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Low Power FM Radio (LPFM)

Updated on November 25, 2014

Low Power FM Radio (LPFM)

Low Power FM Radio consists of broadcasting to a small, community-localized area at low power. Many community radio stations in the United States are LPFM or Low Power FM radio stations. There is currently a movement to expand low power FM radio, and a bill, The Local Community Radio Act, recently passed in Congress.

As of 2014, the FCC is in the process of granting licenses to community organizations across the country to build their own low power FM radio antennas. In 2015 and 2016, it is expected that hundreds of new community radio stations will go on air across the country.

History of Community Radio

The history of community radio is long and varied in the United States, something many people don't know. The first book to document and emphasize the myriad voices of the free radio movement, from Black Liberation Radio in Springfield, Illinois, to Free Radio Berkeley in Berkeley, California is "Seizing the Airwaves", which gives a comprehensive look at community radio, from the pirate radio movement to international movements to reclaim the airwaves. It even provides technical advice for those who want to start their own radio stations! A must read for anyone seriously interested in community radio.

Why Are Low Power FM Radio Stations Important?

The Pirate Founders of Community Radio

Before community radio was formalized and legalized, there was pirate radio. Revealing the history of pirate radio from 1925 to today, author Andrew Yoder, pirate radio aficionado explains how pirate radio started, has evolved and continues to expand its reach around the world.

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      k8company 9 years ago

      Who knew? Good to know! And welcome to the Liberal Minded Thinkers group.

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      Joan4 9 years ago

      I have to admit I had never heard of Low Power FM Radio. How very interesting!

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      RinchenChodron 9 years ago

      I learned a lot here, thanks! Welcome to the Activists Sound Off Group.