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Learn with Pocoyo

Updated on October 13, 2014

Hello everyone, welcome to Pocoyo Page!

Here you will find everything you want to know about Pocoyo, as well as his friends, Pato, Elly, Loula and Sleepy Bird. I will add more information about his newest friends such as the Fred, the octopus; Baby Bird, and caterpillar early next week.

From his TV episodes, games, coloring pages, games, free e-cards and many more fun learning activity.

Who is Pocoyo?

Pocoyo is a little boy aged around four years old, who is acrobatic and move in a very quick speed. He loves wearing his favorite blue clothes and blue hat. A curious little boy and always try to discover new things with his best friends.

He encourages kids to have fun while exploring new things to learn.

My 14 months old nephew loves Pocoyo so much, every time he wakes up in the morning, he always asks for Pocoyo.

Meet Pocoyo Friends

Lesson to learn from Pocoyo

Every week, I will showcase one episode of Pocoyo. I will write a brief summary of its episode and the lessons that the kids can learn from it.

----- Pocoyo Get it Right ----

As we all know, Pocoyo is a very sweet boy, however, he gets jealous and angry easily. A self-centered boy, he always thinks that he's better than his friends.

In the episode below, Pocoyo was super jealous of his best friend, Elly, because she plays golf better than him. He thought that he could play a better golf than her.

Elly was trying to teach him, but he didn't listen to her and told her that "Pocoyo knows"

So Elly left him alone and Pocoyo tried his best to play golf, but he wasn't able to. So in the end, he asked Elly to teach him and he watched Elly carefully. After several lessons from Elly, he realized his mistakes and now he's able to play golf (even though Elly is still a better golfer than him).

- Pato: a cute yellow duck who always wear his favorite green hat. He is mostly famous for his dance move and is a loyal best friend of Pocoyo.

- Elly: the eldest of the Pocoyo group and she is the wisest one. A pink elephant who ballet dance beautifully. She always carry her blue bag & she loves her doll very much.

- Sleepy Bird: sleep is her favorite activity. This teal blue bird only wakes up to turn off the alarm clock and she will go back to sleep.

- Loula: she is Pocoyo's pet and loves to play with the group. She is a loyal puppy to Pocoyo.

Pocoyo Video

Here are my favorite pocoyo videos

Let's Learn to Draw Pocoyo

Let's Learn to Draw Pocoyo
Let's Learn to Draw Pocoyo

Creative Common Picture -

Image Copyright: Thank You Animated Gif was taken from Free Web Images & Clipart

Thank you for visiting Learn with Pocoyo Page

Feel free to leave your comment about Pocoyo below. If you / your kids have any favorite Pocoyo moment / episode, I'd love to hear it as well.


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  • homemaker123 profile image

    homemaker123 6 years ago

    I like your lenses. Great work.

    Pocoyo is really cute...

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    starzraven 6 years ago

    Great lens! LOVE Pocoyo!!! :)

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    photofreaks 6 years ago

    Great Pocoyo lens. love it ^^

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    jonathanchandra 6 years ago

    tampilan lensnya teratur, rapi dan bagus mbak, simple tapi keren, ane suka...