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Lalaloopsy Movie

Updated on November 8, 2012

Lalaloopsy Movie on DVD

Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land the Search for Pillow is the first ever Lalaloopsy movie. It debuted in 2012 on Nick Jr and then went straight to DVD. It stars Peanut Big, Pillow Featherbed, Bea Spells a Lot, Jewel Sparkles, and Sugar Crumbs Cookie and includes cameos of several other adorable Lalaloopsy dolls and their little sisters. The Lalaloopsy movie is a sweet show that is geared towards girls ages 3 through 6, but would appeal to younger children as well due to the pretty colors and sugary sweetness of the story. I've watched it over and over with my two daughters (ages 2 and 6) and they absolutely love it. Even my 4 year old son loves Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land. It's a show you can feel good about your children watching. It has nothing inappropriate in it, making it a safe show for your kids to watch.

Below you will find the Lalaloopsy DVD available to buy, as well as Lalaloopsy books and video games. The Lalaloopsies are sew magical and sew cute.

Lalaloopsy Movie on DVD - Lalaloopsy DVD

Your little girl will enjoy watching this adorably sweet Lalaloopsy movie over and over just as much as my two daughters do. It's a full length 70 minute movie that's designed with girls ages 3 to 6 in mind. It's a good wholesome DVD for girls with nothing inappropriate in it at all.

Lalaloopsy Amazon Store for all things Loopsy
Lalaloopsy Amazon Store for all things Loopsy

Lalaloopsy Movie Review

Lalaloopsy movie parent review

My girls have been crazy about the Lalaloopsies since the very first colorful Lalaloopsy commerical aired. My daughters spent weeks saying "Ooo la la" as the big girls do in the commercial. We have been working on building their Loopsy collection ever since. They have four Loopsy dolls between them, the couch, the fun house, five mini Lalaloopsies, Lalaloopsy bedding, and the special satin kitty cat. So, needless to say, we were all super excited when Nick Jr advertised that the very first Lalaloopsy movie was coming! We were fortunate enough to catch it and DVR it when Nick Jr aired it commercial free. We have watched it too many times to count since then.

It's a sweet and colorful movie. One thing I love about the Lalaloopsy movie is that it isn't loud. So many kids shows today are loud, busy, and in your face. Not so with the Lalaloopsy movie. The dolls all speak in soft, soothing voices. The music and sounds in the show are all soft, sweet, and fun. This may not hold the attention of big kids (ages seven and up), but the little ones love it. I really appreciate that the Lalaoopsy movie isn't overstimulating in a time where almost all kids movies, shows, and toys are way overstimulating.

As a parent, I also like that there isn't anything in this sweet movie for girls that makes me cringe. I've sat through so many movies with my kids that are supposed to be kid friendly and have been shocked or even horrified at the language or message that it sends. Recently my two year old has learned to call things "stupid" and to call people "losers" from a popular kids show that's marketed towards toddlers. You definitely have no reason to fear something like that occuring with the Lalaloopsy movie. It teached teamwork and friendship. The Lalaloopsy doll characters are all great big sisters, taking good care of their little sisters and they never use any words that you wouldn't want your two year old to repeat.

All of my children love the Lalaloopsy movie. My girls, ages two and six, both enjoy it. What surprises me is that my four year old son loves it almost as much as his sisters do. It's a great kids movie that as a mom I feel confident recommending to other parents.

Lalaloopsy Movie Watch Instantly - Lalaloopsy movie on demand

If you don't want to wait for the DVD to ship, you can watch the Lalaloopsy on demand right now.

Lalaloopsy Movie on eBay - Laloopsy DVD on eBay

Find a great deal on the Lalaloopsy movie on DVD right here with current eBay listings.

My Daughter's Lalaloopsy Doll

My Daughter's Lalaloopsy Doll
My Daughter's Lalaloopsy Doll

Laloopsy Books

We all know how important reading is and it's easy to get girls interested in reading with sew cute Lalalopsy books.

Lalaloopsy Movie on DVD - Buy the Lalaloopsy movie

The Lalaloopsy DVD is available to buy right here at a great price and with free super saver shipping.

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