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Little Einsteins DVD's

Updated on November 22, 2012

Little Einsteins Movie & Episodes

Little Einsteins is a wonderful children's cartoon series that teaches your children how about music, art, nature and much more. These educational DVDs offer more than just the basic colors, shapes and counting! They go way beyond that to identify artists, musicians, instruments, animals and more.

The one problem with Little Einsteins DVDs is that they can be hard to find. My little girl loves them and we have looked everywhere and found the majority of them online.

Flight of the Instrument Fairies - Disney Little Einsteins DVD

Rocket and the team are on a mission to Arctic wilderness where the Musical Instrument Fairies light up the sky with color. Rocket transforms into a submarine and leads the team on an underwater adventure to help the Musical Instrument Fairies with a mission of their own.

Our Big Huge Adventure - Disney's Little Einsteins DVD

Rocket and the team go on their first big adventure head to Niagara Falls. They adventures takes a turn and they discover a cave in Oklahoma and then the Butterfly Forest in Mexico. As they travel across the map there is plenty of singing, clapping and dancing to keep your little one fully entertained!

Animal Expedition - Disney's Little Einsteins DVD

Animal Expedition is a compilation of 4 Little Einsteins Episodes that have Rocket and the team traveling across the globe on different missions to find exotic animals.

Little Einsteins Characters

There are 5 Little Einsteins characters including Rocket!

Annie - 4 year old girl with blonde hair who loves to sing who is also Leo's little sister.

June - 6 year old girl with brown hair and dresses really nice. Don't let that fool you thought because she is a tom-boy!

Leo - 6 year old boy red head who wears glasses and is Annie's big brother. Leo is more like the leader of the pack and is the pilot of Rocket.

Quincy - 5 year old boy with brown hair who loves music!

Rocket - Red space rocket equipped with tons of tools, gadgets and the ability to transform in to various forms of transportation such as trains, boats, submarines and more!

Little Einsteins: Fire Truck Rocket's Blastoff - Little Einsteins DVD

In Little Einsteins Fire Truck Rocket's Blastoff Rocket transforms himself into a firetruck to save a monkey who is stuck in a tree near an active volcano. The team gears up and heads off to save the monkey with little time to spare!

Mission Celebration - Disney's Little Einsteins DVD

Free Little Einsteins Coloring Pages

Looking for something fun for your kids to do? Print these Little Einsteins Coloring Pages and let your kids color! There are plenty to choose from and best of all they are free.

Team Up for Adventure - Disney's Little Einsteins DVD

How it all began... Team Up for Adventure shows how the Team met Rocket for the very first time. Their first adventure as a team will have them exploring the globe finding a bald eagle, a volcano and more!

Little Einsteins Theme Song

Little Einsteins: Go To America - Little Einsteins DVD

Rocket transforms into a Swamp Boat as they explore a mysterious swamp and then head to Cataract Canyou, Alaska, Ozark Mountains and more. The team meets up with Tapper, an Ivory Billed Woodpecker leads the team on their journey and helps the team rescue Leo from alligators!

Little Einsteins: The Christmas Wish - Little Einsteins DVD

The team is on a frantic search to find Annie's Christmas present when they discover it missing on Christmas morning!

Race for Space - Disney's Little Einsteins DVD

Rocket and the team journey to outer space for a Space Race. Unfortunately, Big Jet is willing to do anything to win a trophy even. Rocket and the team have to avoid some of the nasty tricks created by Big Jet to stay safe and win the race!

The Legend of the Golden Pyramid - Disney's Little Einsteins DVD

Rocket and the team head to the Egyptian Desert on a mission to explore the Golden Pyramid and reveal its magical secrets.

Little Einsteins: Go To Africa - Little Einsteins DVD

The Little Einsteins team up and head to Africa to explore real life adventures and animals across the African Safari.

Little Einsteins: Go To Europe - Little Einsteins DVD

Headed to Italy, the team and Rocket explore the history of string instruments and then off to the Louvre in Paris, France. The team is faced with a dragon in Spain and have to overcome him with music powered magic.

Rocket's Firebird Rescue - Disney's Little Einsteins DVD

Rockets new friend, Firebird, sprinkles magical powers across the land where ever she goes. Firebird is captured by a mean ogre and the team sets out to save here exploring different parts of the world.

What is your (or your child's) favorite Disney's Little Einsteins DVD?

What is your favorite Disney's Little Einsteins DVD?

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      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Good information - thanks for sharing!

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      BronxMotherhood 5 years ago

      My daughter loves Little Einsteins!