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Lost Boys: The Thirst

Updated on September 14, 2014

The Story, So Far

Get Caught Up

The official synopsis for The Thirst:

"The thankless life of a vampire hunter has taken its toll on Edgar Frog. After losing best friend and fellow vamp fighter, Sam, he has started to let himself slide. He’s down to selling his prized comic book collection just to pay rent on a decrepit trailer when stunning vampire novelist Gwen approaches with an offer. She needs him to find her brother who has gone missing after getting sucked into a series of underground raves, called ‘The Gathering,’ held by an enigmatic spinner named DJ Dusk.

In a last, frantic message he mentioned being given a new party drug known as The Thirst, which turned out to be a mixture of ecstasy and vampire blood. Gwen shows Edgar a vile of the The Thirst, explaining DJ Dusk must be a head vampire and he’s using his parties to raise an undead army. With the last rave, ‘The Final Gathering,’ only days away Edgar must assemble a vamp-hunting team worthy of crashing the party, and hopes to include his reclusive brother who’s dealing with his own dark past. Before the battle is over Edgar will discover there is a greater evil at work and must face his most haunting fear."

Originally, it was believed that Gwen was hiring Edgar to find her son, not her brother.

Per an interview done by Fancore Pirate Radio with Corey Feldman, Feldman explained that this is the "official return" of the Frog Brothers. Both he and Jamison Newlander will reprise their roles as Edgar and Alan. Although it was filmed in South Africa, the storyline's setting remains in California. Feldman also stated that the film follows more closely to the storyline of the four-part comic book miniseries Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs instead of the 2008 film Lost Boys: The Tribe and ties up everything, as well as exploring the lore and legend from the first film. Corey Haim had not signed on with the project before his untimely death in March 2010; Feldman addressed Haim's appearance in Lost Boys: The Tribe and said that Lost Boys: The Thirst would explain it.

The film was in production in late 2009, its principle shooting location in South Africa. The film is directed by Dario Piana, from a script by Evan Charnov. Corey Feldman also acted as "one of many" executive producers. There is no official release date as of yet, but folks are saying that it should hit video store shelves in Oct/Nov 2010.

The Lost Boys - The original film

The Lost Boys (Two-Disc Special Edition)
The Lost Boys (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Michael and Sam Emerson are new to Santa Carla. Living with their mom and eccentric grandfather, the boys find it hard to adjust to their new lives in the sleepy seaside town. At the Boardwalk, Michael falls for Star, a mysterious girl who lives with The Lost Boys.

Befriended by David and the rest of the gang, Michael's life takes a darker turn. Sam becomes friends with Edgar and Alan Frog, who work in their parents' comic book story by day while fighting crime by night. When strange things start to happen, Michael finds out he hasn't just fallen in with some local punks -- the Lost Boys are really vampires!


Casting for The Thirst

Original and New Stars

The cast reunites Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander, the original actors who portrayed the vampire fighting teens in The Lost Boys. When we last saw Alan Frog (Newlander) he was a vampire in a deleted scene included on the DVD for Lost Boys: The Tribe. Whether or not Alan is still a vampire (reports don't indicate either way) remains to be seen.

Lost Boys: The Thirst introduces us to Tanit Phoenix, who plays Gwen Lieber. Gwen hires Edgar Frog to search for her son, who is presumed kidnapped by vampires.

So far, credit listings include Sean Cameron Michael as Ira Pinkus; Matthew Dylan Roberts as Blake; Joe Vaz as Claus; Seb Castang as DJ X; and Matthew Kalil as The Valet. Behind the scene images show the vampires are similar to the special effects seen in Lost Boys: The Tribe.

Lost Boys: The Tribe - The 2008 Sequel

Lost Boys: The Tribe (Uncut Version)
Lost Boys: The Tribe (Uncut Version)

Chris and Nicole Emerson have lost their parents and are forced to move in with their eccentric aunt Jillian, who lives in Luna Bay.

When Nicole falls for local surfer Shane, Chris soon realizes his sister has fallen in with a pack of vampires who rule this tiny coastal town. With some help from Edgar Frog, Chris sets out to destroy the vampires and save his sister before she becomes a vampire herself.


Why Yet Another Sequel?

Please, just stop.

As a fan of the original 1987 film, yet again Warner Bros is using greed as an excuse to cash in on a valuable franchise. Firstly, waiting 21 years to film a sequel to a cult classic shows no respect for the integrity of the original film and its fans. Secondly, releasing the terrible waste of film called Lost Boys: The Tribe, with a redundant plot, poor acting, and a director who vocally spoke his dislike of the original film shows how little Warner Bros cares.

Yet, again, Warner Bros is determined to drag the name of the vampire franchise through the mud by releasing a third direct-to-DVD sequel. It's further proof that no thought is given to original ideas and creativity, keeping the spirit of the original film. Even when the fans call Warner Brothers on it and demand they stop, it falls on deaf ears. There are rumors that fourth and fifth sequels are already in the works. Warner Bros is determined to turn The Lost Boys into a money-making machine and dilute the true spirit of the film, just as was done to O'Barr's The Crow.

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Lost Boys: The Thirst

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Lost Boys: The Thirst - My Review

After having watched Lost Boys: The Thirst, I found the film quite tolerable, especially when compared to Lost Boys: The Tribe. Although the story is very weak, the characters are terrible, the acting very poor, and there's about 1000 inter-cuts of footage from The Lost Boys stuffed in there, it's far more a "sequel" (using that term lightly here) to The Lost Boys than The Tribe. It actually references the original (characters, plot, events) and even out-right steals from it but is more true to the spirit then The Tribe ever was.

And believe me, this is coming from someone who ripped The Tribe to shreds and very much expected to do the same with The Thirst. Literally, I am shocked I actually found bits I liked in The Thirst.

For what it's worth, I feel very conflicted about saying it's watchable. I wish it didn't exist, honestly, but I'm glad that this second "sequel" attempted to make up for The Tribe. I still feel like one of my favorite fandoms has been pillaged but like Warner Bros listens to the people who buy things from them. All they see is a franchise with fans they can make money off of.

It's clearly a D-list movie but it's worth at least one viewing.

© 2010 missbat

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Don't know that I will watch Lost Boys The Thirst. Good to know that it is better than The Tribe even if only slightly.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I have been waiting for this for soooo long i was guessing they were going to make a 2 one eventully but then after that i was soso with lost boys but now that the 3rd one is come out i super ecited cant wait!!!!

    • profile image

      WeirdStuff 6 years ago

      Not of my favourite,but your lens is nice!

    • poptastic profile image

      Cynthia Arre 7 years ago from Quezon City

      I saw the Lost Boys in the 80s and had no idea there was even a sequel - much less another one coming out soon! I'm definitely going to watch this for sure. Very nicely presented. *blessed*