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leah lust biology teacher/ pornstar

Updated on November 21, 2011

teacher turned pornstar?

 Wow! What a different way to go. Most women start out in porn before making it big in the real world. Not Leah Lust.  Leah Lust was a highschool biology teacher making a pittance for her work and turned to the sex industry to make some extra cash!

She did what?

Tiffany Shepard, now known as Leah Lust, was fired last year from her teaching job at Port St. Lucie High School in Florida after she was caught moonlighting as a bikini mate on Smokin' Em charters fishing tours. She was only caught because pictures of her in a bikini had surfaced on the internet.

Now, in the porn industry, Leah Lust is usually cast as a teacher, or a wife like character.

"I'm not particularly proud of it. To be honest, I hate it," said Shepherd (aka Leah Lust)." I'm an educated woman, but I never though it would come to this. No one gets brought up thinking they'll be a floozy."

Shepard states that she has not been able to get another job since being fired from her teaching job. Not even minimum wage jobs would hire her. After losing her job, her husband and custody of two out of three kids, Shepard made a desperate attempt at a decent living through porn.
"I need money for the appellate court and raise my three kids," says Tiffany Shepherd/Leah Lust. "I've tried everything, every avenue. Last year, I refused $10,000 to strip, then I had to pick between paying rent and buying Christmas presents."

Funnily enough, it was her old boss from Smokin 'em charter fising jobs that got her the job in the porn industry. Gil Coombes and his wife happen to own their own porn webcam studio and production company known as KLC productions. Tiffany Shepard/ Leah Lust has starred in some of these clips.

Isn't it amazing what being broke will bring you to do?

As always feel free to comment.

check it out!


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    • profile image

      T0H1N 7 years ago

      I wish she was my bio teacher

    • profile image

      Basics  7 years ago

      I just have question for state of Florida's educational board, do you or do you not all go to beach and while at beach do you not were swimwear? And if someone takes your picture and it somehow makes it on net why is it okay when this happens but not in case of this innocent teacher. I mean what the hell is wrong with you people, hell a by the book religious person would look at this and go this is wrong. But what I find amusing about this hypocrite social-normal is this, we all have sex hell few of you even cheat yet you have galls to isolate and treat others like absolute trash who are more open about sexual tendency; by no means am I saying let’s all cross the line but I am saying this, Come on peoples it is 2010 for god shakes can we please drop the whole "Oh she/he had sex..With that person" grow up and you people are supposed to be adults wow. Mind you I see her responsibility as teacher but they are teachers not god, they also have right to live and make mistake, you want to punish them for this punish them for being alive all together, once again I am not defending those teachers that do take advantage of children I am referring to sexual relation between teachers and students in those case yes this kind of strict action is completely tolerable.

      I heard one of reasoning was that school board had to do this, to protect kids last I checked she was doing same providing for her kids because teachers get paid jack apparently and this is nothing but exploitation of power to satisfy needs of few uptight individual.

    • profile image

      Sad 7 years ago

      So much for the family values crowd that ran her out a decent job. I guess they are happy now?

    • profile image

      lbsinner72 8 years ago

      When will she do anal? I will be waiting.

    • THE LIP profile image


      All said and done my heart goes out for her and I for one don't condemn her.Incidentally WTF's am I or anyone else for that matter given the authority to condemn her.

      Being a school teacher am sure she would be a woman of principles and that must have made it all the more difficult to make those choices.Wish the world had the dignity to let her lead her life the way she chose to.After all she was not a criminal.

      Am sure God wiling she will come out of this present crisis a stronger woman only hope those very children for whom she took the extreme step also do not turn their back on her when they grow up because that shall indeed be truly sad.

      Hope the kids stand by her in the winter of her life just as she did not flinch to do what she thought was right to give them a decent living.

    • phoenixarizona profile image

      phoenixarizona 8 years ago from Australia

      @ THE LIP I completely agree. Unfortunately she made news. I was a contributor to it that's for sure, however she does have children and although she ran the risk of them seeing her in a movie later in life. This sort of thing has already been brought to their attention.

      It seems to me that she is a very loving and determined woman who will do ANYTHING for her kids.

      Thanks for visiting.

    • THE LIP profile image


      Indeed that is the harsh reality.Society will not allow a person to live a dignified life but will welcome a crook with open arms.Like they say everyone is assumed honest till they are caught with their pants/panties down at their ankles.

      I can well sympathise with the plight of Ms.Shepard coz I can imagine what she must have gone through to make those difficult choices.

      Like she herself put it nobody is born wanting to be a floozy it's the circumstances (created by society) that change the very course of ones life n destiny.

      All said and done Leah Lust is the other side of midnight that a decent school teacher was reduced to by circumstances and the course her destiny took.