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Love Spells & Sexy Hexes

Updated on September 16, 2009

Lovespells and Sexy Hexes


Spells do work because they trigger subconscious energy locked within your magical brain.  You ate one magical component the second component is the energy in the ingredients themselves.  Spells unlock your open subconscious power and blend it with the power of nature.

 "Spicy Sex Hex!"

Cinnamon, Vanilla beans, Chocolate—covered espresso beans

Certain spices, when held under the tongue, can promote lustfulness.  And they can produce lust in someone you kiss as you hold these spices under your tongue.  Use cinnamon to speed up the events leading to a sexual encounter; vanilla beans or vanilla extract to increase the sexual appetite; and chocolate—covered espresso beans to increase stamina for lovemaking.

 "Melt His Heart Magic!"


Orange and vanilla can stimulate sexual appetite and send messages of love to someone far away.  You can eat a Creamsicle you can eat a creamcicle to send thoughts of love to a distant someone.  Or you can take and write a name of someone you miss on the wooden stick, and then let it sit out in a bowl, as it melts, this person will melt as well with thoughts of you.  This spell works for those distant in miles as well as emotion.


"Dream Date   Spell!"

Dates, Powdered sugar, Maple syrup or honey, Tinfoil

Dates are sweet and sticky and therefore attract love.  So this spell is used to remove obstacles that may be keeping you from getting a date—for instance, if your dates stand you up, cancel at the last minute, or you’re never getting asked out at all.  Place a date in the middle of a table.  With a small penknife carve your name or initials into it.  Sprinkle a circle of powdered sugar around the date.  With  your finger, write the obstacles into the powdered sugar (e.g. Peter keeps canceling; low—life jerks keep asking me out; or no one will go out  with me.)  Then take a deep brush and blow the powder away.

              Using maple syrup or honey, spell out one to three qualities or people or situations you would like to draw into your romantic life on a piece of tinfoil.  Pick up your date and roll it around in the maple syrup or honey until you have smothered all the words (and essentially gathered them up into the date.)  Then, as you’re eating the date, and rolling it across your tongue, visualizing all your dating dreams coming true.


"Call Me Recipe!"

Black pepper and sage, Lemon juice, Pine oil, Rosebud, Cotton ball, Tinfoil, Fennel seeds, Oregano, Dill and caraway seeds

If your last  communication with your lover was an argument, use this spell, combining love healing with communication, to make him call you.  Black pepper and sage can be  used to dispel anger.  Lemon pine, and rose are used for healing the mind, body and heart.

Holding a piece of cotton in your lap and shape  it into the initial of the person you want to call.   Sprinkle a quarter teaspoon each of black pepper and sage on the cotton.  Squeeze thee drops of lemon juice, and three drops of pine oil on the cotton.  Crush one dried rosebud over it.  Sprinkle a circle of equal amounts of fennel, oregano, dill and caraway seeds around the cotton.  Carefully fold the tinfoil, which adds an extra dose of attraction to your miracle herbs, into a square.  Place foil pouch underneath or next to the phone.


“Big O” Fig Combo!"

Figs, Pralines (or pecan or almonds and sugar), Apricot, Carob (or chocolate powder)

These are foods of self-love, self-confidence, trust, sexual stimulates, and communication.  Figs, which represent the vagina, are very sexual and can promote self-love in women.  The praline, made by browning pecans or almonds in boiling sugar, was named after the Fernadman, Praline, whose chef invented it.   La praline is also French slang for the clitoris.  Using figs and pralines together in a spell will promote orgasm and apricots an carob powder promotes trust between partners.  You may substitute chocolate because it is also an aphrodisiac, but carob has the added attributes of creating relaxation and communication.  Eating these foods requires digestion.  It is best not to guzzle them down your throat 10 minutes before you have sex and expect them to work.  You must ingest these foods a day or two before making love.


"Soul Mate Milk!"

 Raisins, Almonds, Milk, Honey 

This spell is used to bring about a relationship with a soul mate—someone with whom you feel a divine connection.  Raisins and almonds are said to make someone hear and recognize the call of home.  Milk and honey are mixed to find happiness and bring fulfillment in love.  If you want to attract a soul mate, eat raisins and almonds, with a glass of milk, stirring in a teaspoon of honey.  If you want to know it someone specific is your soul mate, drink the mixture before retiring your three almonds under your pillow and your dreams reveal the answer.

 "Cheating Mate Mix!"

Cumin, Coriander, Orange pekoe tea

This recipe comes from New Orleans.  Sprinkle this mixture in the shoe of your partner or underneath your shared bed.  If you do this he will be unable to derive any pleasure while cheating on you.  Warning: If your partner is not unfaithful, this spell may backfire and cool off his desire toward you.  Do not use it unless you are sure he is cheating.


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    • profile image

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      2 years ago

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    • voodoospell profile image


      6 years ago from 1958 South 950 East Provo

      Nice tips in this blog how to reunite a lover . I am glad to read.


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