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Lee Seung Gi - Korea's Triple Talented Entertainers

Updated on November 11, 2014
Lee Seung Gi - Singer, Actor, CF Model, MC
Lee Seung Gi - Singer, Actor, CF Model, MC

Lee Seung Gi is a talented Korean multi-entertainer - singer, actor and MC. In addition, he is also one of the king of CF (advertising) model. He's been consistently chosen as the top 10 of the most preferential CF model since 2009. His sincerity, humility, hard-working, humble attitude earned him a nation's brother status (the ideal son for any mothers).

He was first discovered by a top & respected Korean singer, Lee Sun Hee at a young age of 15 years old. She trained him for two years. He debuted as a singer in June 2004. His debut single Because you are my woman created a "nunna" / older women phenomena. He received his first award Best Newcomer that year and his career started off with a big bang. His digital single Will You Marry Me released in 2009 is still very popular as a proposal song in Korean Drama. Many Korean couples also use this song as one of their wedding song.

Celebrating his 10th years debut anniversary this year, he acted as detective Eun Dae Guin drama You're All Surrounded. On 9 November 2014 he wrapped up filming his debut movie Today's Love with Moon Chae Won. Today's Love will be released in January next year.

Lee Seung Gi made his comeback as a singer two years ago through his first mini-album - a collaboration with Indie group "Epitone Project" back in 2012. He plans to release his new album next year.

Will You Marry Me - Lee Seung GI

As a variety show host, a singer, an actor, and even as one of the most coveted models in the world of advertisement, Lee Seung Gi does NOT stop evolving in all his areas of expertise and he's a professional that is vigilant on maintaining his clean image.

The public love him for his humbleness, his continuing charity works, and for his generous donations for worthwhile causes.

Credit: KPopFever

Lee Seung Gi Biography

Debut Year: 2004

Date of Birth: January 13, 1987

Height / Weight: 182 cm / 70 kg

Education: Dongguk University - International Trade of Commerce (graduated in February 2009). Now he's pursuing his master degree in the same university

Agency: HOOK Entertainment

Japanese Agency: Amuse Entertainment

Official Website: Lee Seung Gi Official Site (in Korean)

Official Japan Website: Lee Seung Gi - Japan Official Site (in Japanese)

Official Youtube Channel: Lee Seung Gi Official Youtube Channel

CF (Commercial Film): List of Lee Seung Gi CF Advertisement Videos

Latest Awards:

2013: Top Excellence Actor, Best Couple & Popularity Actor (Gu Family Book) - MBC Drama Awards

Full List can be found on wikipedia

What motivates Lee Seung Gi to be the best entertainer?

In 2009, he was asked which one of his three professional activities; singer, actor and MC; he loves the most. I love his answer which I believe is the solid foundation of his amazing career as an entertainer:

"I don't see those as three different things. To me they are one. They are all branches that came out from a big stem called entertainment. I won't let any chances slip away. If they come to me, I'll grab them all."

Source: Chosun

Singer Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi as a Singer


Volume 1 The Dream Of A Moth Release Date: 25 June 2004

Volume 2 Crazy For You Release Date: 2 February 2006

Volume 3 Story of Separation Release Date: 16 August 2007

Volume 3 (Repackage) Unfinished Story Release Date: 14 November 2007

Volume 4 Shadow Release Date: 17 September 2009

Volume 4 (Repackage) Shadow (Repackage) Release Date: 19 January 2010

Volume 5 Tonight Release Date: 26 October 2011

Lee Seung Gi - The Best - Compilation of 15 The Best Lee Seung Gi songs Release Date: 18 April 2012

Mini Album:

5.5 Forest Release Date: 22 November 2012

Remake Albums:

1. When a Man loves a Woman - Vol 1 Release date: 12 September 2006

2. When a Man loves a Woman - Vol 2 Release Date: 24 March 2008

Digital Single:

1. Confession (Remake song) Release Date: 21 July 2004

2. Let's Go On A Vacation / Digital Single (Remake song) Release Date:19 May 2008

3. Will You Marry Me (feat. Bizniz) Release Date:18 June 2009

4. Like The Beginning, Just Like Then (feat. Kang Min Kyung from Davichi) Release Date: 22 December 2009

5. Smile Boy (Rock ver.) (with Kim Yuna) Release Date:1 June 2010

6. Smile Boy 2010 Release Date: 18 June 2010

7. Losing My Mind Release Date:4 August 2010

8. From Now On I Love You Release Date: 16 September 2010

9. Time for Love Release Date: 14 October 2011

Japanese Single:

1. Time for Love / Renai Jidai Release Date: 6 March 2012

Songs :Time for Love and Aren't We Friends

Live Albums:

Love from Lee Seung Gi 1st Concert Release Date: 3 April 2007

Hope Concert 2010 DVD Release Date: 28 October 2011

Because You are My Woman - Lee Seung Gi & MC Mong

MC Mong was one of Lee Seung Gi's hyung in 1Night 2Days and I love their chemistry together. MC Mong is currently have a military issue hence he is no longer appear in public. I do miss him terribly and I believe many other fans do.

This video below is dedicated to MC Mong, who sang Because You are my Woman, Lee Seung Gi's Debut Song.

Actor Lee Seung Gi

Actor Lee Seung GI
Actor Lee Seung GI

Lee Seung Gi as an Actor

In 2005, he started his acting career as a guest-star in tv shows such as Non-stop 5, XMan, Yeogirl and many other various tv shows. Then in 2006 he starred in the KBS Weekend Drama "Famous Princess".

His acting in the SBS Weekend Drama Series "Brilliant Legacy" boosted his acting career. His acting as the main male lead in Brilliant Legacy made him a household name and many people praised him for his brilliant acting.

Honestly, I never heard about Lee Seung Gi until I saw him in Brilliant Legacy. He played a rich boy "Sun Woo Hwan" who was forced back to return to Korea by his grandmother to teach him the rope to inherit his grandmother's much loved Korean Beef Soup Restaurants. However, as a stubborn and spoiled person, he didn't want to learn anything as he believes that his grandmother will inherit all her assets to him.

Lee Seung Gi portrayed Sun Woo Hwan character as an annoying, spoiled, stubborn person brilliantly for the first few episodes of the drama which made me hate his character!

However, his transformation to become a soft side, helpful, sincere, humble person for the rest of the drama moved me and ever since that moment, I began to be his fans. His brilliant acting career was the reason he got his "Best Male Actor Performance" award, "Top 10 Stars" award as well as "Best Couple" award.

In 2010, he starred in Hong Sisters drama "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho". He played a young college student "Cha Dae Woong" who met with a 500 years old Gumiho when he ran away from his grandfather. He accidentally helped this beautiful gumiho and fall in love with her at the end. This romantic drama comedy also earned him another "Best Male Actor Performance" award, "Top 10 Stars" award and "Best Couple" award.

Lee Seung Gi's acting as spoiled young prince who later on has to mature instantly as King Lee Jae Ha in The King 2Hearts gained many rave critical reviews & praises. It's one of his best acting performance to date, and his chemistry with his leading heroine, Ha Ji Won was sizzling hot.

In 2013, he challenged himself with his first sageuk drama Gu Family Book. Acting as half gumiho half human Choi Kang Chi, he once again proved his acting versatility. He received three acting awards from his awesome performance in GFB.

A year later Lee Seung Gi made his acting comeback in a police youth drama You're All Surrounded with Cha Seung Won and Go Ara. He continued to improve his acting by portraying a cold Eun Dae Gu whose only reason to live is to capture his mother's killer.

Entertainer Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi - Strong Heart Sole MC
Lee Seung Gi - Strong Heart Sole MC

Lee Seung Gi as an Entertainer / MC

Lee Seung Gi was a permanent member of 1Night 2Days reality TV shows. He joined the cast in November 2007 and I love seeing him enjoying his "vacation" time with his hyungs (older brothers): Kang Ho Dong, Kim C, Lee Su Geun, Eun Ji Won, MC Mong, Kim Jong Min, and Uhm Tae Woong. Kim C and MC Mong are no longer in the 1 Night 2 Days.

We see Seung Gi cute and adorable personality in 1N2D, especially during his HeoDang moment. He left 1n2d when it wrapped up its first season at the end of February 2012.

In 2009, Lee Seung Gi spread his wing and become MC on Strong Heart TV show with Kang Ho Dong.

Due to tax evasion issue, Kang Ho Dong is temporarily retired from the entertainment industry. From October 2012, Lee Seung Gi is the sole Strong Heart MC.

To concentrate on his acting & Japan activities, Lee Seung Gi has stepped down from 1Night 2Days (his last trip was on February 10 & 11, 2012 and his last 1n2d episode was aired on February 26, 2012) and he had his last Strong Heart recording on March 15, 2012.

In 2013, he teamed up with 1n2d PD Na Young Suk and writer Lee Woo Jung on tvN backpacking trip Noonas Over Flowers. He became a "porter" and a tour guide guiding actresses Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Mi Yeon in Turkey & Croatia for 10 days. This variety show was a huge hit.

Lee Seung Gi Journey on 1N2D

Background Music is Let's Go on Vacation (Lee Seung Gi's 2008 Digital Single - Remake Song)

Lee Seung Gi with his 1n2d hyungs

Lee Seung Gi Dance Moves

Ever since I became Lee Seung Gi fans, I watched couple of his dance performances & I believe he is a great dancer.

On one of the Strong Heart episode, we saw his dance of Ricky Martin impersonation. I'm not going to post his dance moves here, as I saw his face and I know he was a bit embarrassed to see that video. His dance was okay but remember, he was only 17 years old when he did that dance, and throughout the years, he has improved so much.

My favorite one is when he danced the Michael Jackson dance as part of his tribute to Michael Jackson, it was unbelievably hot dance moves!

CF King - Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi - CF King

Lee Seung Gi is one of the CF (Commercial Film) King having endorsed more than 12 products ranging from electronics (Cuckoo [rice cooker, dehumidifier, etc]), food (Pizza Hut, MarketO), clothing (FirstLook, Heritory) to banking (KB). He won Good Model Awards in 2009 and 2010 from Korea Advertisers Association as the #1 Model most desired by advertisers. From 2009, he's been consistently chosen in the top 10 CF preferential model.

Lee Seung Gi - King of Polls & Surveys

There are lots of surveys and random popularity polls in South Korea. Lee Seung Gi topped more than 100 polls, from the best son-in-law candidates to entertainer who'll ace college entrance exams.

It's proven how beloved Lee Seung Gi is, even though sometimes I shake my head as some surveys were so random.

Although he was very busy, he graduated from Bachelor of International Trade & Finance (Dongguk University) in 4 years with great grades. He completed his Master of the same degree in 2012, now he's continuing his education in Master of Cultural Content & Studies.

Lee Seung Gi's weakness which I believe is also his strength is his stubbornness (or I should say his persistence / strong-willed to achieve everything he wants to achieve).

Once he set his goal, he's determined to work his hardest so there's no regrets. Active in various entertainment fields, he strives to take criticism positively.

My Favorite Lee Seung Gi's Fan Compilation Videos

Songs from fan compilation fan video below:

1. Because You're My Woman - Original Singer: Lee Seung Gi

2. Please - Original Singer: Lee Sora

3. Only You For Me - Original singer: Lee Seung Chul

4. Desire and Love [Acoustic Version] - Original singer: Lee Seung Gi

5. My Love [OST of Memories in Bali] - Original singer: Lee Hyun Sub

6. Everything I Do - Original singer: Bryan Adams

7. Shape of Your Lips - Original singer: Lee Seung Gi

8. Desire and Love - Original singer: Lee Seung Gi

9. Love Taught Me to Drink - Original singer: Lee Seung Gi -> Happy Together <-

10. A Bird Flown Away Over a Cuckoo Nest - Original singer: Kim Gun Mo -> 1Night 2Days Episode 154 <-

11. Can I Love You - Original singer: Yurisangja -> Strong Heart <-

12. Addicted to Love - Original singer: Jo Jang Hyuk -> 1Night 2Days Episode 202 <-

Video Credit: slobbie

"You may be able to find stars who are more popular than Lee Seung Gi in certain age groups, but you will not find another star who is loved so thoroughly by such wide age group and of both gender."

Credit: KPopFever


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  • Spirality profile image


    4 years ago

    Great lens. I didn't know he had that many songs. I'm kind of on again-off again about my like for him. I prefer when he is a guest on shows rather than when he is the MC.

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    5 years ago


    I like him when i watch his drama. When i first hear his song i totally fall in love with him.

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    6 years ago

    Sarangae-yo Lee Seung gi! He's so charming,like his voice too :]

  • Countryluthier profile image

    E L Seaton 

    7 years ago from Virginia

    Awesome entertainer. I really loved the answer about which part he liked best.


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