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! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

Updated on February 16, 2013

It all begins with ...

the featuring of Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui, an all-time favourite scenes of Maid Latte from time-to-time. See how Takumi Usui won the heart of the fair maiden. A romantic comedy written by Hiro Fujiwara and directed by Hiroaki Sakurai, an anime that is definitely worth watching.

They met, they fell in love

The first female student council president of Seika High School, a well-loved maid in Maid Latte. Misaki Ayuzawa is a girl who takes a serious attitude towards the stuff that she do. In order for the girls, who are considered the minority in Seika High School, she is determined to allow the girls to have a better school environment in the high school which is notorious for its wild students.

In order to support her family, she work part-time in the Maid Latte which provides a better pay, however it clashed with the reputation that she built up in school. The first male student to discover her maid identity, Takumi Usui, took an interest in her and started visiting her at the Maid Latte everyday after school What kinds of sparks wil happenbetween this two interesting characters? It's for you to watch and find out.

Misaki Ayuzawa

Being the student council president, Misaki Ayuzawa have to make sure that she is among the top grades. Besides that, she had to control the boys in her school in order to make the school environment a better place for the girls. She portrays as a determined, strong-headed girl who hated guys due to the way they treat girls.

In her work place, as she is not used to the ways a maid should behave, she often have problems in handling the events held in the Maid Latte. I love her personality in the anime as she is the type who is not easily defeated when it comes to problems. She would use her own way to solve the problem. My favourite part of her in the anime is definitely when she fell in love with Takumi Usui , the sweetest moments of the anime just make the viewers want to fall in love!

Takumi Usui

Popular, attractive, mesmerising, all this description definitely fit Takumi Usui. The countless ladies that confessed to him and was all rejected by him, making the girls cry most of the time. Misaki hated his aloof character, and hated him even more when he saved her from her classmates who spotted her working in Maid Latte.

He was interested in her and from then on, visited Maid Latte everyday after school. Besides that, he aided her in school in allowing her to understand more about the students in the school in order to be a better president. In the anime, Takumi Usui portray different sides of him, he can be matured in making decision or being playful being around Misaki. I felt that Takumi Usui is definitely the dream guy of every girl, the way he treated the girl and how he helped her and protected her.

Family : Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa lived with her younger sister, Ayuzawa Suzuna and their mother, Minako Ayuzawa. Their father,Sakuya Ayuzawa, disappeared from the house after leaving a debt, their mother have to work in the hospital as well as sticking dolls' eyes at home in order to keep the family going. Ayuzawa Suzuna can be constantly seen in the anime participating in lucky draw for their family's necessaries. Misaki Ayuzawa took on the job in Maid Latte which provides a higher pay and had to juggle between work, studies as well as the workload in the student council.

Personally, i admired their strength and belief in keeping the family together. working as one to contribute in paying off the debt. They portray a strong and never give up attitude, striving hard at work. Especially for Misaki Ayuzawa, she had to juggle between so many stuffs in her life, yet she make sure she study well and is among the top grades.

Maid Latte

Maid Latte consists of the manager, , as well as several employees. Maid Latte held a different theme for the customers when they entered the cafe, such as the maids have to wear cat ears. Being understanding of Misaki's situation, the manager allows her to work in Maid Latte and slowly fit in with the other maids.The benefits of being a employee allows them to travel to other places for vacation as a treat.

I definitely love Maid Latte, in terms of the different events held everyday. Working life becomes much more interesting working in such an industry, thus i felt that this show shows the audience more information of maid cafe in its own way.

Maid Latte Maids

Which maid would you choose to serve you?

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Maid Latte employee line-up

Maid Latte employee line-up
Maid Latte employee line-up

Usui with Misaki

Usui with Misaki
Usui with Misaki

Usui with Misaki Cosplay

Usui with Misaki Cosplay
Usui with Misaki Cosplay

In love they are

In love they are
In love they are

Saya Mizuno - Secret

The first opening song of Kaichou wa Maid-sama, it depicts the feelings of Misaki in wanting to keep her secret being a maid in Maid Latte

Heidi - Yokan

The first ending song for Kaichou wa Maid-sama, the lyrics of the songs portray the feelings of Takumi Usui when he is facing Misaki

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