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Larai's Second Life!

Updated on December 22, 2016

Dj Larai Second Life Goodies

LENS with all my Goodies..Pictures of sets at the venues I am currently a DJ. Pictures of myself, represented by my avatar I've had some people tell me that I should really "Separate, Kim from Larai..Well..that's a bit I tend to put ALL of me into my avatar..all that comes with me personality wise there is NO difference between the two of us! Some hobbies I may have..Some of my Pixel critters..Motorcycles..I take a number of pictures of my sets at all the venues I currently work..

The Real Me!


I am a Cali girl! From upper northern California, Bout halfway between Sacramento and Reno, NV. I am married..Very Happily..I have a dog that I consider to be my "daughter" as I can Not have the two legged variety. She is a full bred American Akita, brindle coat. We have had her since she was 4 weeks old, we rescued her from a back yard breeder. We have what I consider a decent life. Basically that means that I have what I NEED. I have what I DESIRE..which is a husband that loves me..& would do anything for me & supports me in all I do.

That being said..This page describes my career as a virtual DJ..How I came to be here in this place, the things I've learned about myself as a person & a DJ.

A Long time ago..chuckles. I was once an internet marketer in search of a product that I believed in to promote, That wasn't goin to cost me a fortune in product to sell or take a ton of room to store until sold. I tried all kinds of things..from products, any number of scams and not so hot deals.. There was really only one product that I believed in & really still do, I will give that a lil mention here then move on: Beach Body Fitness .Although I really Love their products, Not into sales. So another friend of mine got me involved with Second Life, mostly as a diversion & What a diversion!! Although, with very adult situations, sexual innuendo, there is more to it. I soon discovered there was real life USD to be made there. People learn, create, Scripting code, Building, Creating clothing or in the entertainment trades, real musicians, that actually get up on stage, use their voices.

I consider myself an entertainer, Using my voice..My musical knowledge to bring people a very Nice & Educational presentation of the musicians that they know & love. I have been a DJ in Second Life for 7+ years..I have spun many different genres from country, classic rock, metal from 60's thru present. I finally as shown in my lens "BLUES DJ" settled on the Blues!..I have been here & pretty much a Blues Purist..or nearly so for bout 3 of those years..

My Lost Ones - Mani & Sadie R.i.p.

Mani & Sadie
Mani & Sadie

Since I started this lens..I have lost two of my 3 4 legged kids..a very sad day for us here...Mani was an 11 year old wolf hybrid who passed away on Valentine's Day 2012...and Sadie was a 14 year old Chow/Sharpei cross who passed away 2 months ago! Today's date being 6/24/2013..They are Missed..but I know they are chasin rabbits with their other dog buddies! Out of Pain!

My "Daughter"

PK at 5 years June 7th 2014
PK at 5 years June 7th 2014 | Source
The day I picked her up.. July 1, 2008, Such a fat  furbaby, she was the bear of the litter I am so happy that I was able to get her OUT of that funky back yard breeders house!!.. OMG.. she has been and is the light of my life!.. sweet baby!
The day I picked her up.. July 1, 2008, Such a fat furbaby, she was the bear of the litter I am so happy that I was able to get her OUT of that funky back yard breeders house!!.. OMG.. she has been and is the light of my life!.. sweet baby! | Source


Second Life while free to join, does take a bit of money to get one's avatar "outfitted" in the way you may want. The graphics allow for a lot of detail, so will cost you what is known as Linden Dollars. Please, if you do decide to come into second life, use a pay pal account, you can buy lindens through pay pal, you can sell lindens and have them transferred to your pay pal right from your dashboard. It's just a safety precaution to safeguard your credit card.

Most of us in there want to make our avatar's into something of a fantasy. Hot looking, what we may not be in real life. There are people in there..real people with real feelings..and as such look for a mate..maybe to get together in real life with..yes some use it as a dating site also, on that's kind of a buyer people tend to get hung up in the avatar & NOT see the real individual running it, so tend to get hurt or disillusioned.

They may feel as though the person they are involved with in world has mislead or misrepresented themselves, and is a huge reason for my counseling these people that plan or aspire to a real world relationship with the avatar they are with in world to Please voice & cam with your love interest.

Crucial also to watch your heart!

Since I have No aspirations to a relationship of that nature in second life, I have NO agenda or ulterior motive, which makes me somewhat objective & observant to all the antics of people in second life & being a DJ, trust me when I say there are a lot of things goin on if you are payin attention LMAO!!

There are also real life couples that go into sl & make a life for themselves in world, things they could not do otherwise in real life for what ever reason, be it financial or physical or emotional, so they make a home, career, adopt family, businesses.

Make no mistake about that either..while not as costly as a brick and mortar's just as serious to those of us that do it, actually costing real currency to make happen..and sometimes just as much stress to go with it.

Staffing..employees showing up to do their job. To me it's just as real any commitment, when ya say your goin to be there, be there! OR Give enough notice for your club owner or manager to find cover for your shift. However, there is still that notion to some that it's a game & as such do not take showin up or working seriously.

To those of us that have been in there a while, we don't look at it as a game, we look at it as a virtual world with all the trappings of it: Joy, Pain, Love, Angst, All the range of human emotion, givin that humans are running the avatars.

GAME: A game implies a beginning and an end, levels to be achieved, a score & a winner and a loser!

So, Obviously to me it's not a Game. About the only thing to me that could make it so, is the ability to leave it no harm no foul to anyone, just "X" out or log.

However, the responsible person who has developed friendships with people as genuine as it can be real feelings & relationships with people in there tend to be a lil more courteous & let someone know if they are goin to be gone or not online for what ever reason, be an appt at the doctor, a husband or wife in real life. We always say Real Life First.

That means that if your Real Life or First Life, if you will, needs your attention then by all means Get r done!. There are instances obviously beyond our control..IE: internet, power loss or just plain computer issues that can not be helped. One can only hope that somehow we can get word to folks expecting us to be there. :)

The Joys of Second Life - Attraction Of Commerce

A long time ago & far away..I had a couple two or three lenses for my "internet marketing" endeavors..I will hopefully be able to reintroduce my marketing by way of second life via bringing people there, showing them that it is indeed possible to make a real life living in there. However, Let's NOT delude ourselves, it takes a lot of work and a lot of hours to make a very little bit. It also largely depends on what you choose to do in there to make money..I've found builders make money. Builders of clothing, cars, motor cycles, etc.

There are also, what are referred to as "Mega Owners" of land. Property management, Teraforming, Landscapers...Yes! and some of the Most beautiful properties I've both seen and made myself. I love to put together creeks & grotto's re-texture fully modifiable homes with my own d├ęcor. It's all very possible. One of my favorite things is to look at my work, know that I BUILT THAT. Heheheehe!

I consider myself an entertainer, My voice presence & personality, are a huge part of my career..the funny thing..unlike radio voice is not contrived..there is no affectation to it but rather is my Normal speaking voice. Having been in second life for as long as I have I have seen & heard quite a number of DJ's & like me most are genuine...However..there are also a number of them that "Pour on the sex".."The Bedroom Voice" Chuckles..Not a bad thing at all..but I have been told that my voice is like that without effort..*Grins Wickedly*

For me Second Life was at first a sort of "simulator" a place to learn..a place to teach myself how to use my voice over a live mic. I had and still do aspire to be a DJ in a real world situation. If i had to liken what I do to a real world environment, I would have to say that DJ'n in a nightclub would be an accurate analogy.

However, there is ONE major difference to being a REAL DJ vs. a VIRTUAL DJ, that is that most if not all of the venues that I currently work in have IN WORLD voice turned off, so there is no talking going on, as with a real life night club with all the noise of multiple conversations.

There is No REAL alcohol or drugs. But it's bandied about virtually..there is all kinds of Pixelated weed & booze..and anything else you could fantasize about.. If I had to use another analogy it would be getting "primed" before goin to a school dance. People can sit at their computers actually drinking a real alcoholic beverage..or what ever their poison..and as a consequence..on occasion be just as obnoxious on the computer in text as they would be in a club environment real life & could be a VERY good reason why the in world voice is turned off..LOL!! Takes all kinds..and all kinds I've met.

Second Life Goodies - Learning a Trade!

I try to remain somewhat humble about my abilities. Not get too full of myself.

I've been told that I'm a very good DJ, even a Great one, But we all know how that works we are our own worst critic & no body kicks me better then me. I'm harder on myself then anyone else, and so strive to be the best, most dependable DJ I can be.

I do NOT denigrate a new aspiring DJ, there are however a lot of what I fondly call "FLESH COVERED JUKEBOXES" due to the TOTAL absence of a voice presence, If they speak at all. I first started out using just win amp & local chat, as I at that time, could NOT find a VOICE FX plug in for win amp, and the one I did have was locking up my computer.

One day I was looking for a voice plug in for win amp & ran across SAM broadcaster. Spacial Net Audio offered a free two week trial, Ok, so i gave that a try, two weeks in, I'm in the middle of a set and BAM I get this interruption in my stream: "Please register your product @, OK.. So I went bought it, I saw it as an investment, It's a spendy bit of software @ $300.00 but has been worth every penny I paid for it. It's a very in depth piece of software also with a mixer board. There is so much you can do with this software that most, including myself do not make use of.

I took a course in second life to learn it. Another thing. Second Life has schools with classes. I now train people in it's basic use as a side line. I also train hosts or "greeters" if you will, and someday plan on opening a school to do just that, as there is a DIRE need for good hosts.

It has always been This DJ's opinion that a host can make or break a DJ. A good host is the unsung hero. Having had to mostly host myself, in addition to DJ, I know what it takes! I have had a couple of decent hosts.

One currently that I absolutely LOVE!! with all my heart. She is the sister of one of the club owners I work for. She rawks my world every day of the week! She started as my host & she and I have developed a friendship & a synergy if you will. We feed off each others energy, then we feed that energy to our crowd & THAT girl can get a crowd!!

In the most recent of my DJ'n endeavors I have taken to promoting the LIVE acts in second life, those that actually get up on stage via their avatar and sing both cover tunes of artists or their own material..some of which will also be mentioned in here at some point!

KUDOS to those that do that..To me it takes a lot of guts to get up there on a stage and perform! I will be also in the near future showcasing those that I would call my favorites. I have been givin some original material from one such artist, that I swore I would Never give out to anyone & I won't..beg all ya want!! Not Happening! GRIN

LARAI AT HOME - At My New Linden Home

Linden homes are homes that "Premium Members" have access to. It is a plot on "Linden Land". There are several different floor plans, architecture, from the industrial to the cozy..trashy chic, to the fanciful. The home I currently have is of the fanciful, It's a "shire" style, or what I love to call my lil hobbit house.

Larai's Second Life Pics - Just Me!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Outside, In my yard. By the grotto! Loves my waterfalls! The sound so sweet!On My Deck! Actually learned how to bend and twist wood "prim" that was way cool!On my Deck of my Tree House! Omg..This treehouse is so cool.  It's "fully modifiable" so I was able to do a lot of "re-texturing" to it..the color of the wood decking, paneling, all the windows came stock with what looked like curtains painted on theMore Grotto Pic with waterfallWhile working at Blujnz BluesBlujnz BluesThe yard of my first Build!
Outside, In my yard. By the grotto! Loves my waterfalls! The sound so sweet!
Outside, In my yard. By the grotto! Loves my waterfalls! The sound so sweet!
On My Deck! Actually learned how to bend and twist wood "prim" that was way cool!
On My Deck! Actually learned how to bend and twist wood "prim" that was way cool!
On my Deck of my Tree House! Omg..This treehouse is so cool.  It's "fully modifiable" so I was able to do a lot of "re-texturing" to it..the color of the wood decking, paneling, all the windows came stock with what looked like curtains painted on the
On my Deck of my Tree House! Omg..This treehouse is so cool. It's "fully modifiable" so I was able to do a lot of "re-texturing" to it..the color of the wood decking, paneling, all the windows came stock with what looked like curtains painted on the
More Grotto Pic with waterfall
More Grotto Pic with waterfall
While working at Blujnz Blues
While working at Blujnz Blues
Blujnz Blues
Blujnz Blues
The yard of my first Build!
The yard of my first Build!

Larai's Amazon - My Blues Picks

One of my favorite mediums for learning any genre...The Various Artist Album..Compilation albums of many of My Favorite Bluesmen & Women the best possible way to get a taste of the blues w/out investing right off with just one artist's material..the various artist compilation brings you the best of both get a taste of the blues..with the variety of artists and style..If you like it, then go out and get the individual artists..

Enjoy <3 Much Love Larai

P.S. Have Fun & Enjoy!

Most Essential Blues
Most Essential Blues

Various Artist Blues! To the Blues Lover! What can I say, Except Enough said! :) ALL Star Line up in this album..for the novice..a very quick intro to the Blues!

The Blues That Built America
The Blues That Built America

All I can that I already own most of if not all of the artists on this album..both this and vol 2 wanna Learn about the Blues? Check this out..I've converted Many a metal head to Blues..After all..all music..except maybe Classical Is based in blues!

The Blues That Built America - Vol. 2
The Blues That Built America - Vol. 2

Still More Blues...Enjoy! for the price..and the history..look up the artists..they are awesome..and all have a story behind them and their music..

The Great American Blues - Chicago, Illinois
The Great American Blues - Chicago, Illinois

Awesome Blues! Many a Rocker has been inspired by the likes of these folks so check um Out..get a gander into what inspired some of your fave rockers and where they may have gotten variations of their style!


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    • DJLARAI profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @doug_alekseev: Smiles@You!..It's definitely been an adventure! Still is! Thank you for bringing me there..It's been an interesting &amp; bitter sweet endeavor! I love my career choice!..I love all the ppl that I've met and gotten close &amp; friends! I don't know if I can say it necessarily changed who I am. I take every bit of my real life self in there with me,, Ive been told that I need to separate myself from my av, But to me, we are one and the same person. What I can do take us BOTH out of there for the day, when I'm done working. I do aspire at some point to start building again, as that is the thing that gave me pleasure also..Hugs Babes!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I think you described SL beautifully and with tact. I am glad, no I am PROUD to have been there with you during your first steps in world and I am PROUD to still have you part of the mosaic of my life. I know that SL changed me, how I look at things, the real world vs. the virtual world and I'm glad you were there with me as I stumbled and learned (I'm still learning!). Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

    • DJLARAI profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @strewatha: smiles yes steve it can be very finding something in world to do that isn't especially provacative is better..wandering aimlessly..while most of us do that in the beginning..ive found that having a hobby or career choice..IE dj'n or building..learning to build..scripting and what not....aside from dj'n the one thing in sl that has always intrigued me is pose they ppl get all the dances "blushing" sexual poses..facial expressions and such..has always astounded me in it's detail..something to consider when you get done exploring..someone somewhere is always lookin for something constructive to do. and make a bigger badder "mouse trap" if you will..if ya can't find something in sl..after trying for may not have been done do it..learn to build it..etc..there are all kinds of FREE classes in sl to learn pretty much all you need to learn...all you would MAYBE have to purchase would be the tools in which to create..smiles..either way have fun..there is sooo much more in sl then just "adult situations" (( hugs ))

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      TY Larai for ur take on SL. Excellent!! Could not explained it better myself. It is deffenitely a game and have to be careful not to get sucked into it's play. Can be addicting within a few days starting.Must keep RL and SL separate to respect ur spouse.

    • DJLARAI profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @mike-allen: awww Hugss babes!! Thank you!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi, thanks for the link. You are the best


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