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Lloyd Price

Updated on September 18, 2014

Singer Lloyd Price

If you like Rhythm & Blues music, you already know the name Lloyd Price (or at least you should). With a recording background that has produced 32 charted singles and over 35 albums, Lloyd Price's 50-plus year career has also netted him a 1998 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

Creaive Commons photo courtesy Wikipedia/Masahiro Sumori

Bio and Career

Growing up in a suburb of New Orleans, Lloyd Price had formal musical training in trumpet and piano, sang in his church's gospel choir, and was a member of a combo in high school. His mother, Beatrice Price, owned the Fish 'n' Fry Restaurant, and Price picked up a life-long interest in business and in food from her.

When Art Rupe of Specialty Records came to New Orleans scouting for talent and heard Price's song, "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", he wanted to record it. Because Price did not have a band, Rupe hired Dave Bartholomew and his band (which included Fats Domino on piano) to do the arrangements and back up Price in the recording session. The song turned out to be a massive hit and his next release cut at the same session, "Oooh, Oooh, Oooh" a much smaller one. Price continued making recordings for Speciality but did not chart any further hits at that time.

In 1954 he was drafted and ended up in Korea. When he returned he found he had been replaced by Little Richard. In addition, his former chauffeur, Larry Williams, was also recording for the label, having released "Short Fat Fannie."

Price eventually formed KRC Records with Harold Logan and Bill Boskent. The first single was "Just Because". It was picked up by ABC Records and from 1957 to 1959 Price recorded a series of national hits on ABC Records that were successful adaptations of the New Orleans sound, such as "Stagger Lee", "Personality", which reached #2, and the #3 hit "I'm Gonna Get Married". "Stagger Lee" topped the pop and R&B charts, sold over a million copies. Dick Clark insisted the violent content of the song be toned down when Price appeared on American Bandstand but it was still the "violent" version that was on top of the R&B charts of 1959. "Stack-o-Lee" is an old blues standard recorded many times previously by other artists. Greil Marcus, in a critical analysis of the song's history, has written that Price's was an enthusiastic hard rock version with a screaming saxophone.

In 1962, Price formed Double L Records with Logan. Wilson Pickett got his start on this label. In 1969, Logan was murdered. Price then founded a new label, Turntable, and opened a club by the same name in New York City.

Price currently manages Icon Food Brands, which makes a line of primarily Southern-style foods, including Lawdy Miss Clawdy food products, ranging from canned greens to sweet potato cookies, and a line of Lloyd Price foods, such as Lloyd Price's Soulful 'n' Smooth Grits and Lloyd Price's Energy-2-Eat Bar (with the brand slogan "Good taste ... Great Personality"), plus Lawdy Miss Clawdy clothing and collectibles.

Lloyd Price Avenue in Kenner, Louisiana was named for the singer and the city celebrates an annual Lloyd Price Day.

Public domain photo courtesy Rockhall

L. Price: "Stagger Lee" - Lloyd's first gold record and #1 Pop hit.

Price CDs


"Personality" Video - #1 Hit for Price (1959)

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Album Discography

1959: Exciting Lloyd Price

1959: Mr. Personality

1960: Fantastic

1960: Mr. Personality Sings the Blues

1960: Mr. Personality's Big 15

1961: Cookin'

1961: Sings the Million Sellers

1961: Lloyd Price Sings the Million Sellers

1963: Lloyd Price Orchestra

1963: Misty

1964: Mr. Rhythm & Blues

1965: Lloyd Swings for Sammy

1969: Lloyd Price Now

1969: Come to Me

1973: Trying to Slip Away

1976: Music-Music

1981: This Is My Band

1989:Lloyd Price : His Originals, Speciality

1990: Greatest Hits, Pair

1990: Walkin' the Track, Speciality

1990: Personality Plus, Speciality

1992: Stagger Lee, Collectables

1994: Lloyd Price sings his Big Ten, Curb

1994: Vol. 2 : Heavy Dreams, Speciality

1994: Greatest Hits : The Original

1995: Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Ace

1998: Body with No Body, Moms

1999: Mr Personality, Sba

1999: The Exciting, Sba

2002: Christmas Classics, Prestige

2002: Millenium Collection, Universal

2004: Classics : 1952-1953, Nad

2005: Lawdy !, Fantasy

2006: Speciality Profiles, Speciality

2006: Great, Goldies

2006: 16 Greatest Hits, Passport Audio

Price's Charted Singles

1952 "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" (#1 R&B)

1952 "Oooh-Oooh-Oooh" (#4 R&B)

1952 "Restless Heart" (#5 R&B) flip of above

1953 "Ain't It A Shame?" (#4 R&B)

1953 "Tell Me Pretty Baby" (#8 R&B) flip of above

1957 "Just Because" (#3 R&B/#29 Pop)

1957 "Lonely Chair" (#88 Pop)

1959 "Stagger Lee" (#1 R&B, #1 Pop, UK #7) (certified Gold)

1959 "Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day?)" (#4 R&B/#23 Pop, UK #15)

1959 "Personality" (#1 R&B/#2 Pop, UK #9) (certified Gold)

1959 "I'm Gonna Get Married" (#1 R&B/#3 Pop, UK #23) (certified Gold)

1959 "Three Little Pigs" (#15 R&B) flip of above

1960 "Come Into My Heart" (#2 R&B/#20 Pop)

1960 "Wont'cha Come Home" (#6 R&B/#43 Pop) flip of above

1960 "Lady Luck" (#3 R&B/#14 Pop)

1960 "Never Let Me Go" (#26 R&B/#82 Pop)

1960 "No If's - No And's" (#16 R&B/#40 Pop)

1960 "For Love" (#43 Pop)

1960 "Question" (#5 R&B/#19 Pop)

1960 "Just Call Me (And I'll Understand)" (#79 Pop)

1960 "Who Coulda'Told You" (#103 Pop)

1961 "(You Better) Know What You're Doin'" (#90 Pop)

1961 "Mary and Man-O" (#110 Pop)

1962 "Under Your Spell Again" (#123 Pop)

1963 "Misty" (#11 R&B/#21 Pop)

1964 "Billie Baby" (#84 Pop)

1964 "I Love You (I Just Love You)" (#123 Pop)

1964 "Amen" (#124 Pop)

1965 "If I Had My Life To Live Over" (#107 Pop)

1969 "Bad Conditions" (#21 R&B)

1973 "Trying To Slip (Away)" (#32 R&B)

1976 "What Did You Do With my Love" (#99 R&B)

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