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Labyrinth: The movie, the lesson, the party!

Updated on December 31, 2014

Meet Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), a beautiful but selfish girl who is trapped with her head up in the clouds, wanting to forever remain in her fantasy world. Wanting to be young and free and away from all the seriousness life brings. We all felt that way at one way or another, didn't we? We wanted to be rescued by a prince, taken afar by a queen, swept away by some charming beast to a castle where our wants and needs could be heard. Finally. Something that made the world revolve around us (and if there were people to cater to our every whim and people standing by fanning us and feeding grapes we would not argue).

Take this child, she begged. Take it away so that I may live my life! It was daring, the stakes were high (and so was David Bowies hair, am I right?) and adventure was lurking around the next corner.

Jareth, the King of the Goblins, brings to Sarah the chance of a lifetime: everything she has ever wanted and more. The world for but one request.

Sarah must go through the Labyrinth, facing more than one challenge along the way; she will be stretched physically and mentally, but in the end will she make the right choices?

A gift for anyone who has ever believed they deserved more than they were getting. A story for someone who thinks they got the short end of the stick. A tale for anyone of any age who just needs some friends and music; this is a family fun fest for everyone on your list your year!

Prepare for a Jim Henson mastery of puppetry, singing, riddles and lessons in friendship and growing to pass on to the next generations, this movie is sure to live on for decades to come! Funny, heartwarming and adventurous, you'll want to own it on your own shelf, (almost) guaranteed!

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