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What To Bring To A Kpop Concert

Updated on July 5, 2014

All About Kpop Concerts

The most important things to remember and keep in mind when going to a Kpop Concert.

Having a lightstick is not everything, but still having one can make a difference. It will still be up to you on how you participate and be one with the crowd and the other fans during the concert

Kpop Concert?!! What do I bring?

You heard Super Junior's Super Show is coming to your country. Weeeeeeee!!!!

Of course you are going! But now, you are in the dilemma of what thing/s to really bring when attending a Kpop Concert.

Lightsticks in Action during a Super Junior Super Show 4 in Singapore
Lightsticks in Action during a Super Junior Super Show 4 in Singapore

Kpop Concert Must-Haves

the essentials

1. Concert Ticket

This is the most obvious one. For most fans, saving for and buying a concert ticket is the primary goal once a concert is announced. So, treasure this ticket, never lose it and dance your way to the concert hall with your VVIP or the most-coveted moshpit ticket with backstage pass.

2. Lightstick

This is the trademark of every fandom. A lightstick is the ray of hope that echoes your support and timeless gratitude to the group on stage. You wave the lightstick to keep beat to song, shake it as your bias does things, mostly fanservice, that you approve and is mostly ecstatic about. Mostly, this is to signify that you are having so much fun. Or not.

3. Camera

Bringing a camera, especially big, bulky and super HD and DSLR ones, are not that necessary or even allowed in some venues .

Also, you really have to think twice in bringing a camera if: 1) your concert seat is far from the stage, 2) it is your first Kpop concert, and 3) you can't stop yourself from spazzing when you see your ultimate bias.

However, for the benefit of the rest of the fans who could not attend the concert, it is best to take pictures and post in them real time online via social networking sites if possible. Just a tip, It is best to just bring your phone or a Polaroid camera. Idols love to take pictures with Polaroids because it's cute and a great way to connect with fans.

4. Banner! or gift

Yes, your banner - a very personalized, attention-grabbing one, is one of a Kpop concert must-haves.

It allows you to figuratively shout out to the world your message to your favorite idol or group. The smiles and laughter that is put on their faces when they see or read your 'awkward Korean' banner is definitely an embarrassing-yet-awesome moment to have.

However, please do not bring tarpaulin-like, billboard-sized banners because this will disrupt the view of the person standing or sitting behind you.

5. Water and candy

Kpop concerts are usually sold out minutes from the time they are officially made available. So expect that a lot of people will be going to the concert. For your body's sake, it is best to prepare at least a small bottle of water and some candy while waiting in life for the gates to open. What is the use of a mosh pit ticket when you are being wheeled out to an ambulance after fainting from dehydration.

6. Proper Etiquette

This is not really a physical 'thing' to bring. It is more of an attitude. Kpop concerts can have the reputation of being loud, jam-packed, and with a lot of pushing around. So keep your patience quotas considerably higher during this time of the year. Remember, do not do unto others what you don't want other to do unto you.

I hope you have fun and enjoy moment of the Kpop concert that you've been waiting for!

Helpful Sites

You can also visit the following sites where I chronicle my own Kpop Concert Escapades. I do hope we could meet each other in a Kpop Concert in the future! To fangirling and beyond!

Kpop Concert Fancams - why one(I) should never fancam during a Kpop concert ever again

The following videos were taken during the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert in Manila. Infinite performed first and our camera's battery died soon after LOL.

And I never got to touch Hoya's hand because I was fancamming everything he did!!!! T_____T

lesson learned.

Kpop Albums Recommendations

Just in case, the idols will sign your respective albums when you see them in the streets or at the concert, you'd definitely also need to have an album ^^


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