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Loch Ness Movie Review

Updated on November 12, 2015

Loch Ness is not just another movie about the famous Scottish loch and the mysterious, reclusive creature which has lurked for so many centuries in its expansive, murky depths. This delightful family movie has a lot more to offer people of all age groups and with a wide variety of tastes. Featuring Ted Danson and Joely Richardson in the starring roles, the movie is about a discredited American zoologist, Dr John Dempsey (Danson), who comes in search of Nessie, not only against his better judgment but pretty much against his will. He is soon captivated by the beauty of the area and also by the charms of the landlady of the local pub/guesthouse (Joely Richardson) and her friendly and exceptionally intuitive daughter. As Dempsey's search for Nessie proceeds with a variety of locally instigated interruptions and without any real sign of success, help ultimately arrives from the most unexpected of sources and not only is Dempsey catapulted in to a whole new world of discovery, he ultimately learns an entirely different way of looking at it.

As a Scot, the first thing which struck me about Loch Ness the movie - and which was evident from fairly soon after the earliest action switched from the USA to Scotland - is that this movie truly depicts Scotland the way it is and the Scottish people the way they genuinely are in the Highland area surrounding Loch Ness. All too often, movies or TV shows about Scotland are filled with platitudes, uttered by people with accents vaguely Irish and vaguely Australian but in no way Scottish. Loch Ness does not fall in to any of these traps and as it was shot largely in Scotland if not entirely in the immediate vicinity of Loch Ness (unlike many other "Scottish"movies), the beautiful scenery - heavily featured - is as genuine as anything else in the production. If you want to see Scotland as it really is but don't presently have the capacity to visit and you want to be entertained at the same time, Loch Ness could very well be the movie for which you have been searching.

(Loch Ness is also available for British readers to buy via Amazon UK)


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