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Lisa Loeb - (Singer)

Updated on September 23, 2013

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb (born March 11, 1968) is an American singer/songwriter, guitarist and an actress.

Loeb made her breakthrough as the first unsigned artist to top the American charts in her single "Stay" to the 1994 film Reality Bites which stars Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke and Ben Stiller as his directorial debut and her follow up Top 20 hits Do You Sleep? and I Do.

Her song Fools Like Me was played in an episode of ABC's hit show Grey's Anatomy.

In the recent years, she moved into television, made her several guest appearance such as The Nanny, she played the voice of a newborn baby in The Rugrats Movie, featured as a news reporter in the horror film House on the Haunted Hill and in 2006 she had her own reality show Dweezil & Lisa on the E! channel.

Lisa Loeb Song Lyrics

you say i only hear what i want to.

you say i talk so all the time so.

and i thought what i felt was simple,

and i thought that i don't belong,

and now that i am leaving,

now i know that i did something wrong 'cause i missed you.

yeah, i missed you.

Stay Lyrics

when i'm done with thinking, then i'm done with you.

when i'm done with crying, then i'm done with you.

when i feel so tired, then i'm done with you.

everybody feels this way sometimes, everybody feels this way -

and i do.

you can't hear it, but i do.

you can't hear it, but i do.

I Do Lyrics

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Lisa Anne Loeb was born in Bethesda, Maryland to Jewish parents and raised in Dallas, Texas. Her father Peter Loeb is a gastro-enterologist and her mother is a homemaker. She has three siblings. After graduating from high school in 1986, she went to Brown University where she graduated in 1993 with a degree in Comparative Literature. At Brown, she and her Elizabeth Mitchell formed a band named Liz and Liza together with future singer/songwriter and Brown Classmate Duncan Sheik as guitarist as well as the upcoming influential jazz/rock bassist Rick Lassiter while contemplating band names such as Nine Stories and Soto Voce'. The duo eleased the albums Liz and Lisa and Liz and Lisa - Days Were Different independently. Loeb had developed a following from her solo acoustic performances on the New York City coffeehouse circuit, where she sold a collection of her songs referred to as The Purple Tape.

After college, she attended Boston's Berklee School of Music for one semester, but then formed a full band in 1990, christened (in tribute to J.D. Salinger) Nine Stories: Tim Bright on guitar, Jonathan Feinberg on drums, and Joe Quigley on bass.

Recording Career

Loeb's big break came when she was discovered by actor and friend Ethan Hawke, who lived in an apartment across the street from her in New York City. She met Hawke through mutual friends in the NYC theatre community. Hawke gave a tape of Loeb's song "Stay (I Missed You)" to director Ben Stiller during the making of the 1994 film Reality Bites. Stiller subsequently agreed to use the song in the film and on the film's soundtrack. "Stay" ultimately went on to become a number one hit on the American charts. When her song hit number one, Loeb earned the distinction of being the only artist to top the Hot 100 before being signed to any record label.

In September 1995, Loeb's debut album, Tails, was released. The album was co-produced by Juan Patio, her longtime then-boyfriend. Although none of the singles from Tails could quite match the breakthrough appeal of "Stay" (which was also included on this album), Loeb still managed a top 20 hit with "Do You Sleep?" and two moderately successful radio hits with "Taffy," and "Waiting for Wednesday". Tails went on to achieve Gold status.

In 1997, a second major-label album, Firecracker, was released. Though critically praised, it did not have the commercial success of Tails, but the single "I Do" was popular on radio (it peaked at #17 on the Hot 100) and music television. The song "How" featured in the soundtracks for the films Twister and Jack Frost, and was featured in the Buffy episode "Homecoming". "Let's Forget About It" was released as a single. At this point Loeb dropped the name of her support band, Nine Stories, and performed under her own name. "Firecracker" went Gold. Loeb's band, "Nine Stories", is named after the J. D. Salinger collection.

In 2000, she participated on the Ozzy Osbourne tribute album Bat Head Soup performing Goodbye to Romance with Dweezil Zappa on guitar.

Loeb's next project was Cake and Pie the release of which was delayed until 2002. The album was a commercial failure (despite excellent reviews) and did not receive any major backing or promotion from her record label. She was eventually dropped, and she bought the rights to the masters of the songs from that album. It was re-released by Artemis Records in late 2002, with the songs rearranged and some deletions/additions. Featuring new packaging, it was retitled Hello Lisa. A children's album called Catch the Moon was independently released in 2003. Videos from this album have been featured on the Noggin TV network for children, alongside those of Laurie Berkner and Dan Zanes, rockers who have crossed over much further into the children's music field.

Her greatest hits album, The Very Best of Lisa Loeb, was released in January 2006.

More recently, Loeb has contributed vocals to New Found Glory's cover of "Stay", which was featured on their 2007 LP From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II, as well as performing the song live with the band. Loeb also guest performed on the song "Anti-Hero" on all-female Japanese musical group Rin''s album Inland Sea.

According to Loeb's official website, her next release will be 'Camp Lisa', a set of 21 new children's songs featuring an array of guest stars. A new studio album will also follow in 2008.

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Photo By

The Purple Tape - First released in 1992

The Purple Tape is the album that Loeb not only sold at gigs but also used as her calling card before she was a star. Despite its stripped-down ambience, however, it hardly sounds like a demo. In fact, although she later revisited many of the collection's tracks - Snow Day, Do You Sleep?, and Hurricane, among them - it is on The Purple Tape that she sounds most comfortable delivering the tunes. This is, after all, how they were meant to be heard. Gone are the electric guitars and crisp production techniques that increasingly have cluttered her work. Instead, Loeb presents her songs precisely as she would have done when she frequented the stages of New York City's intimate coffeehouses and clubs during the early '90s.

Throughout The Purple Tape, Loeb sings and performs with confidence, and her songs are filled with honest, emotional introspection. Although there is an air of sensitivity to her lyrics, some semblance of toughness also is present. While this contrast was muted, at least in part, by the fuller arrangements that were utilized on her albums, The Purple Tape, which features just Loeb and her acoustic guitar, gives it plenty of room to shine. Her voice exudes innocence, but her guitar alternates between building and dissipating the tension in her work, adding turbulence and beauty wherever they are needed most.

Initially, it might appear as if the bonus disc that accompanies The Purple Tape is geared mostly toward Loeb's biggest fans. Containing an hour-long interview that was conducted by Andy Denemark, the program provides a wealth of biographical information as well as insight into both her career and the songs that she recorded for the endeavor. In addition, Loeb openly shares her experiences on how to make an album and survive within the music industry. When taken in full, the dialogue and performances add a lot of value to The Purple Tape by bolstering whatever appreciation one has for the set.

Excerpt from The Music Box Album Reviews

The Purple Tape - Lisa Loeb
The Purple Tape - Lisa Loeb

Track Listing:

#Snow Day

#"Train Songs

# "Hurricane"

# "Come Back Home"

# "It's Over"

# "This"

# "Days Were Different"

# "Guessing Games"

# "Do You Sleep"

# "Airplanes"


Tails - Released in 1995 under Geffen Records - The album was well received by the public and critics alike, with Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly noting that


Track Listings:

1. "It's Over"

2. "Snow Day"

3. "Taffy"

4. "When All the Stars Were Falling"

5. "Do You Sleep?"

6. "Hurricane"

7. "Rose-Colored Times"

8. "Sandalwood"

9. "Alone"

10. "Waiting for Wednesday"

11. "Lisa Listen"

12. "Garden of Delights"

13. "Stay (I Missed You)" (previously appeared on the 1994 Reality Bites soundtrack)


Firecracker -Released in 1997 under Geffen Records - This was nominated for the for the 1999 Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

The endearing naivet and frothy, indie-rock guitar of her debut album, Tails, have been replaced on Firecracker by staid arrangements and lackluster riffs. Loeb's songwriting and delivery haven't aged as much as she apparently thinks they have, either - at least not enough to allow her to pull off a meandering mantra such as "I was restless/I was restless/I was restless/I was restless" on the cloying "Wishing Heart" (a track that, incomprehensibly, lifts the intro guitar lick of the Who's "Pinball Wizard"). Still, Loeb occasionally manages to infuse life into her tenuous song structures: With its dense harmonies and sledgehammer hooks, the opening track, "I Do," has the makings of a decent AM-radio sing-along. And the plaint in "Falling in Love" - "The time between meeting and finally leaving is sometimes called falling in love" - is pure, slushy pop poesy.

Firecracker might signify that Loeb's star is fading; it's equally likely, though, that this second album is merely the sound of a songwriter stumbling toward adulthood with a sophomore's two left feet. Loeb's chops should improve with practice; whether or not she herself is going to grow up remains to be seen. (RS 774)

Excerpt from The Rolling Stones Music Reviews


Track Listing:

1. "I Do" 3:39

2. "Falling in Love" 3:21

3. "Truthfully" 4:54

4. "Let's Forget About It" (Loeb, Juan Patino) 2:43

5. "How" 4:39

6. "Furious Rose" 3:36

7. "Wishing Heart" 5:32

8. "Dance With The Angels" 2:31

9. "Jake" 3:07

10. "This" 4:22

11. "Split Second" 2:50

12. "Firecracker" 5:02


Cake and Pie -released 2002 under A&M Records

Loeb has a beautiful voice and is a talented instrumentalist. While it took five years for her to release this album, for Loeb fans it was definitely worth the wait. She has not been particularly innovative with regards to style; "Cake and Pie" is similar to her other albums, rather than representing a true growth as an artist. However, since Loeb has always been smart and interesting, she did not need to evolve in order to make a great album. To use her food terminology associated with the album, "Cake and Pie" is definitely worth a large helping.

Excerpt from the

Cake & Pie
Cake & Pie

Track Listing:

1. "The Way it Really Is" 3:58

2. "Bring Me Up" 3:29

3. "Underdog" 3:01

4. "Everyday" 4:01

5. "Someone You Should Know" 3:22

6. "Drops Me Down" 3:00

7. "We Could Still Belong Together" - 3:00

8. "Kick Start" 2:47

9. "You Don't Know Me" 3:50

10. "Payback" 4:42

11. "Too Fast Driving" 3:08

12. "She's Falling Apart" 4:14

13. "Look Me In The Eye" (Japan Bonus Track) 2:49


Hello Lisa -released in 2002 under Artemis Records - The album is a homage to the popular character Hello Kitty, of which Loeb is a huge fan. She obtained Sanri

Hello Lisa
Hello Lisa

Track Listing:

# Did That" 3:53

# "Underdog" 3:02

# "You Don't Know Me" 3:50

# "Drops Me Down" 3:00

# "The Way It Really Is" 3:58

# "Bring Me Up" 3:28

# "What Am I Supposed To Say" 3:30

# "Everyday" 4:02

# "Someone You Should Know" 3:22

# "Payback" 4:41

# "Take Me Back " 5:06


Catch the Moon - album by Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell - Released in 2003 under Artemis Record

Folkie Lisa Loeb has followed the lead of other adult-music artists (including Kenny Loggins and her co-pilot on this album, Elizabeth Mitchell) in making a disc of children's music that can be enjoyed by all ages. Some of the songs are lyrically pitched exclusively to the toddlers (e.g., the traditional number "Little Red Caboose" and the traditional adaptation of"Big Rock Candy Mountain") while others are a tad more sophisticated (a nicely revamped version of "Oh Susanna" and a lovely take on Bob Dylan's "New Morning"). Then there is the laudable ethnic content: "La Manita" (Spanish traditional), "Donguri/Rolling Acorn" (Japanese traditional), and "Fais Do Do" (French traditional). The original song "Stop and Go" is a "rocky" participation number and tons of fun, while "Catch the Moon" (also original) is dreamily poetic. And there's never been a tenderer version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" than the one found here. The songs are rendered in a folk/country acoustic minimalism that is, in a word, enchanting. And the CD comes encased in a children's board book written by Erin Courtney and illustrated by Bonnie Brooke Mitchell. Catch the Moon is a record that the young ones can enjoy (or go to sleep to) while also being entertaining for the rest of the family, even after many plays.~ Adrian Zupp, All Music Guide

Excerpt from Artist Direct

Catch the Moon
Catch the Moon

Track Listing:

1. "The Big Rock Candy Mountain"

2. "Little Red Caboose"

3. "Oh Susanna"

4. "Catch The Moon"

5. "La Manita"

6. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

7. "Stop and Go"

8. "New Morning"

9. "Oh Groundhog"

10. "Butterfly (Mariposa)"

11. "Donguri/Rolling Acorn"

12. "Free Little Bird"

13. "Fais Do Do"


The Way It Really Is - released 2004 by Zoe/Rounder

As she proved with her hits "Stay" and "I Do," Loeb is a singer-songwriter who knows how to mix ponderousness with pop-wise charm. Even the slowest stuff here is palatable, and the more upbeat songs aren't all that far removed from the "mature" pop-rock stuff that studio pros have been turning out for Pink and Liz Phair. Which ain't a bad thing at all.

Excerpt from The Rolling Stones Music CD Reviews

The Way It Really Is
The Way It Really Is

Track Listings:

1. "Window Shopping" (Dave Bassett, Lisa Loeb) – 3:17

2. "I Control The Sun" (Bassett, Loeb) – 3:01

3. "Hand-Me-Downs" (Stephanie Bentley, Loeb) – 3:42

4. "Fools Like Me" (Loeb, Shelly Peiken, John Shanks) – 3:38

5. "Try" (Loeb) – 4:13

6. "Diamonds" (Loeb) – 3:04

7. "Would You Wander" (Loeb, Maia Sharp) – 3:33

8. "Probably" (Jimmy Harry, Loeb, Billy Steinberg) – 3:04

9. "Accident" (Loeb) – 4:04

10. "Lucky Me" (Loeb) – 2:29

11. "Now I Understand" (Loeb, Dweezil Zappa) – 3:07


The Very Best of Lisa Loeb -released 2006 by Geffen Records - A Compilation Album

Lisa Loeb had only one big hit and it was with her first single "Stay (I Missed You)" -- a tune that took her from obscurity to minor celebrity when it was included on the soundtrack of Reality Bites. Although she never had another smash hit, "Stay" was hardly the end of her career: she continued to release records every few years, racking up five additional chartings singles that usually appeared in the lower reaches of Billboard's Hot 100, and a bit higher on their Adult Top 40 charts: 1995's "Do You Sleep?," 1996's "Waiting for Wednesday," 1997's "I Do," 1998's "Let's Forget About It," and 2002's "Underdog." All six of those charting singles, along with album tracks and significant soundtrack contributions (like "How," which wound up on both the Twister soundtrack, where it was originally intended, and on Jack Frost the Michael Keaton classic about a jazz musician who is reincarnated as a giant talking snowman so he can set things right with his son), on 2006's The Very Best of Lisa Loeb, which also includes the brand new "Single Me Out," the theme song from her '06 reality show #1 Single. While Loeb never strayed very far from the sweet, gentle template she laid down with "Stay (I Missed You)," she always was friendly, melodic, and rather ingratiating. These qualities are better heard on The Very Best of Lisa Loeb than on her proper albums, which can tend to be a little samey and sugary. Those tendencies aren't completely absent here, but distilled to her best songs, Loeb is an endearing folk-pop singer/songwriter, as this enjoyable collection proves. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Excerpt from The Artist Direct Music Reviews

The Very Best of
The Very Best of

Track Listings:

1. "I Do" (from Firecracker)

2. "Underdog" (from Cake and Pie and Hello Lisa)

3. "Falling in Love" (from Firecracker)

4. "Let's Forget About It" (from Firecracker)

5. "How" (from Firecracker, soundtrack albums Twister and Jack Frost)

6. "Fools Like Me" (from The Way It Really Is)

7. "Bring Me Up" (from Cake and Pie and Hello Lisa)

8. "Single Me Out" (from #1 single)

9. "Furious Rose" (from Firecracker)

10. "Stay (I Missed You)" (from Tails)

11. "Truthfully" (from Firecracker)

12. "Wishing Heart" (from Firecracker}

13. "Sandalwood" (from Tails)

14. "Waiting For Wednesday" (from Tails)

15. "All Day" (from soundtrack album Rugrats)

16. "Taffy" (from Tails)

17. "Do You Sleep?" (from Tails)

18. "What Am I Supposed To Say?" (from Hello Lisa)


My overnight success was really 15 years in the making. I'd been writing songs since I was 6 and playing in bands and performing.. Lisa Loeb

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      8 years ago

      love her voice and all her songs. when are you going to have a new album? keep up the good work..

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      im a big fan of lisa loeb. love the way she match her magic eye glass for every clothes she wore..

    • ms4jah profile image


      9 years ago

      You do such a great job of promoting Lisa Loeb. I never heard of her before, but now I want to know more about her.


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