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How To Write A Song - A Review Of Useful Websites

Updated on June 30, 2014

Have You Ever Wanted To Write A Song?

Have you ever wanted to write a song, or just wanted to improve your songwriting skills?

That's where I found myself recently. Of course I had read books, browsed the web and generally looked around to see what material was out there and available to help me to improve and write better songs. I have been writing songs since I was fourteen and at school, when I was bought my first guitar as a birthday present. That's quite a time ago as I am near to retirement age now. In that time I have written what I think of as passable songs but never anything outstandingly brilliant. I don't suppose that I will now however, I still like to knock out a few chords on the guitar and work on a lyric. I get a great deal of satisfaction from this hobby of mine. You will find three of my own songs included throughout the lens, hope you find that you can enjoy them.

I wanted to collect all the available information on writing songs into one place and so the idea for this page was born. I will list Squidoo pages with a song writing theme and also any other free song writing tips from other areas of the internet. I may move on to professional song writing lessons in due course. Many of the sites linked to will of course have their own links to more resources. I may try to include these further links in a future update.

Here I am with my Fender, a still from one of the videos included below.

One of my Songs, - This 'n' That

Just as a little taster of where I am coming from, I would like to present on of my recent songs. You may get the impression that I am still stuck in the sixties - and you would be right where my song writing is concerned. Maybe that's one area I should look at?

Are You A Songwriter? - Would You Like To Write Songs?

Singer song writer
Singer song writer

Even if you don't intend to be a famous rock / country / blues / classical singer, would you like to write your own songs as a creative exercise.

Have you ever considered writing your own songs?

See results

Song Writing Tips - From Amazon

OK, these guys have given their all to offer you advice - hoever sometimes you might just want to see what a professional has to offer.

Song Writing Help from the internet

Lots of links, you will need to be selective and find out if they offer exactly what you need. In the fullness of time I will review the sites but my aim in the first instance has been to collect the links and make them available. As I said above different people will learn in different ways so that it is difficult to be more specific at this point. I hope the list will prove to be of help.

Another Of My Songs

Just thought that you might like to hear another of my own songs, "It's Later Than You Think".

I don't think I have ever used particular techniques in writing songs. My own favourite method is to sit down with the guitar and start strumming. An idea, phrase or tag will come into my head and match with a chord sequence. I simply build on the idea and a song arrives. Of course, maybe this is why my songs are never real big winners. A little bit of forethought or planning might well have an enormous effect. On the other hand................... who knows?

Rhyming And Its Usage - Links To Useful Resources

It doesn't seem to be abig thing these days for modern songs, but I guess I still like to hear it done properly. For me rhyming seems to add a little something, maybe even a little magic, to the lyric and the song. Lots of resources to help with this abound on the internet and I am hoping to cover a number of these which could be helpful to you. I will add more for other aspects of writing songs as I improve and modify this lens. As usual I see it as a work in progress and hope that it will be accepted as such.

Adding Colour To A Song Using Chords - Chord Stucture And Harmony

OK you have a lyric and a melody; the lyric has been stuctured to provide interest and the melody is something that you feel like whistling all day. What else is there to do. Adding a few possibly unexpected, chords in the right places can add so much to the overall feel of a song. This list of sites provides information which will help you to do this.

Harmony essentials, chord structures and bass lines. It all seems so complicated but doesn't have to be. Why not experiment with a few well-placed chords, a simple chord riff or even a little silence at a crucial point. get to know a few basic ideas and the world may be your oyster.

Do You Need a Guitar? - Amazon Has Lots On Offer

As I said The guitar is the catalyst for mysong writing, but you will have your own instrument of choice. Even if it is only a couple of fingers on a cardboard box - rhythm is important when constructing lyrics.

Tips On Less Common Aspects Of Songwriting - Help From Blogs On Songwriting

There are many aspects of writing songs (performing, getiing them published or even sold) which I have found are covered well in two blogs I follow. Occasionally, a musician / songwriter will strike it lucky and it appears that all you need is that one chance to become successful. However as with most things in life, hardwork increases your prospects of finding that chance which brings success.

There are many more blogs on the subject of songwriting, which give technical tips

One Last Final Song From My Repetoire

Here It Is..................

This one is called, " Going To The City". Thanks for getting this far and hope you enjoyed the songs and found the links / lenses helpful.

I have tried to be fairly complete but of course there is a mass of articles and stuff on the internet on this subject. If there is anything you think should be added to these lists please let me know. I intend to add information to links covering other aspects, but if you would like to see something in particular, then please ask.

Or maybe there is a brick that I've dropped and you want to tell me about it, well I would love that too. In fact anything at all to get off your chest (about songwriting or this lens) would be more than welcome.

OK Then It's Your Turn - Sound Off About Song Writing

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