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All hail, MacHomer!....mmmm, beer

Updated on July 4, 2014

D'oh! The Simpsons Do Shakespeare!

Homer Simpson plus William Shakespeare's MacBeth equals one of the funniest shows you'll ever see.

This amazing one man show written and peformed by Rick Miller features over 50 voices from The Simpsons TV series while the script is 85% of the original Shakespeare.  If you're a fan of either The Simpsons or Shakespeare (or both), then go see this show!

My wife and I saw MacHomer at the Kennedy Center a few years ago and we could not stop laughing.  The voice impersonations are spot on and the action is non stop.  I just wish this was around when I had to read MacBeth in high school English class.

We saw MacHomer again last year and it's better than ever.  Rick Miller updated it for the show's 10th anniversary with new video and references to current events.  He was also available after the performance for questions and script signings.

Video Interview with Rick Miller - and clips from MacHomer

"Is this a dagger, which I see before me? ...or a pizza?"

The Cast - A partial listing of the cast in no particular order.

  • Duncan (King of Scotland) - Charles Montgomery Burns
  • Malcolm - Waylon Smithers
  • MacHomer - Homer J. Simpson
  • Lady MacHomer - Marge Simpson
  • Banquo - Ned Flanders
  • MacDuff - Barney Gumble
  • Ross, Menteth, Lennox, Angus - Troy McClure
  • Witch #1 - Captain McCallister
  • Witch #2 - Moe Szyslak
  • Witch #3 - Principal Seymour Skinner
  • Fleance - Bart Simpson
  • Murderer #1 - Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
  • Murderer #2 - Grampa Abe Simpson
  • Murderer #3 - Otto Mann

Please leave a comment if you've seen the show...or just want to let the world know how appalled you are that a great work of art such as The Simpsons could be mocked in this way.

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    • cdevries profile image

      cdevries 6 years ago

      Looks very funny.