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Updated on April 22, 2013

Kuroshitsuji~ Black Butler

This manga series is done solely by Yana Toboso. Kuroshitsuji shows the life of 12 year old Ciel Phantomhive and his butler, Sebastian during the Victorian-age England. There is practically nothing that this butler cannot do. His job comprises of taking care of Ciel's daily needs and protecting him from danger.

Love food? Then Kuroshitsuji is perfect for you. Watch Sebastian whip up delicious gourmet meals and desserts for Ciel that are drools-worthy.

Action-packed and hilarious. WARNING: Very addictive!!

How popular is this manga? It's third volume was ranked 3rd on the best-selling list in Japan on Dec 2007, and the fourth volume was ranked 9th on June 2008.

*note: the manga and anime version are quite different.

Ciel Phantomhive

The head of the Phantomhive is none other than Ciel Phantomhive, whose parents died tragically in a fire when he was young. At that young age, he lost both his parents and the mansion they were living in. To add insult onto injury, he was treated lke a slave by the culprits who did that to his family. Vowing revenge, he made a contract with a demon, Sebastian, to help him. After that incident, he rebuilt the mansion as well as the successful Pantomhive's 'Funtom' company selling sweets and toys. Business savvy and smart, Ciel acts well above his age. He may seem cold to people but is shown to be sentimental. Example: he named Sebastian the butler after the dog he reared once who also perished in the fire, and he does his best to protact his cousin/fiancee Elizabeth. Known as the 'Queen's watchdog', Ciel has to keep an eye on the black market dealings in England and eliminate those who tries to exploit England for their own illegal businesses.

Ciel Cosplay

Really nice cosplay! This is inspired by the page design in Chapter 13 of Kuroshitsuji. ^^

See the resemblance!


Ciel cosplay

Ciel is so pretty!~

Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis is a demon who is bound to a contract with Ciel Phantomhive, whereby he has to do anything Ciel commands him to do. Basically, he has to take care of the whole household- Cooking Ciel's meals, cleaning the whole mansion and clearing up the mess that the other 3 servants in the house made. Furthermore, he is Ciel's bodyguard too. He is very highly skilled in any area and nothing is impossible for him to accomplish. He is fond of members of the feline family and dislikes dogs.

Not only can he dodge bullets, he can throw silverware at his attackers with deadly accuracy as well as survive despite being shot in the head and sliced by a chainsaw. The pentacle mark on his and is identical to the one in Ciel's covered eye and it is the symbol used for their contract.

Extra info: Sebastian's voice in the anime version is by Ono Daisuke while D.Gray-Man's Tyki Mikk is Morikawa Toshiyuki.

Sebastian Cosplay!

Cosplay by Stay

Elizabeth Middleford

Elizabeth Middleford prefers Ciel to call her by the more affectionate sounding 'Lizzie'. She is the cousin as well as fiancee of Ciel (her mother is Ciel's father's sister) She is often demanding and likes to decorate Ciel's mansion with stuff animals and all things fluffy and girly. Another of her hobbies is to dress the servants in the mansion, including the men there(and Sebastian) in dresses completed with wigs and bonnets. However, when she goes too far, she will feel terrible for what she has done.

Nonetheless, she is a very likable and endearing character, and she cares alot for Ciel and do things to try to make him smile.

Servants of Phantomhive mansion

Maylene, Finnian, Bard and Mr. Tanaka

There are four servants in the Phantomhive family and they are- Maylene the maid, Finnian the gardener, Bard the chef and Mr Tanaka the steward.

All four provides humourous and lightweight moments in this series ad each are quirky in their own ways. For example, Maylene is a total klutz, Bard cooks food with firearms and Finnian kills trees instead of planting them.

However, in the anime, it is starting to show that the four of them are not as useless as they seem and they are good fighters, such as Maylene who is actually a professional hitman.

Continue to read on to learn more about these four characters.


Maylene is a total klutz and has a crush on Sebastian. Even though her thick glasses prevents her from seeing well, she could not bear to throw it away as it was a gift from Ciel when she first joined the household. She often breaks the very costly dishes and silverware in the kitchen, added 30 cups of detergent into the washing machine instead of the specified 3 cups, and is always tripping over her own feet. However, in the anime, she is seen to be a professional and deadly hitman who is later hired by Sebastian, and at that time, she had perfect eyesight.


Bard is the chef of the Phantomhive household and insists strongly on creating his food into 'art masterpieces', causing damages to the kitchen. His culinary tools comprises of mostly of flamethrowers or guns. Hence, Sebastian has to solve the problem and cook meals for Ciel instead, who would otherwise suffer from food poisoning.

He used to be a soldier in the war, according to the anime. At that time, he knew that his commander's strategy would fail and tried to suggest his own, which he knew would work, but to no avail. Hence, he was the only one left alive after his comrades were dead, and was hired by Sebastian.


Finnian, despite being the gardener of the Phantomhive household, probably kills more plants than grows them. He often wishes to turn the garden trees into robot shapes, prunes the tree too much until they are bare, and never notices when the pesticide bottle is leaking. He also has supernatural strength and could pick up a tree from its roots from the ground.

The cause of his super strength is believed to came from a science experiment conducted on him back then, whereby he was held captive and the scientists used him as a 'lab rat' to test on.

Mr Tanaka

Mr. Tanaka is the only person who does not cause Sebastian any trouble (probably because he is always too busy drinking tea). He is the steward of the Phantomhive household and is mostly seen sipping tea and chuckling. As Ciel is too young, Mr Tanaka has to be the representative for the Phantomhive's Funtom company, and attend to reporters' interview, etc. Mr Tanaka always looks very 'cartoon-ish' but he has appeared in his 'normal form' in the anime.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is both a creepy and funny character who often helps Ciel on his investigations for a price. He usually only offers Ciel and Sebastian useful information. He likes to scare people by hiding inside a coffin in his shop. In the anime, he was a major character and is revealed to be a high-ranking and powerful Death God.

The Undertaker

One of my favourite characters!

Madam Red/ Angelina Durless

Angelina was nicknamed Madam Red due to her fondness of that colour and always wearing red. (even her hair is red!) She is Ciel's aunt; her sister is Ciel's mother. At that time, she was a widow of the late Baron Barnett and was one of the few female doctors around, serving women and children patients. She treats Ciel like her own son as he reminds her alot of her beloved sister. She also has no lack of admirers and suitors.

Grell Sutcliff

Grell is Madam Red's butler and he is a DeathGod. The two of them were the culprits for the 'Jack the Ripper' case, whereby prostitutes were brutally murdered by them. In the manga, Grell only appears in that few episodes but showed up more often in the anime series.

Grell is attracted to Sebastian and good looking man. There is even a Facebook group that supports him. :)

Madam Red and Greil Sutcliffe

Great work! :D


You can check out these cosplays at my "Best Cosplay Ever Part 2" lens! As well as many other AWESOME cosplays from many different animes! Don't miss it!


Lau is the manager of a profitable Chinese trading company operating in England. He is also an acquaintance with Ciel and Madam Red. Even so, he has an illegal opium business and is unfazed that Ciel may shut down his company.

Lau is good at acting like he knows more than he do and he likes to do odd things such as dropping in at weird hours at Ciel's place for a cup of tea. He also accompanies Ciel during investigations sometimes. Lau is always together with a girl he calls "Lan Mao" (means blue cat in chinese), but he claims she is a sister during the anime. Always seen with an amused smile on his face.

Kuroshitsuji Pre-airing special.

May be a little long.



Ciel & Sebastian

Ciel & Sebastian
Ciel & Sebastian

Desserts by Sebastian (Yum!)

Desserts by Sebastian (Yum!)
Desserts by Sebastian (Yum!)

Popularity poll Sebastian VS Ciel

Vote on who you like best from Kuroshitsuji

Who is your favourite character?

See results

Food & Gourmet Links

They are experts in their own field


In conclusion, I feel that Kuroshitsuji is a good and unforgettable read. It never fails to amuse and surprise me with its plot and as the story continues, it only gets better each time. My favourite character is of no doubt, Sebastian Michaelis as I admire the way he always gets things done perfectly even though they seem totally impossible. If you are not reading Kuroshitsuji yet, do so now!















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    • Kalafina profile image


      6 years ago

      You didn't emphasize Sebastian being a demon. After all, how else could he be one hell of a butler?

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for this wonderful page. As a fan myself, I really enjoyed refreshing my memory with this info.


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