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Lucie Jones Fansite

Updated on December 30, 2010

Welcome to the Lucie Jones fansite on Squidoo!

Lucie Jones is an 18 year old singer from Pentrych, a village on the outskirts of Cardiff, Wales.

She is a contestant on the 6th series of the UK talent show, X Factor, which is the UK version of American Idol. The judges have been amazed by her from the start, from her first audition of a stirring version of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, for which she earned herself a standing ovation by the live audience. 

Lucie has sailed through the first rounds of the competition, been put into the live shows by her mentor, Danni Minogue, and has been predicted to win the X Factor this year!

On Sunday, November 8, Lucie Jones was eliminated from the X Factor competition. She lost out to John and Edward (JEdward) when they both ended up in the bottom 2 and Simon asked for a dead-lock. Come on! Anyone who has seen a SINGLe episode of the X Factor this year knows Simon hates the twins, so the only reason he didn't send them home was because he knows they're good for ratings.

Lucie didn't deserve to go home, especially againt these 2 "horrific singers" - the words of Simon Cowell.

Bookmark this page to get the latest updates on what this wonderful, amazing and talented singer decides to do next!

I will remain loyal to Lucie Jones and will be looking out for any information on her album contract, release dates and more news!

Keep checking back for all the latest buzz on the career and life of Lucie Jones!

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Lucie Jones Trivia

Age: 18

From: Cardiff

Job: Student

History: Lucie just finished her A-levels and occasionally sings in a corporate entertainment jazz trio.

She has two dreams:

1) To perform at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and on the live finals stage of The X Factor.

2) She wants to make Simon Cowell think "wow, this girl can sing".

In her own words: "Hi, I’m Lucie, I’m 18, and I’m from a small village just outside Cardiff. My village has a couple of hundred people living there, we’ve got a village hall and a shop, and that’s it. I’ve got the whole village behind me today, they’re all rooting for me. I just want to get out, get up there on the big stage."

Lucie Jones Photo Gallery - Including rare pictures

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Lucie Jones Before And After MakeoverLucie Jones looking hot and sexy in a bikiniLucie Jones' boyfriend Richard JaycockThe Beautiful Lucie JonesLucie Jones singing her heart outLucie Jones PhotoshootLucie Jones having fun with DanylMichael Buble in awe of LucieCute Lucie JonesLucie Jones with TEAM MINOGUE
Lucie Jones Before And After Makeover
Lucie Jones Before And After Makeover
Lucie Jones looking hot and sexy in a bikini
Lucie Jones looking hot and sexy in a bikini
Lucie Jones' boyfriend Richard Jaycock
Lucie Jones' boyfriend Richard Jaycock
The Beautiful Lucie Jones
The Beautiful Lucie Jones
Lucie Jones singing her heart out
Lucie Jones singing her heart out
Lucie Jones Photoshoot
Lucie Jones Photoshoot
Lucie Jones having fun with Danyl
Lucie Jones having fun with Danyl
Michael Buble in awe of Lucie
Michael Buble in awe of Lucie
Cute Lucie Jones
Cute Lucie Jones
Lucie Jones with TEAM MINOGUE
Lucie Jones with TEAM MINOGUE

Lucie Jones: Modelling Contract with Select!

Lucie Jones Modelling
Lucie Jones Modelling

She may have left the X Factor early but Lucie Jones's camp are already getting inundated with requests. She has recently been featured in LOOK magazine showing off the latest fashion looks and has recently been signed to one of the UK's biggest modelling agencies – Select. Whatever her PR camp are doing their doing their doing it mighty well, as along with Jedward and the top 3 finalist Stacey, Olly and Joe, Lucie is sharing a lot of press attention.

Rumoured to of been turned down by Olly in favour of Stacey and leaving the competition to Jedward, Lucie's future looked bleak, but in a huge turn around of events Lucie has managed to work things in her favour and become a one of the nations sweethearts, being the centre of a huge 'Get Lucie a record deal' Facebook campaign (look what it did for a little known band called Rage Against The Machine) and landing a hot new modelling contract.

With her pop rock chick sound, sassy style and vivacious beauty, it's no doubt that we'll be hearing a lot more from Lucie this coming year, I expect some get up and go music, something you can shake around the living room to and hopefully music bosses are taking note of Lucie's popularity and will give her a chance to make us shake, rattle and roll.

- Full Story

Lucie Jones Modelling Picture

Lucie Jones Modelling Picture
Lucie Jones Modelling Picture

Lucie Jones Modelling Pictures - A Photo Gallery of Lucie Jones Modelling Photos - More to be added as they are available

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Lucie Jones Modeling PictureLucie Jones Modelling Photo
Lucie Jones Modeling Picture
Lucie Jones Modeling Picture
Lucie Jones Modelling Photo
Lucie Jones Modelling Photo

Credit for Lucie Jones Modeling Pictures goes to

Get Lucie Jones a Record Contract!

Join this group and let's show Simon Cowell how Facebook works!

Get Lucie Jones a Record Contract

UPDATE: January 2010. The media is starting to pick up on this group slowly but surely! Join now, if you haven't already, and remember to tell your family and friends to join as well!

X Factor Lucie Jones Official Twitter

Dannii Minogue posted Lucie Jones' twitter on Nov. 9th (screen cap above)

Add her here, @LucieJones1 Official Twitter. Remember to tell all your friends so and get them to add her! The more followers Lucie has, the greater the chance of her getting a record deal!

Let's do this!

First Update: Lucie Offered Hollywood Movie Audition + other deals

The Welsh singer, 20, has been offered a starring role in a BBC drama, a West End musical and big record contracts just since Sunday.

Her agent says the former barmaid has even been asked to audition for a Hollywood movie.

But she has had to turn down every job because she has an exclusive contract with X Factor bosses.

It is a crushing blow for the beauty already reeling from losing out to much-mocked duo John and Edward Grimes.

Lucie's agent Leigh-Ann Regan said: "It's frustrating because we represented her before she went into the X Factor and are still representing her.

Read more: The Sun

Lucie Jones Talks About Her Life - Adorable much?

Lucie Jones looks like Kristen Stewart?

Image Source:

I have read people's opinions and heard some saying X Factor's beauty Lucie Jones looks a bit like another hottie, the Twilight actress Kristen Stewart. I've tried to see it, (believe me I have, after all every excuse to stare at the faces of these 2 gorgeous gyals is accepted without second though ;).

But I just can't see it. Sure, their hair might look alike from some angles but that's about it.

Take a peek at the photos above and tell me if you see the similarities that some see, or if you're lost like I am.

Do you see a resemblance between Kristen Stewart and Lucie Jones?

See results

Watch: Kristen Stewart and Lucie Jones look-alikes? - At The Lucie Jones fansite on Squidoo

Lucie Jones Voted Off X Factor

What a shocking elimination.

Who would have thought the extremely talented and beautiful young singer from Cardiff would be booted off while the talentless twins who have yet to sing a note in tune are in the top 6?

The X Factor 2009 has become a joke honestly, its absolutely ridiculous. Lucie did not deserve to be eliminated and something is definitely not right. Hopefully Lucie will keep her head high and return with a vengeance. If she decides to release an album, there's no reason why it should not be a hit around the country.

Watch her perform One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston as her survival song below. Tune perfect and beautifully sang!

Lucie Jones is off the X Factor - and back on the market

Sexy Lucie Jones has been forced to ditch her boyfriend Richard Jaycock after her rapid rise to stardom meant she was too busy to keep seeing him.

And in a devastating blow to the young rugby player, the pop starlet told Wales on Sunday the pair were “never really together” – despite having been dating for months.

The 18-year-old from Pentyrch, Cardiff, also rubbished tabloid rumours linking her to former X Factor finalist Rhydian Roberts.

Speaking exclusively to WoS, she said: “Me and Richard are not together any more – we never really were.

“He’s a good friend but nothing was ever going to come from our closeness.

“I just realised I’m too busy for him and decided I had to be selfish about the situation as it wasn’t going anywhere.

“We haven’t had much chance to talk about it but I hope we can remain friends.”

Just two weeks ago, Lucie vowed to stick by her man, even though she admitted there was no room for him in her busy schedule.

- Wales Online

The Real Reasons Lucie Jones Was Booted From X-Factor

Simon Cowell knew that John & Edward got more votes than Lucie last night and despite his remarks about John & Edward throughout the show - I quote "vile little creatures" - he knew his decision to go to public vote would in fact eliminate the uber talented Lucie Jones.

So here are the real reasons why Simon Cowell threw Lucie Jones under the bus last night...

  1. Lucie Jones was Danyl and Olly's biggest competition when it came to vocals - eliminating Lucie helped him get on step further in one of his acts winning the competition - it's not about the winner is it - it's about Simon.

  2. Ratings prevail over talent when it comes to the X-Factor. Simon has consistently slagged off John & Edward throughout the entire show, but when "Jedward Mania" really reached fever pitch this last week in the UK media - you could see the pound signs in Simon's eyes and suddenly his opinion changed from "vile little creatures" to "sorta good". PUH-LEASE.

  3. Simon did Louie a favour - although they bicker on screen and pretend to be enemies - they really are good friends with a long history. Louie always gets his acts axed first in X-Factor - that's the way the show unfolds historically, so Simon really was just doing Louie a favor.

  4. I really don't think Simon Cowell likes Dannii Minouge at all - Dannii has been getting favorable press throughout the UK ever since she appeared on Piers Morgan's show and the UK are starting to really LOVE Dannii Minouge all over again - this makes Simon look bad, so throwing Lucie under the bus was really a low-blow to Dannii more than anything.

  5. Controversy breeds ratings - we all know that a good controversy stirs up ratings and when Simon is wearing that "TV Executive" hat, he'll do nothing but make business decisions. Throwing the show to the public vote and booting off Lucie was a business decision. As long as John & Edward are on the show, advertising revenue will sky-rocket and Simon's show will still be at the top of the ratings. This is somehow more important than Lucie Jones career.


Lucie Jones Leaves X Factor While John and Edward Stay: Fair?

Did Simon deliberately let it go to Deadlock?

Lucie Jones talks about her shock X Factor exit

What do you think of Lucie Jones?

See results

Is Lucie Jones Single?

Unfortunately for all the guys out there, the lovely Miss Jones already has a man to watch her while she sleeps.

Lucie Jones likes the football men, but reportedly had to dump her last boyfriend because she he couldn't be trusted with other girls. Her current boyfriend, Richard Jaycock, has insisted that he is different and vowed to renew her faith in men.

Richard told The News Of The World: "I'm really loyal. There's no way I'll be flirting with any other girls."

"It's important that she knows I'd be devoted to her," he added. "I'm the type of guy who one day wants to settle down and have kids."

The pair met when Lucie was a barmaid in a Cardiff nightclub Richard manages. He said: "It was only after she quit to go on X Factor that I realized how much I liked her." (Hmph)

"I phoned to tell her and was a bit surprised when she said she felt the same. She's so sweet. I'll support her but I don't have any advice to give her. I can't sing. I play rugby, that's about it. But I want her to know I think she's great. She's already a superstar to me."


Share your stories, sightings, thoughts, rants, raves...

Should Lucie have gone home or did she deserve to stay?

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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      he sould have cept her in she wa my fav dhe was 1 of da best god jedward can't even sing!!!!!!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Simon is a highwasted muppet, i hope the twins win it as im never watching it again the stupid spineless idiot

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      It is clear to me that Simon was playing the tactical game here. He can see that Lucie would have been a major risk to his acts, and so he took the chance to get her voted off so that his acts would stand a better chance of taking the final. So he basically destroyed the chance of a major talent so he could save face and have his acts in the final. Either that or it was just for ratings. To be honest it is likely to be the last episode I watch, I can not take the joke that is X-factor (a so called singing competition) anymore. I think this could well be a swan song for x-factor.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      It was in Simons best interest for his team that Lucie went. John and Edward can't really compete but Lucie had a shot.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Outrageous that Lucie has gone and those twits (oops I means twins) are still in. Seriously boot John and Edward off give them their own TV show as the new Ant and Dec (Except they can't sing) and keep the real talent. I have loved watching Lucie from her first audition she has improved immensely week to week and is extremely versatile. Simon Cowell really is playing politics with people lives. that girl deserved a chnace and Simon played games to her loss.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Simon is an idiot, how could he pass on a talented artist like Lucie for hewy and lewy. The problem that I see is Lucie is from such a small town that this whole thing becomes political. meaning she is losing votes because fans want to see there own make it to the top. Bottom line its who you know and not what you bring to the show.Simon in my opinion did not think to highly of Lucie she has been my inspiration from the start, I figured it would have been between Lucie and Joe.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      simon stupid to lose her.


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