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Elizabeth Taylor The Movie Star

Updated on April 29, 2018

Her Career Her Life ...

By Sharon Stajda,

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born on February 27, 1932, in London England. Elizabeth, died at age 79 March 23, 2011, of congestive heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Her parents were Francis and Sarah Taylor. Her parents were Americans living in England, later returned to the United States when war came to England. They settled in southern California, Elizabeth at the young age of 10 was discovered by a movie talent scout. Elizabeth's life was never to be that of a child again.

After an inauspicious film debut as a bit player in " THERE'S ONE BORN EVERY MINUTE" in 1942, her Universal contract was not picked up. In 1943 the then 10-year-old Elizabeth was cast as the character Priscilla, in MGM's first Lassie picture, "Lassie Come Home." This is where she met good friend Roddy McDowall. Elizabeth was noticed not only for being able to hold her own actions but for her beautiful appearance, the camera loved her.

Her next big film with MGM was in Technicolor, a twelve-year-old Elizabeth Taylor managed to win the role of Velvet Brown, a young English girl in love with a horse. National Velvet was made in 1944. Elizabeth was no stranger to horses, she had been riding from the age of four.Taylor did her own riding for the film and most of her own stunts. She took a nasty spill while filming National Velvet, and has suffered from that very back injury in her life.


National Velvet


Montgomery Clift And Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth And James Dean


The 1050s Marriages and Award Winning Films

1949 - Little Women, Liz Was Noticed For Her Fair Beauty

In 1949, Taylor joined a host of young MGM starlets to include; June Allyson, Janet Leigh, and Margaret O'Brien, in the studio's Technicolor film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women". Cast as Amy, the March family's vain, proud third daughter, Taylor wearing a very blonde wig for the film, and was romantically paired with Peter Lawford.

1951 - A Place In The Sun

"A Place In The Sun" was Released until 1951. "A PLACE IN THE SUN", was the film adaptation of Theodore Dreiser's novel An American Tragedy. They filmed it in 1949 when Taylor was still seventeen years old. This marked her first adult role. Cast opposite Montgomery Clift, a stage acting veteran, that was twelve years her senior, Elizabeth and her leading man was very favorably photographed in this film and made quite an attractive couple. The film was nominated for nine Academy Awards.

Liz and Montgomery were hounded by the gossip columnists and were thought to be romantically involved.

1956 Elizabeth Filmed Giant - With Rock Hudson, and James Dean

Taylor, along with Rock Hudson, and James Dean teamed up to make "Giant" in 1956. The move was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, to include the best picture.

Nikey Hilton Elizabeth's First Marriage


Taylor And Wilding


Strangely Enough - Shortly After "Filming Father Of The Bride" Liz Became A Bride

Elizabeth starred as Kay Banks, in "Father Of The Bride" with Spencer Tracy being cast as her frustrated father, the movie was lighthearted, and a big hit at the box office, in 1950. At a mature eighteen-years-old, Elizabeth's movie role, and real-life coincided.

"Father Of The Bride when," was filmed shortly before her own marriage to Nickey Hilton. Sadly -- the couple were divorced after only nine months.

Elizabeth And Michael Wilding

2/21/1952 February 21,1952 Liz Taylor, then 20 years old, marries Michael Wilding thirteen months after her divorce from Hilton.

The couple had two children during their marriage, Michael Howard Wilding born January 6, 1953, and Christopher Edward Wilding (born February 27, 1955).

Mike Todd And Elizabeth Taylor


1957 - brings Liz her First Of Many Oscar Nominations - And Third Marriage

Once again in 1957, Liz was cast opposite Montgomery Clift, in"Raintree County" she portrays a Southern belle who marries a Yankee from Indiana just before the Civil War. Tormented by her past, not only by the political conflicts surrounding her but by something in her past which she cannot explain. The movie storyline is compared to "Gone With The Wind." Elizabeth earned her first Oscar nomination for her role in this gripping film.


Liz Taylor, 25 years old, divorced Michael Wilding after the marriage lasting five years, and just two weeks later weds Mike Todd.

Elizabeth and Michael had one daughter, Elizabeth Frances Todd, which they called "Liza," (born August 6, 1957.

Paul Newman And Elizabeth Taylor


Eddie And Liz


Cat On A Hot Tin Roof ... While Filming Elizabeth's Husband "Mike Todd" Dies In Plane Crash

1958 - "Cat On The Hot Tin Roof" capitalized not only on her acting talents and womanly good looks but also her impressive southern accent. Costarring Paul Newman, and featuring Burl Ives as "Big Daddy".The film was an adaptation of Tennessee Williams' popular stage play. It earned six Oscar nominations, including Elizabeth's second in the Best Actress Oscar category.

Tragedy struck while the Elizabeth was filming Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Her beloved husband, Mike Todd, died in an airplane crash.

1959-1960 - Liz Marries Eddie Fisher - And An Oscar For Liz

Liz marries Eddie Fisher May 12, 1959. After Eddie divorces Debbie Reynolds.

After being nominated three years in a row and coming up short, Elizabeth finally won her first Best Actress Oscar in 1960 for her performance as high-class call girl Gloria Wandrous in "Butterfield 8". A film that Elizabeth was not enthused about making, due

Star Cross Lovers Meet




1963 - 1964 Star Cross Lovers Collide - On set Of Cleopatra.

1959. Liz voiced when offered the role of Cleopatra..."Sure, tell him I'll do it for a million dollars." Liz relayed to her husband Eddie, who was on the phone, with producer Walter Wagner. This then-unheard-of sum was accepted and in October 1959 Taylor became the first Hollywood star to receive $1 million for a single picture.

Cleopatra took 4 years to shoot

One of the most expensive films ever filmed, and originally running at six hours before being cut to a little over four for release. Cleopatra was a box office disaster, yet was nominated for eight Oscar nominations including Best Picture, winning four technical awards. Today the film is best remembered for the onscreen romance between Cleopatra and Marc Antony which lead to a highly publicized off-screen romance between Taylor and co-star Richard Burton. Which resulted in both divorcing their spouses, and marrying days after Liz's divorce from Eddie was final.


Liz Taylor, 32 years old, divorces Eddie Fisher and married Richard Burton (for the first time) two weeks later.

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf


1966 - Brings Liz a Second Oscar For best Actress

This movie is based on the dysfunctional couple, Martha and George, that invite a new professor and his wife to their house after a part. The party is a continue drinking binge. Martha and George engage in relentless, scathing verbal and sometimes physical abuse in front of their meek guests.

Elizabeth and Richard Burton made together in 12 movies: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), The VIPs (1963), Under Milk Wood (1972), The Taming of the Shrew (1967), The Sandpiper (1965), Hammersmith Is Out (1972), Doctor Faustus (1967), Divorce His - Divorce Hers (1973) (TV), The Comedians (1967), Cleopatra (1963), Boom (1968) and Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)

Richard and Liz lived their lives in the public eye. They had many homes around the world and lived a fast-paced lifestyle. For all appearances, it appeared they were very much in love. The couple were married for 10 years and divorced in June of 1974, were remarried in Oct, of 1975. This marriage lasted only a short time, the couple divorced for the second time in July of 1976.

Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton Marry


"You could see they loved each other - It was in their eyes..."

LIZ AND DICK - "The "Burton's"

Interview with Burton's Puerto Vallarta housekeepers daughter "After all married people fight." But you could see they loved each other, it was in their eyes".

Elizabeth And Richard's Years In Puerto Vallarta. They took orphaned Sergio Toledano into their lives.


Sergio Toledano was not legally adopted by the couple, but it's obvious they cared for them very much.

Sergio Toledano was just twelve years old when he met Elizabeth and Richard. It was in the 1960s, and Sergio was visiting his uncle "Xavier de la Torre", in Puerto Vallarta México. The "Burton's were close neighbors, and friends of Sergio's uncle and the young boy became close to Elizabeth and Richard over his visits to his uncles Villa.

Over the years to come many stories were invented, and circulated about Sergio's background, in regards to the "Burton's alleged adoption of the young man. It was said the child was destitute, blind, and orphaned by his mother. When in all reality Sergio had a rather normal childhood, until their death of his mother.

Sergio Was Born in Mexico City and lived there until his mother passed away. He then lived with his uncle in Puerto Vallarta. This is when he did become very close to Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton. Sergio has many wonderful memories of spending time with the famous couple. Richard and Elizabeth and their four children would often visit his uncles Villa " Leonarda", as well as Sergio, and his uncle visiting the Burton's at Casa Kimberley. "We had a very close co-existence, for many years".

"Elizabeth Was a very loving, motherly type of woman. Whenever am I asked if Elizabeth is as beautiful as she appears on the movie screen? I answer, she is able to illuminate a darkened Room... Her personality never went unnoticed".

Sergio Toledano, went on to become a prestigious photographer. Several decades have passed, and Sergio lost contact with Elizabeth. He was saddened when he heard of Richard's passing.

The Burton's were known to have enjoyed many of the earlier years of their marriage in their home in Puerto Vallarta. Taylor and Burton began their love affair in 1963 while filming the movie "Cleopatra". The Following year, Elizabeth accompanied Richard to the little - known fishing village of Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Where Richard was on location shooting the film " Night of the Iguana." At that point in time, Puerto Vallarta was a small town, with few places to stay. The story that has circulated over the years, was that the couple first occupied a room in a modestly priced hotel, by the name of "Hotel Ocean".

The popular version of the story is that the hotel ended up being very undesirable to the couple. Which resulted in the couple wanting to return to the United States. Soon after the depute ensued, Elizabeth and Richard have moved to Casa Kimberly a rental in "Gringo Gulch", which was just across the street from producer John Huston's Villa. In years to come, Richard purchased Casa Kimberley and presented it to Elizabeth on her 32 birthday as a gift of his love.

Sometime Later, the couple purchased the villa directly across the street. The two villa were connected by a bridge, which was a replica of "The Bridge of Sighs," that can be found in Venice Italy. The bridge was painted pink and remains pink to this day.

The Burton's had a profound effect on the small fishing town of Puerto Vallarta. After the world took note of the couples love for the town, development in Puerto Vallarta took off and has never slowed down. It has over the years became a major tourist destination, and remains so today.

In hindsight how could Elizabeth, and Richards love not have deepened in Puerto Vallarta? A love that bloomed, and resulted in a long time love that lasted most likely throughout both of their lives. One only has to look at the "stage" Puerto Vallarta. Which possesses the sparkling blue Pacific ocean, the warm sand beneath once toes, and the bluest of the sky, and not to mention the most fabulous sunsets in the world.

Elizabeth Weds Senator John Warner - How You Going To Keep Her Down On The Farm?

Elizabeth marries Senator John Warner (December 4, 1976 - November 7, 1982) (divorced)

Elizabeth Moves To Washington


Liz Weds Larry Fortensky

Larry Fortensky (October 6, 1991 - October 31, 1996) (divorced)

Elizabeth Weds Larry Fortensky


Elizabeth Funeral

Part of Engagement Gift From Richard Burton


Elizabeth Auctions Burtons Engagement Gift For AIDs Research

Elizabeth is well known for not only raising funds for The Aids Foundation but lends her time and money to numerous charity foundations.

Taylor AIDS Foundation by selling one of Taylor's personal pieces and eight other jewels created by Cartier, Tiffany, and Bulgari that she ordered and were created especially for the event.

Taylor auctioned an emerald and diamond ring for $80,000. Richard Burton gave it to her as an engagement gift in 1962. Taylor auctioned the ring to help raise money for AIDs research.

Elizabeth Was Famous For Her Violet Colored Eyes



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    • profile image

      photomania 5 years ago

      Taylor & Burton were the worldwide love affair of my childhood,so exotic and romantic.I think a few forests disappeared with all the newsprint dedicated to them.Thank god for squidoo.Great lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      She was the best actress.

      eyelash growth

    • profile image

      luckystar3 6 years ago

      Thanks great article for a great lady, my favourite Liz Taylor movie is Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, but the movie with her most beautiful gowns was Rhapsody. That engagement ring looked a lot more expensive than $80,000, lovely.

    • angara lm profile image

      angara lm 7 years ago

      I really love Elizabeth specially her role as Cleopatra and she also choose the Emerald Ring as her Engagement ring.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I can't find any actors in Hollywood Past and Present looks has the Unique Beautiful Violet Eyes with Double Row Eyelashes like young Elizabeth Taylor; That's make her Stunningly Beautiful....

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Wonderful lens!I like Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and even Iam a big fan of her.She is one of the best actress and she can perform any kind of role with ease.Thanks for the info.

      Feel free to checkout my window treatements blog

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago


      what a great information about Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

      I like her performance, I think she is one of the best actress in the world. I like her glamorous roles and thanks for giving more information about her.

      If you have time, check out my brand new lens on divorce lawyers Thanks!

    • profile image

      JessicaLynn 10 years ago

      I love Elizabeth Taylor she is the best actress on earth.

      I think sometimes I look like her but with bloned hair an I'm taller. I'm the only 14 year old who knows who she is

    • profile image

      DeWayne-FilmFreak 11 years ago

      In Liz's younger years she was a goddess! She has kept me captivated by her beauty, in her earlier films. Great lens! I loved the movie, "Giant."

    • profile image

      RUBYREDWINE 11 years ago


      I remember reading and hearing on TV that Elizabeth Taylor was considered by many people to be " The Most Beautiful Woman In The World " What a Heady Title!!

      This is a very well done Lens. It brought back many WONDERFUL memories for me. Thank you for your Efforts.



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