
King Arthur

The Characters & Actors In The Knights Who Say "Ni" Scene

King Arthur

"O Knights of Ni, you are just and fair, and we will return with a shrubbery."

King Arthur, played by Graham Chapman, is already well into a Grail Quest when he comes upon the Knights of Ni in the forest. Reluctant as he is to go on a further quest, he luckily stumbles upon a nearby shrubber who has economic problems and is available at short notice to appease the Knights.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: King Arthur Costume (L/XL) - Halloween Costumes
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: King Arthur Costume (L/XL) - Halloween Costumes

If you fancy yourself as a mythical king then this King Arthur costume is a good choice for a fancy dress party.

Knight of Ni
Knight of Ni

The Knights Of Ni

"We want............ a shrubbery!"

You must return here with a shrubbery or else you will never pass through this wood alive! One that looks nice. And not too expensive."

A weakness for floral arrangements, picket fences and water features ensures that King Arthur has a mundane task ahead of him to ensure safe passage past the Knights of Ni (the head knight is played by Michael Palin, standing on a ladder).

Roger The Shrubber
Roger The Shrubber

Roger The Shrubber

"Yes, shrubberies are my trade. I am a shrubber. My name is Roger the Shrubber. I arrange, design, and sell shrubberies."

Fortunately for King Arthur's quest, Roger the Shrubber, played by Eric Idle, happened to be passing at the very time that the Knights of the Round Table required an urgent shrubbery arrangement to appease the Knights Who Say Ni.

Sir Bedevere
Sir Bedevere

Sir Bedevere

"No! Noooo! Aaaugh! No!"

Sir Bedevere, played by Terry Jones, has a strange brand of logic, which earlier in the movie led him to condemn a woman as a witch because she weighed the same as a duck, but this does not come into play in this scene as he is struck dumb by the fearful chorus of "Ni" as King Arthur negotiates with the Knights of Ni.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Sir Bedevere Costume (L/XL) - Halloween Costumes
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Sir Bedevere Costume (L/XL) - Halloween Costumes

Are you wise? Can you tell the difference between a witch and a duck? If you answer yes to these questions then the Sir Bedevere costume is just right for you.

Brave Sir Robin
Brave Sir Robin

Sir Robin & His Minstrels

"He's chickening out and buggering off."

Sir Robin, played by Eric Idle, and his minstrels (head minstrel played by Neil Innes) arrive after the Knights have become the Knights who until recently said Ni. Whilst telling King Arthur the result of his quest he inadvertently stumbles upon the Knights who formerly said Ni's weakness - fear of the word "it".

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Sir Robin Costume (S/M) - Halloween Costumes
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Sir Robin Costume (S/M) - Halloween Costumes

Dress up like brave Sir Robin and you can bravely chicken out and run away from any foe that you meet!

Ni T Shirt on
Ni T Shirt on

Oh What Sad Times Are These - Ni T-shirt

Zazzle Price: $20.95

This Knights Who Say Ni t-shirt features the quote by Roger the Shrubber who bemoans, "Oh what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say Ni at will to old ladies". This t-shirt comes in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit all Monty Python and the Holy Grail fans.

The Knights Who Say Ecky Ecky Ecky Ecky Patang Zoom Boing

"First you must find... another shrubbery! Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must place it here, beside this shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get a two layer effect with a little path running down the middle. Then, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forrest... with... a herring!"

The Knights who say Ni prove themselves to be rather fickle as, although they appreciate King Arthur's shrubbery, they have decided that they are no longer the Knights of Ni but go by a much more confounded title. Whilst the tribute they demand becomes more difficult, their change of name renders them powerless when hearing the word "it", but not "is", you wouldn't get very far in life without using the word "is"!

Knights Who Formerly Said Ni T Shirt

Knights Who Formerly Said Ni
Knights Who Formerly Said Ni

This wonderfully inventive coat-of-arms of the Knights who until recently said Ni appears on the front of this Monty Python t-shirt. This most original t-shirt will surely bring a smile to the face of passing Holy Grail fans that see you wearing it along with the inscription - Ecky, ecky, ecky, ecky, patang, zoomboing.

Knight who until recently said Ni
Knight who until recently said Ni

Knight Who Until Recently Said Ni Button

Zazzle Price: $2.80

This Monty Python button/pin/badge sums up King Arthur's confusion with the quote, "Knight who until recently said Ni" in black script on a white background. You can select from square-shaped buttons or circular and there are also five different sizes to choose from. Choose ten different buttons and you will get a discount!

The Knights Who Say.......What?

No one seems to be able to agree on what exactly it is that the Knights rename themselves as, even King Arthur, in the movie, cannot decipher what it is they say and calls them, "Knights until recently said Ni".

There is no agreed upon spelling of what they say nor even is it agreed upon exactly what it is they say. In the musical Spamalot, the Knights call themselves something different every night, the actors ad-libbing something that is appropriate to the time and place of the performance.

What do the Knights who until recently said Ni rename themselves as?

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Some Knights Of Ni Links

Monty Python and the Holy Grail script

The section of the movie script featuring the Knights who say Ni.

The Knights who say Ni

Wikipedia's entry on the Knights of Ni.

Lego Knights who say Ni

The scene from the movie recreated using Lego figures.

The Knights Who Say Ni MP3 Download

The Knights Who Say "Ni"
The Knights Who Say "Ni"

For those who are fans of the Knights who say Ni scene from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie, this download from the soundtrack of the movie will allow you to listen to the full nonsense about shrubberies, passing shrubbers and cutting down of the forest with fish over and over again.


Say "Ni" Here Please

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    • Otto Phillips profile image

      Otto Phillips 

      5 years ago

      wonderful Lens. I love the Hoy Grail however Life of Brian is my favorite Monty Python movie.

    • Lemming13 profile image


      6 years ago

      I shall try to avoid saying that other word which causes the knights such distress, while congratulating you on a brilliant and informative lens; I shall be angel blessing it. Damn! Sorry, I went and said it. Oooh, and I said it again...


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