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"Things I See" - Lynne Modranski's 1st Solo Release

Updated on July 16, 2014

"Things I See"

"She Had No Lamb" continues to be my favorite track on this project. I sing it whenever I have a chance! I know a lot of time has passed since this album released, but even today these songs are just as relevant as they were all those years ago. While all the songs from "Lookin' Up" are available online at almost every digital music store on the web, these numbers from "Things I See" have only been heard by those who own the CD, at concerts and the few times they've gotten some radio airtime. For the first time, you can now get them at my Nimbit Store on Facebook, and thanks to my youngest daughter, "She Had No Lamb" is on YouTube!

I love to meet knew folks!  So read on, leave a comment and let me know you were here!!! 



They walked the road to Jerusalem, so she could be purified

They came to fulfill the requirements the law specified

Now the law said that a year old lamb must be offered to make her clean

But a poor man like Joseph, well you know, he had no such thing.


So she had no lamb, & that's what the law required.

But God had made a way for His poor, 2 pigeons would pay her price.

She had no lamb to pay to be purified,/But she brought all she had, 2 birds.

A poor man's sacrifice.

And when the sacrifice had been made, the priest took the baby boy

And he prophesied strange and marvelous things that caused Mary grief and joy.

And through the years she watched Him grow in wisdom

and she watched Him grow in favor with God

And thirty-three years later, she watched Him on the cross

(and she remembered. . .) CHORUS


And how was she to know when she brought those pigeons years ago,

That one day the sword that would pierce her heart would be her greatest sacrifice.

(Because) He was her Lamb, He's what the law required.

God had made a way for her, Her Son would pay her price.

He was her Lamb, He made her pure and white.

He gave all He had for her, THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE.

He is my Lamb, He's what the law requires.

God has made a way for me, Jesus paid my price.

He is my Lamb, He makes me pure and white.

He gave all He had for me, THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE.

TAG He gave all He had for me, THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE

You can now purchase this track online at my new Store

And watch for the accompaniment track to be there soon, too!

Things I See

The Title Cut

There are THINGS I SEE that make me wonder why, Lord why

There are THINGS I SEE that make me want to cry

There are THINGS I SEE that make me lean on you more and more

Lord, I need your strength to face these THINGS I SEE.

'Cause I've seen Good people die too young it seems to me

and I've seen older saints just holdin' on for year and years

and I've seen children suffering ills many grown men have never seen

Lord, I need your strength to face these THINGS I SEE


'Cause I've seen families separated and children left alone

And I've seen men and women hungry and those with out a home

And I've seen people passing by their way who just don't seem to care

Sometimes I think, Lord, it's just not fair


TAG: Oh Lord, give me strength to face these things I see

1996 Lynne Modranski

Want to Hear Lynne? - Or learn more about her?

I found a place to load clips from "Things I See" - You can now hear and buy clips. Follow the links below to buy music or find out more about her music!

Heart of a Child

I just heard children singing about the endless grace of God

They sang about salvation and His love

And as I heard them raise their voices I began to understand

why it takes the heart of a child to come to God.

There was no violence in their voices not one of them would think

of taking the life of another child

Their hearts were pure and faithful never doubting as they sang

The truth of the Bible's every word.


It made me wonder what has happened to the child

The little one that we each used to be

What happened to the trusting caring children we once were

Are they still hiding deep inside of you and me?

For a child would never say right was wrong

when His Father told Him what was right

and they always love the sinner and hate the sin

And prejudice it has no place within a child's heart

until a older child helps to put it in.



Does His Heart Break


One day as I sat thinking about the pain in this world

Thinking 'bout the sorrow and the strife

My heart began to break at all the suffering

And I wondered how it looked through Jesus eyes

And I wondered Does His heart break when He sees a lonely child

One whose mom or daddy walked away

And wondered Does His Heart Break when He sees this lonely world

A world that so few try to change

And does it break when He sees someone crying

And they refuse to let Him help them through their pain

And does it break when a lost soul dies in their sin

and He knows that the sin has sealed their fate


And is He waiting for His Father to tell Him, "GO, Go gather up Your own"

Is He waiting for the day of His returning

when He can come and take His Father's children home.


'Cause then He'll never have to see another broken family

And He'll never have to see another hungry child

And He'll never have to feel the pain of Calvary again

'Cause then there'll be no sin and no one will ever have to die

CHORUS: repeat 2x


Look Past the Pain


Have you ever looked at a window with a dirty window pane

or covered with raindrops that seemed to blur your view

and no matter how hard to tried to see what's on the other side

when you're looking at the pane you can't see through

But, if you look through the window, if you look past the pain

if you focus on what's on the other side

you'll begin to much clearer, you'll begin to see the truth

you'll begin to see the beauty the pane was trying to hide


Look past the pane, look past the dirt look past the grime look past the hurt

to see the beauty of the day Look past the pane

Look past the pain, look past the dirt, look past the grime look past the hurt

To see what God has waiting for you Look past the pain

Sometimes life is like a dirty window filled with hurt and pain

Hate and anger sometimes blur your view

And no matter how hard you try to find peace way down inside

When you're lookin' at the pain peace can't get through

But if you pray through the anger if you Look past the pain

If you focus on the good that's in Jesus Christ

You'll begin to see much clearer, you'll begin to see the truth

You'll begin to see the beauty of what God has waiting for you


Too Far Away


Did you ask for a personal Savior and Jesus came into your heart

but lately you can't feel His presence or hear His voice.

And your wonderin' why He would leave you when He promised to stay forever,

but did He leave you or Are You Too Far Away?


Are you Too Far Away to hear the Savior calling you?

Are you Too Far Away to hear the sound of His voice?

Are you Too Far Away to let His Holy Spirit lead and guide you.

you know He's right inside of You . . . but are you TOO FAR AWAY?

Sometimes it's hard to hear God talkin' 'cause you know He speaks in a whisper

and sometimes I can hardly hear His voice

But if I listen I can hear Him callin' He's sayin' "Child, you know that I love you,

but draw near to me child You're standin' TOO FAR AWAY"



So how do you walk back?

How do you get back to that place where you once were?

How do you find the right road

when you didn't even know that you made a wrong turn?

Well if you want to hear Him then praise Him.

Praise Him with all of your heart and if you want to know His will study His word

And if you want to feel really close to Him, get on your knees everyday

and ask Him, "Lord, am I close enough or TOO FAR AWAY"



Dark Side of the Moon

Not a remake of that old rock song!

Sometimes I get so far away from my Father

I can't feel His presence or hear His voice

I start stumblin' in the dark and I feel so all alone

like I'm standin' on the Dark Side of the Moon


'Cause on the Dark Side of the Moon there's no light

No the Dark Side is a cold and lonely place

Though many can see it, it's never seen the Sun

Are you standin' on the Dark Side of the Moon

Do you feel all alone are you lost in the dark?

Do you feel empty deep inside?

Do you know my Father? Have you met His Son?

Or are you standin' on the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON?


There's a place near my Father where you can feel His love

There's a place near my Father in His Son

There's a place near my Father where His light will lead you

He will bring you from the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON



She Had No Lamb - On YouTube

Always Has, Always will

Celebrating the Unchanging Nature of God

All around I see signs and hear how times are changing

Some excuse for all of the suffering and the pain

And I've heard that the only thing that never changes

is that in life nothing ever stays the same.

Well, all I know is I just don't understand

'cause some of the change just doesn't seem to be right.

And I've found that I need someone I can always depend upon

Someone to be there and get me through the rough times.


And I've found that

God who has always been holy, will always be holy

God who has always been righteous will always be right

God who has always shown mercy will always be merciful

God who has always shown love will always love you.

So when life's constant changes leave you confused and searching

And you feel like there's just no place you can turn

Don't forget there's a Savior who loves you and He's waiting

To be your unchanging Rock in the midst of every storm



And though heaven and earth will pass away, His promises still remain true

For the one who has always carried me will always see you through


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    • profile image

      anilsaini 5 years ago

      good lens

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      You make this hard in some ways, I like them all, but She Had No Lamb is really one of the ones, I really like. they are all great.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Lynne, Personally, 'Things I see' has always meant so much to me. I give it my vote! May God bless you each day thru your music ministry!

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 8 years ago

      I'm giving your lens a blessing and featuring it on my Squid Angel Diary this week.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Lynne,I love all your music. It was a hard decision to vote for just one. I have your CD's and listen to them often. I wish we/you sang more of your songs in church on Sunday. Vicki Jo

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