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Lady Gaga wigs

Updated on October 30, 2012

Top 10 Wigs of Lady Gaga: the hairstyle of a diva!

Lady Gaga's style is extreme, unique, eccentric, stylish, vintage, futuristic, sexy, provocative, edgy...

Part of this style are her numerous wigs. She changes her hairstyle very often and always appears wearing wigs (no one knows how her nature hair look is!)

In this lens I have created a list with the 10 most popular and unique, according to my opinion, wigs Lady Gaga has ever worn.

Amazon & ebay links to where you will find and buy those wigs are also available.

Hope you enjoy your trip ...and find out what is going on on the head of Lady Gaga!

lady gaga's wigs - blonde wig
lady gaga's wigs - blonde wig

# 1 Long Blonde Wig

lady gaga's wigs

This is the first, unique and classic wig of Lady Gaga: the long blonde straight wig with bangs

With this hairstyle Lady Gaga has introduced herself and this the style all of her fans loved. Simple and chic, girly and sexy, impressive and classical at the same time.

This photo is a snapshot from her first video, Just Dance.

Long Blonde Wig with Bangs

lady gaga's wig - hair bow wig
lady gaga's wig - hair bow wig

# 2 Hair Bow

lady gaga's wigs

In this photo we see Lady Gaga in a head-to-toe latex bodysuits with her signature hair bow while visiting a London radio station. Let's stick to the hair bow. It is a Lady-Gaga-it-item. Either tiny, small or enormous a hair bow accompanied Lady Gaga in all her first steps.

The hair bows official debut was the video Poker face, in which it was worn on top of her classical long blond wig with straight bangs.

lady gaga's wigs - soda can wig
lady gaga's wigs - soda can wig

# 3 Soda Can Hairstyle

lady gaga's wigs

Having eccentric hairstyles and wearing strange wigs is generally a common habit of celebrities. Lady Gaga introduced a different hairstyle by adding products to it. I am talking of course about the renown soda can wig, which was worn in Lady Gaga's Telephone video.

The photo is a snapshot from Telephone video, in which Lady Gaga has weaved in her short blonde wig Diet Coke cans. Interesting and innovative!

lady gaga's wig - purple wig
lady gaga's wig - purple wig

# 4 Short purple Wig

lady gaga's wigs

It was September 2009, the Neo2 magazine was released, having on its cover Lady Gaga wearing a pair of bunny ears and a purple wig. I can't figure out which of the two is the weirdest fashion accessory, so I'll stick to the wig.

If she could be a star and fashion icon wearing only wigs, why do these wigs have to be regular?

This purple wig was the beginning of a series of extraordinary hairstyles and colors.

lady gaga's wig - purple wig
lady gaga's wig - purple wig

# 5 Long Purple Wig

lady gaga's wigs

Blonde is sexy and gentlemen prefer blondes. But Lady Gaga has no interest in gentlemen.

Therefore in 2009 she made her first appearances in her purple long wig. Gaga was established as a blonde with funky hairstyles, but did go further using a hair color we usually see on Japanese cartoon characters.

In this photo Lady Gaga's wig is long, purple with nicely shaped bangs.

lady gaga's wig - blonde purple wig
lady gaga's wig - blonde purple wig

# 6 Purple & Blond Wig

lady gaga's wigs

Lady Gaga's punk wig: after wearing blond wigs and purple wigs, Gaga decided to mix them! In this photo her messed up hairstyle makes her look punk. She definitely knows how to rock style.

In this photo her wig's base is blonde but has purple and few pink shades. The hair is curly and long

Purple and Blonde Wig

lady gaga's wigs - yellow wig
lady gaga's wigs - yellow wig

# 7 Yellow Wig

lady gaga's wigs

I have always though that women who dye their hair blonde always wanted to avoid the yellowish tones that sometimes appear. There are even hair products for removing the yellow shades.

And then came Lady Gaga, wearing a wig that was half of it was blonde and the other half YELLOW! She wore this wig on the Grammy Awards ceremony, she wore it on her Telephone video (see photo), she wore it in the streets.

I wouldn't be impressed now if I see regular people dying their hair yellow instead of blonde.

lady gaga's wig - short blonde wig
lady gaga's wig - short blonde wig

# 8 Curly Short Wig

lady gaga's wigs

Lady Gaga was there for the celebration of Hello Kitty's 35th birthday. This picture come from the relevant photo shoot. Here Lady Gaga here doesn't wear her characteristic wig bow, but the characteristic red bow of Hello Kitty. Lady Gaga's eyes are also similar to those of the famous kitten.

The wig she has selected consists of short blonde wavy hair and has few pink shades.

lady gaga's wigs - short blond wig
lady gaga's wigs - short blond wig

#9 very Short Blonde Wig

lady gaga's wigs

A wig that was less feminine and more androgynous was selected by Lady Gaga and Haus of Gaga for her latest video, Alejandro. In Alejandro Gaga appears with very short platinum hair with bangs. With no volume at all this hairstyle has revealed another, darker and less glamorous side of Lady Gaga.

lady gaga wigs
lady gaga wigs

#10 Crazy Wig

lady gaga's wigs

I don't know how to name this wig, but I definitively wanted it in this list. I don't even know if It is a wig, a hair accessory or a hat! (if you have an answer to that please drop by the guest book and share it). As a picture worths a million words, I won't describe this wig choice of Laga.

I'll give you some feedback on how she feels about her wigs:

"I have more than 20 wigs," she said. "So I can have a new hairstyle without having to keep running to the hairdresser every day. That's great, right?

"And depending on my mood I opt for this at one time and for that at others. How I present myself to the outside world always depends on how I feel inside."

(view source)

Lady Gaga's crazy wig

Ideal for Halloween costumes!

Poll on Wigs!

lady gaga hair wigs
lady gaga hair wigs

Which is your favorite Lady Gaga wig?

See results

Other wigs and hair accesories

Share her your views on Gaga's wigs or any other comments!

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am in love with the new edge of glory wig and I must have it lol. if you find one like it plz post it thanks

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 

      7 years ago

      Gotta love it! :)

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Awesome collection of Lady Gaga Wigs!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      very fun!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      great lens


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