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Last Resort TV Show - ABC's Military Conspiracy Series

Updated on October 1, 2012
Last Resort TV Show on ABC this Fall.
Last Resort TV Show on ABC this Fall.
Last Resort TV series is a military drama
Last Resort TV series is a military drama

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ABC's Last Resort TV Show

ABC's Last Resort TV show is due to start airing on September 27th, 2012.

If you like action, suspense and drama with a pinch of "conspiracy theory" then the Last Resort TV series could be for you. Throw in some military action in the form of the US Navy and a submarine and what more could you ask for?

Well fans might be asking for a lot more. I can't imagine that this TV series could actually be renewed for another season, as it's so against the "we love america" grain. I can't see it being popular and also I think it will get pretty dull. To be honest, I feel the show lends itself more to a movie format than an actual TV show format.

Keep reading to find out why I think the Last Resort TV show is something you should only watch if it is the last resort, and there is really nothing else on TV.

I'd have to say that if you are bored, or have seen this format once too often, then this show is not going to be for you. This is even more surprising once you hear who's actually been cast in the Last Resort series.

Last Resort TV Series Plot

The Last Resort TV series plot seems fairly straightforward, until you find out there's an underlying conspiracy.

Basically, the USS Colorado is the most powerful nuclear submarine ever built. Everyone thinks they are at peace and aren't expecting any kind of military orders of war. However, that quickly changes when new orders are received.

When the USS Colorado receives orders to fire a nuclear missile on Pakistan, killing over 4 million innocent people, Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Baugher) questions his orders. He wants to speak to someone on the phone with authority that he recognizes. Clearly, whoever has given this order isn't in the normal chain of command.

Before the phone goes dead, Captain Marcus Chaplin is relieved of his command and the USS Colorado is now deemed to have disobeyed orders. Now they are the target and are fired on by their own country (the USS Illinois) and have to dive deeper into the water to alleviate the effects of the incoming attack.

Twelve personnel are killed in the attack and the group realize they may never see their families again. They are now classed as enemies of the state.

Meanwhile, Pakistan and the US still go to war as a story is spun about the attack.

Back on home soil, family members of the submarine crew are contacted and told that their loved ones have gone rogue.

In the White House, the Rear Admiral Arthur Shepard (Bruce Davison) is told that he has to sink his daughter's (Daisy Betts) boat. She's on the submarine and, regardless of the reasons, that boat and it's crew has to disappear. Who's giving these orders? Well it seems to be Kylie Sinclair (Autumn Reese), a lobbyist for a weapons manufacturing company.

The Captain chooses the island of Saint Marina as a refuge, while they decide what to do next. The locals are taken by surprise when the sub surfaces and the crew take over the island. However, they have to work with the locals and some of them aren't keen on that idea.

The Captain then gets in contact with the Admiral and explains what really happened. The White House has been lying and saying it was the Pakistani's that tried to sink the USS Colorado. Captain Chaplin makes it clear it was the Illinois that hit them. The Captain and his team need to put together a defense and reach out to people who can help them.

However, the White House isn't willing for the real story to get leaked to the public. They take measures to silence the crew of the USS Colorado for good. When this happens the Captain realizes he has to play fire with fire. He has to make a play of strength and show the White House that if they come near the island then he will use nuclear weapons against America.

Last Resort TV Show Themes and Issues

There are a lot of underlying issues in the Last Resort TV Show.

There's the important question of loyalty. Will Grace's father prove her and the crews innocence or will he be loyal to his country and follow orders? How will he make this decision?

Will Captain Marcus Chaplin really fire on his own country? Will this turn the American people even further away from their cause?

How long will it take for the island inhabitants to turn on the submarine crew? A number of them are unhappy at losing their island, as they were effectively running it before. Some of them look like they would be more than willing to use violence to get what they want. What if they make a deal with the White House in order to get the invaders off their island?

Of course, there are crew members who disagree with the Captain's decisions and believe he should have obeyed direct orders. However, it's clear the USS Colorado still would have been fired upon in order to put truth to the lie of needing to go to war with Pakistan. Either the submarine crew were going to be blamed for the destruction of the country and were not given orders to do so, or the intention was always to fire on the submarine, pretending the Pakistani's fired on them first. Either way, the submarine crew were never returning home as they had anticipated.

Is the underlying conspiracy theory a way for a weapons manufacturing company to make more money? Is this how the US government anticipates kick starting the economy by declaring war on another nation?

Some people will wonder why Pakistan was chosen. Is it just coincidence that a predominately muslim country was chosen to be destroyed by the USA? Is this TV show trying to draw parallels from the US war with Iraq? I guess that's up to audiences to decide when they watch The Last Resort TV series.

Last Resort TV Show Trailer


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I saw this advertised this week and it did look good. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the review.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks for the thumbs up on this new series. There are so many shows to choose from. So this either will inspire to watch or decide not to. Voted UP and also share.