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Liam Hemsworth Posters (Gale from "The Hunger Games")

Updated on January 21, 2015

Liam Hemsworth posters - Gale from The Hunger Games posters

Liam Hemsworth, the up and coming Hollywood star is hot! Isn't Liam a hottie? Many a hot guy admirer will want Liam's poster on their walls.

Liam Hemsworth plays Gale, the "other" love interest to Katniss Everdene, in The Hunger Games. Soon to return to our screens in the further installments of The Hunger Games trilogy, This guy is sure to be the object of many a person's affection.

Here, I've scoured the internet high and low to bring you the best Liam Hemsworth posters available . You can even get a Liam Hemsworth cardboard cutout. Undoubtedly as he clocks up more roles, he will appear on more posters, but never fear, I will have them here for your consumption.

All images on this page are from Amazon. If you see one you like, simply click on it, to be taken to its Amazon page, where you can purchase or peruse more Liam Hemsworth posters to own. Don't forget to come back and leave me a message, at the bottom of this page too.

Who is Liam Hemsworth?

Watch Liam Hemsworth being interviewed - starring as Gale Hawthorn in The Hunger Games trilogy. And, yes, he is Chris Hemsworth's brother, from Thor.

Liam Hemsworth, as Gale in "The Hunger Games" Poster

With those smouldering eyes and intense stare, who wouldn't want this Liam Hemsworth poster on their wall?

Signed Liam Hemsworth Posters

There are currently plenty of Signed Liam Hemsworth Posters on Amazon.

Be sure to check seller stats, before you purchase, to ensure that you are buying a genuine signed Liam Hemsworth posters . They should come with some sort of COA (certificate of authentication) to let you see that you are getting a genuinely signed poster.

Check Liam Hemworth's signature as he signs a topless poster for a Fan

If you're not sure that you're getting a legitimate Liam Hemsworth signed poster or print, check how he signs his name in this clip (about 4min 47seconds in) to compare!

Liam Hemsworth pictures to buy...

There is no denying that Liam Hemsworth is a pretty boy. One of the most attractive stars of Hollywood. His legion of fans follow wait hours for him, outside his premieres, to catch a glimpse of their hero and dream boy idol. Bless. I'm not surprised they love him so much - not only is he absolutely gorgeous, but he's a fine actor too.

Liam Hemsworth...shirtless and topless!

Who knew Liam Hemsworth had this hidden underneath his District 12 clothing?

Liam Hemsworth is signed up for the next The Hunger Games film, due to hit our movie theatre screens in the fall of 2013. Such a long time to wait.

If you can't wait that long, then you'll be relieved to hear that the first film of The Hunger Games will be released on DVD in the next few months. Get the DVD, and you can catch Liam Hemsworth over and over again, as he rummages through the forest outside District 12 with his girl, Katniss.

Simply click on the images to be taken to their Amazon pages, where you can search for more posters, or order multiple copies of the same poster to turn into wallpaper!

Don't forget to buy a poster for your wall, your study area, your locker...and of course for your Liam Hemsworth shrine...I mean, we all have them, right?

Get your own Liam Hemsworth cardboard cutout

The Hunger Games Movie Standee - "Gale"
The Hunger Games Movie Standee - "Gale"

Now is your opportunity to have Liam Hemsworth in your very home. Buy this cardboard cut out of Liam, dressed up and playing his most famous role, as Gale from The Hunger Games.


Have you seen the latest Trailer for The Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! The first (of many) trailers have been released for the follow up film, the second The Hunger Games series - MockingJay! Soooooooo exciting...

Team Gale VS Team Peeta

Where does your allegiance lie?

How do you feel about Liam Hemsworth? - Or you could just leave me a message, in my guestbook...

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    • MarcoG profile image

      Marc 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      @Rangoon House: Haha - many agree with you there! Gale Hawthorn is a much better suit than Peeta for our Katniss :)

    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Australia

      Team Gale!

    • bigjoe2121 profile image

      bigjoe2121 5 years ago

      wow! Liam Hemsworth is handsome :)