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Reflections on the passing of time

Updated on May 12, 2012

Passing of time

Time passes so fast we cant stop it neither can we hold on to it. When we finally have some time to reflect back we realize how much time have come and go to left us with a tinge of sadness and at times we wish we could turn back the clock and live life all over again and probably do it differently. People change too with the passing of time and what you think you like back then might not be what you would like today. 

The world changes , the country you live in changed too , the old building gets torn down and replaced by new taller building. The road has been changed and altered many times over and you could not recognized some of the landmark building that used to lined along the road. You drive to your elementary school and is no longer there and the old estate i grew up has been replaced by other buildings . Everything look so unfamiliar , the passing of time changes all things and people. At times you bump into old friends or school mates , you could not even recognized them. The passing of time has changed their physical appearances and add years to their look and when you reflect back to those times when you often hangout with them during school days , those nostalgia times just crept back into your memory. How carefree you once were and life was so simple and not complicated when you were young.  

Two decades ago the world was a much more pleasant place on earth. You never heard of countries all wanting to build nuclear bomb nor terrorism threatening our safety. Back then it was a much more peaceful world compares to the current world we are living in right now and many people said we are all living in the end times with so many natural disasters and global warming of our climates , nuclear and terrorism and now the economy crisis etc 

The passing of time seem to move so fast we could not do anything. One important thing i learn is to hold on to everyday like it was the last and tell the people you love how much they mean to you before the passing of time steal you of the chance to said or do the things you wanted to do. We cant changed the past is only meant for reflections but we can change our future by planning wisely and not to waste precious time. 



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