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Made of Honor Soundtrack You Tube Playlist & Songs

Updated on July 12, 2013

Maid of Honor Soundtrack Music Videos

Just Go With It movie composer Rupert Gregson-Williams produced 23 original songs for the Patrick Dempsey & Michelle Monaghan movie Made of Honor Soundtrack score.

Sony Pictures did not release an official Soundtrack to Made of Honor. But you can get the complete Maid of Honor Soundtrack Playlist here free.

Perhaps the song licensing for the Maid of Honor Soundtrack Song List was a nightmare. Luckily, most of the songs are available as individual downloads or can be enjoyed via You Tube.

Made of Honor stars Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin McKidd, Sydney Pollack, Chris Messina, Kadeem Hardison, Busy Phillips and Whitney Cummings. The movie was released May 2, 2008 and made available on DVD September 16, 2008.

Now pushed out to 2014, look for Patrick Dempsey with Amanda Seyfried in Wonderful Tonight a romantic comedy about an unexpected pregnancy resulting from a one night stand and the surprising romance that results. If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, rest assured that ABC has renewed the show for yet another season so it's likely we'll keep seeing more of Derek and Meredith Shepard at Seattle Grey as long as Patrick Dempsey shows up on set everyday.

Unlike Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan's had a full dance card. The leading lady has been busy at work on at least six movies that IMDb has tentatively listed to be released in 2013 but no specific dates have been assigned just yet. There's the comedy/dramas Gus & Better Living Through Chemistry with Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Ray Liotta & Jane Fonda along with the drama thriller Penthouse North with Michael Keaton. Fort Bliss is another drama with Emmanuelle Chriqui & Ron Livingston. A Many Splintered Thing sounds like the most fun out of the bunch and the closest thing to a romantic comedy with Chris Evans whose last romantic comedy was What's My Number.

Made of Honor Japanese Poster


Updated 5/12 & 5/27/2013

Click Here To Order the DVD

Made Of Honoron

Made of Honor Movie Opening Scene

Halloween Party 1998

Made Of Honor
Made Of Honor

Click on the DVD cover of Made of Honor to read customer and editorial reviews of the movie on as well as see Amazon's recommendations for other Patrick Dempsey & Michelle Monaghan movies.


Made of Honor Soundtrack List - Smashmouth, Oasis

Click on any of the CDs or song titles below to preview.

Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinskies - Song: Walking on the Sun by Smashmouth

Made of Honor Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky
Made of Honor Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky

The movie Made of Honor opens with title credits with Smashmouth's "Walking on the Sun" as Patrick Dempsey's character, Tom, dressed as Clinton makes his way through a crowded college Halloween party before he heads over to his dorm room rendezvous.

This is the scene leading up to where Tom accidentally meets Hannah played by Michelle Monaghan. It also makes for a classic Halloween costume. It just takes a Bill Clinton mask, suit, a Monica Lewinsky black beret and a brunette wig.

Image Source: Columbia Pictures | Relativity Media

Made of Honor Title Sequence Montage - Song: "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

Patrick Dempsey Made of Honor
Patrick Dempsey Made of Honor

Image Source: Columbia Pictures | Relativity Media

Beautiful opening title sequence of the city of New York waking up in the morning with street scenes and vistas of Manhattan in a most flattering romantic light similar to shots in Woody Allen movies.

Patrick Dempsey Driving in Times Square - Music: "Love Revolution" Lenny Kravitz

Patrick Dempsey Drives Jaguary in Made of Honor Car Scene
Patrick Dempsey Drives Jaguary in Made of Honor Car Scene

Image Source: Columbia Pictures | Relativity Media

Transition music from "No Back to Backs" scene when Tom wakes up late in some girl's apartment then the scene transitions to him driving his sports car as Lenny Kravitz's croons "It is time, for a Love Revolution", pulling up to a coffee shop and getting a girl's phone number on a coffee collar. Just for fun, also check out the stripped down blues version of this song. Click here.

In real life, like actor Paul Newman, Dempsey's passion is racing cars and according to Wikipedia, Dempsey has participated racing at Daytona as driver and owner of Dempsey Racing which currently races a Mazda RX-8.

What's the Car Patrick Dempsey is Driving? - It's a Jaguar Convertible

If you're wondering what kind of car Dempsey drives in the opening scene of Made of Honor, according to IMCDb, the Internet Car Movie Database, Dempsey drives a 1971 Jaguar XK-E V12 Series III. If you're pining for such a sweet ride perhaps you can settle for one of these more modest convertibles in the meantime.

Patrick Dempsey For Serengeti Sunglasses

Patrick Dempsey For Serengeti Sunglasses
Patrick Dempsey For Serengeti Sunglasses

How to Get the Patrick Dempsey Look - At Least in Sunglasses

As seen in Made of Honor. Patrick Dempsey is the spokesperson for Serengeti sunglasses.

Why Serengeti Sunglasses Provide Excellent Sun Protection

Wife #6 Marries Tom's Dad - Song: "Gold Digger" by Jamie Foxx

Wedding Scene Made of Honor
Wedding Scene Made of Honor

Image Source: Columbia Pictures | Relativity Media

As Christie, the 6th wife of Tom's Dad played by Sidney Pollack, gets ready to walk down the aisle after some last minute prenuptial details are ironed out that include some very specific conditions, Jamie Foxx's "Gold Digger" punctuates the scene. You may recognize Wife #6 as Kelly Carlson who played Kimber Henry on the TV Series Nip/Tuck.

"I'm Not Over" - Carolina Liar

According to a guest comment left by Leanna, we missed one "I'm Not Over" by Carolina Liar.

Acoustic Version & Carolina Liar Interview

Film Score Rupert Gregson Williams - Filmography Rupert Gregson-Williams

Made of Honor Soundtrack

For continuous video streaming, click on the You Tube playlist link below OR you can click on any of the music videos included here on this Maid of Honour Soundtrack lens.

NEW! You can also stream this free Maid of Honor Soundtrack music playlist here.

Made of Honor Movie Soundtrack Song Playlist - Customized You Tube Playlist Only Available Here

To make things easier, I put together an exclusive Maid of Honor Soundtrack Song Playlist on You Tube which you can just stream and listen to while you're on your computer.

Made of Honor Soundtrack Videos - Part 1 of 2 - Click on Any Of the Videos to View

Made of Honor Soundtrack Videos - Part 2 of 2 - Click on Any of the Videos to View

Jimmy Shand was used in the Scottish wedding scenes. While looking for songs used in Made of Honor, I came across this fun mash-up of Jimmy Shand and 50 cent, it sounds exactly like what would happen if 50 cent was invited to a wedding in Scotland and popped in to jam with the locals on stage.

Also found a video on how to dance the Gay Gordons in case you ever get asked to dance at a Scottish wedding.

What's the Song On the Made of Honor Trailer? - "Respectfully Proceeding" by The Tacticians

Who are The Tacticians?

The Tacticians are a band on the Made of Honor Movie Soundtrack from the U.K. who consider themselves an urban folk band. Check out their MySpace page where they have a 6 song playlist where you can instantly hear "Respectfully Proceeding".

From The Tacticians on

What's the Song That's Played When the Bridesmaids Enter In The Movie Made of Honor? - Battle Without Honor or Humanity

You may recognize the song by Tomoyasu Hotei from Kill Bill and movies such as Team America: World Police & Transformers.

Other uses of the song in movies, television, radio and more

For more about composer and musician Tomoyasu Hotei

Battle Without Honor Or Humanity - Song Also on the Kill Bill Soundtrack

The song when the bridesmaids enter in the movie Made of Honor is also included on the Kill Bill Soundtrack

What's the Song From Made of Honor When Patrick Dempsey is Riding on a Horse to Stop Hannah's Marriage? - Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis

Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis is the song on the Made of Honor Soundtrack playing when Patrick Dempsey rides horseback in true Prince Charming mode as the speediest means of transport to get to Hannah's wedding.


James Morrison You Give Me Something - Listen to the MP3 Sample Here

This is the song from the Made of Honor Soundtrack when Tom and Hannah take a walk in Central Park.

Made of Honor Movie

Best Friend With Benefits?

Can Women & Men Just Be Friends?

My Best Friend's Wedding - The guy version ala When Harry Met Sally starring Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey. McDreamy follows up the successful Enchanted with another romantic comedy. This time it's about a chronic serial dater who realizes he's about to lose his best friend when she goes away to Scotland and returns engaged, asking him to stand in as maid of honor.

The movie Made of Honor, was part of the 30 Chick Flicks in 30 Days Challenge where a husband watched one chick flick a day for 30 days as a birthday present to his wife to become a better husband and a better person. Check out the chick flicks he watched here.

Summed up as predictable and formulaic romantic comedy, Made of Honor, mediocre at best is what some of the more positive reviews acknowledge. Made of Honor is far from a classic romantic comedy like When Harry Met Sally or Pretty Woman but if you love Patrick Dempsey or romantic comedies, Made of Honor will not disappoint.

Maid of Honor Mini Movie - Movie Trailer for Made Of Honor

Spanish Practice With Patrick Dempsey

The Spanish subtitles in theaters changed the name from Made of Honor to "Quiero Robarme la Novia". This translates in English to "I want to steal the bride".

Made of Honor Spanish Preview - Quiero robarme a la novia

Practice your Spanish with Patrick Dempsey. Listen to the Spanish announcer and read the Spanish subtitles for instant Spanish practice the fun way. Takes less than 5 minutes a day. For Sesame Street Spanish Lessons, click here.

Just For Fun

Take Patrick Dempsey As Your Husband

Sony Pictures offers you the chance to get your own wedding photo with Patrick Dempsey. OK, so it's not exactly for real or in person, but all you have to do is upload your photo and you're instantly Mr. & Mrs. McDreamy.

Click Here for a Wedding Photo With Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor

Mr. & Mrs. McDreamy

Mr. & Mrs. McDreamy
Mr. & Mrs. McDreamy

Made of Honor Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - Designed by Vera Wang

Where Have I Seen the Blond Bridesmaid?

The prissy bridesmaid who was once jilted by Dempsey's character, Tom is Busy Phillips. You may recognize her as popular tough girl Kim Kelly from Freaks and Geeks. Busy later joined the cast of Dawson's Creek as Audrey Lidell and is now co-starring with Courtney Cox in Cougar Town.

Vera Wang Size 6 Dress Used in Made of Honor Movie Sold For Only $42+ on eBay

One of the original bridesmaid's dresses worn by actress Busy Phillips in the production of Made of Honor was recently auctioned off in December 2008 on eBay . I just discovered this legitimate company called, an eBay seller of authentic wardrobe from Hollywood movies. The original eBay auction is over but you can click below for other blue Vera Wang dresses and there's another link on where you can buy other movie star clothing.

Forget Goodwill. Inexpensive Recycled Movie Clothing

Who knew movie star cast-offs were chic and affordable? Just click on the eBay link below to see what's available and you could be wearing a jacket that was once worn by Charlize Theron or a racing jacket from Talladega Nights. Good Luck!

Where To Buy Michelle Monaghan's Intertwined Circle Necklace From Made of Honor?

Question Originally Asked on Yahoo Answers

"Lots of interest and questions about the necklace Michelle Monaghan wore in quite a bit of the move Made of Honor. In Made of Honor Michelle Monaghan's Circle Necklace featured two intertwined gold filled circle on a chain and it really stood out as a nice mix of contemporary style and classic design. A few (ok a lot) of readers here on asked about this and so we did the homework and found out it is from Zoe Chicco, their design style M2CN. Get it under the "Shop Online" and then "Circles" selection."


Made Of Honor Grossed Over $100 Million Worldwide

Domestic $46 Million

Foreign $60 Million

Made of Honor Lifetime Grosses


Patrick Dempsey - TV or Movie Star

Do You Prefer Seeing Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy?

See results

Patrick Dempsey as the New Hugh Grant

Made of Honor, the new Patrick Dempsey movie comes hot on the heels of the successful romantic comedy, Enchanted which was just released in movie theaters last November and made available on DVD in March. With his sparkling blue eyes, Dempsey, 42, originally first captured our hearts in the 1980s with Can't Buy Me Love and Loverboy. Hugh Grant, 47, in the last few years seems less productive in churning out romantic comedies playing the self-effacing, stuttering but charming Brit. Music and Lyrics came out in 2007, Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason in 2004 and Love Actually in 2003.

Did You Know?

Patrick Dempsey met his first wife on the set of In the Mood in 1987 when at age 21 he married actress Rochelle Parker, 48 whose son Corey Parker was only a year older. The couple remained together for 7 years before divorcing in 1994.

One day my 3-yr-old daughter said 'You're very handsome, Poppy.' That was the best compliment ever.

McDreamier Now or Then?

Do you prefer Patrick Dempsey in his 40s or in his teens?

Check out these gorgeous black and white photos on

Patrick Dempsey Movies

Upcoming Patrick Dempsey Movies

Wonderful Tonight

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Enchanted 2

When Patrick's Not Acting He's Driving - 2012 Rolex 24 at Daytona

Will Patrick Dempsey stay on for another season of Grey's Anatomy?

Huffington Post: "I'll Stay on "Grey's Anatomy" If I Can Still Race Cars

If You Like Made of Honor

You May Also Like...

Please let me know if you have any interesting facts, tidbits or interesting links to share about Patrick Dempsey and how you like Made of Honor in comparison to his other movies.

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      Hi, what's the name of the instrumental song played when Tom and Hannah take a walk in the Central Park? And also same instrumental song when Tom ask Hannah for a walk. Thank you so much!

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      real let down

      Carolina Liar - I'm Not Over

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      Trivia: What song is this from? "I'm the lyrical Jesse James"

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      Enjoyed reading about Patrick Dempsey and Maid of Honor.

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      Welcome to The Totally Awesome Lenses Group


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