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Splish Splash Love (Korean Drama)

Updated on January 7, 2016

Splish Splash Love (also called Splash Splash Love) is a two-part mini-drama which stars idol actor Yoon Doo-Joon (of KPop group B2ST) and comedienne-turned-adorable-actress Kim Seul-Gi (Oh My Ghost). Both have been making their names known in the acting industry by taking on interesting roles. Doo-Joon has been the famous Gu Dae-yong of TvN's Let’s Eat Series, while Kim Seul-Gi rose to fame as the insomniac webtoon editor who romances Go Kyung-Pyo in Flower Boy Next Door.

Now, Splish Splash Love takes us into another world (literally!) when Jang Dan-Bi (Kim Seul-Gi), a struggling high school student about to take her SATs, decides NOT to take it and instead wishes to go someplace else (away from SATs, because who would want to take that test, really). She then discovers that she can travel through puddles of water when it rains, and takes the plunge – into the Joseon era where King Lee Do (Yoon Doo-Joon) rules the land.

It’s a drama where the main characters both learn from each other and eventually fall in love. Here are, in my opinion, the memorable moments in Splish Splash Love. Caution: SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Meeting

Dan-Bi chooses to plunge into the unknown, and ends up in a big vase used for a ritual wishing the drought to end. Everyone in the castle is surprised including the King (who wouldn't be?), and Dan-Bi innocently asks, "Are you filming a historical drama?"

The Aphrodisiac

When Dan-Bi accidentally eats the aphrodisiac-infused dukbokki meant for the King, she goes all lovey-dovey and touchy, and asks the King if he's filimng The Moon that Embraces the Sun (a hit sageuk drama) and even compares the King to Kim Soo-hyun. One word: HILARIOUS.

The Other Dukbokki

Since Dan-Bi packed a lot of snacks for the SATs, she had an instant dukbokki on hand and offers it to King Lee Do. The following day, perhaps because his stomach is not accustomed to the food, the King breaks out in sweat because oops, uncontrolled bowel movement. I loved how Yoon Doo-Joon acted in this scene because he simply let himself go. Haha.

The Times Table

Who knew the times table (multiplication table) could be this fun and oh-so-fluffy? When Dan-Bi teaches King Lee Do the multiplication table, the punishments go from forehead flicking to forehead kissing. Ah, my heart can't handle this.

The Queen's Painting

What I love about this mini-drama is it doesn't attempt to make the Queen a villain, as proved by this painting. Although, it's quite sad that secondary characters are not given much screen time in the drama since it's only for two episodes.

The SATs - Joseon version

Dan-Bi must prove herself to the King's advisers through making an invention. The king visits her in the middle of the night to check on her.

I Will See You Again

When Dan-Bi chooses to go back to the present, she fatefully meets a present day version of King Lee Do. The modern Lee Do tells her, "We have met. A long time ago."


Ah. There's a part of me that's wishing for the series to be longer. But I guess that's the beauty of it. We're not put into too much conflict and the series leaves us with a very light, fluffy feeling. I hope to watch more of these kinds of dramas. Or perhaps a Yoon Doo-Joon X Kim Seul-Gi reunion since boy, do I love their chemistry.


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