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Luther with Idris Elba season 1 - 3 overview

Updated on September 23, 2015

BBC Luther staring Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson

Luther is a psychological crime drama series that was made for BBC 1 and BBC Two starring Idris Elba as 'Luther' and Ruth Wilson as 'Alice Morgan'.

For me personally, it is one of the best fictional crime dramas written and made in recent years. Having been made for the BBC it is quite an edgy drama, with beautiful photography and is certainly very new and modern, the last series released in 2013.

The basic story is a familiar one but brings a fresh feel to detective drama series and has many twists.

Luther is a bit of a rough and ready rogue detective in the city of London hunting down serial killers, using psychology, intelligence and his instinct. In the first series he meets Alice Morgan and a strange rapport builds between them, as she is a serial killer who killed her parents.

He then continues to track down various killers, sometimes seeking her help. The killers are very quirky and unique characters.

Superb imaginative writing, along with an excellent cast and stunning photography, this series will leave you wanting to see more of Luther's world. Set in realistic surroundings with slightly exaggerated characters the only disappointing fact about this series for me is that only three seasons were made and all were short in the amount of episodes.

See various serial killers such as 'Role Playing Twins' that are living their fantasy game in real life, deciding who to attack and kill and with what weapons on a role of dice to earn themselves points. Also see Luther on the run when he is suspected of his own wife's murder.

Season One has 6 episodes whilst season 2 and 3 have 4.

Idris Elba went on to win the Golden Globe Award for the best actor in a mini-series for Luther.

He has also recently played the staring role as Nelson Mandela in the Nelson Mandela Movie. He became well known for his main role in the acclaimed television series 'The Wire' playing a gangster character named Stringer.

Breaking News: Idris Elba confirms season 4 special

It's official, season 4 special is a wrap! Idris says so!

Luther Complete Series (3pack/Giftset/DVD)
Luther Complete Series (3pack/Giftset/DVD)

Luther season 1

Luther has to try and prove that Alice has murdered her parents, but starts to use her to track down more serial killers. Including role playing twins, who decide there next moves on the role of dice.

Season 2

Another serial killer is on the lose but Luther also has to fight for is job, the murder of his wife and a sex gang who have one over on him.

Season 3

Having to work outside the law to prove his innocence 'Alice' is back to help Luther who is on the run to track down a vigilante killer


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A couple of trailers and teasers of Luther series 3 and also the full theme tune.

Luther opening Title Sequence

Quick Luther Quiz

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Luther season 3 trailer

Massive Attack, Paradise Circus, Luther Theme Tune

I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts on Luther by the BBC

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    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 3 years ago from England

      @SheGetsCreative: He is a good actor and it was a great series. Idris has also just played the part of Nelson Mandela now in the movie.

    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 3 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Found it by accident. Definitely an unexpected pleasure!

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 3 years ago from England

      @Richard-H: I'm positive you won't be disappointed :)

    • Richard-H profile image

      Richard 3 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom

      I've not seen it, but it sounds like I should...