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Make a Movie Project

Updated on August 30, 2017

My Make A Movie Vision

Allow me to introduce myself... My real name is Sarah Eve, but my pen name is Olivia Van Logum. I am a part time writer, and my ambition is to become a published author.

If I'm really lucky, then one of my short stories or novels may, one day, be adapted into a television show or movie.

However, being a successful writer or being able to have your work picked up by the movie industry, is an incredibly difficult market to break into, and generally only happens to a handful of individuals.

So does this mean that there are only a handful of talented writers out there?

No. On the contrary, there is an unlimited resource of extremely talented writers who are just waiting and hoping to be discovered. It's just that the people and businesses, such as agents and publishers, rarely take a chance on an unknown writer. They would rather play it safe with someone who is "trusted" and already published - even if their work is mediocre.

This is why I am trying to launch my own production company and launch my own TV concept to change the writing and movie industry.

Do you want to help?

Image A World Without Harry Potter...

Just close your eyes and imagine for a moment, that Harry Potter never existed. Now imagine that none of the novels had been published and none of the films had been shown around the world.

It's quite difficult isn't it?

But it very nearly never happened. If it had not been for Jo Rowling's dogged persistance and belief in her own characters, the world may have never known about Harry Potter and his friends.

Twelve separate publishing houses turned down the manuscript of Harry Potter & The Philospher's Stone. None of them were brave enough to take a chance on an unknown/previously unpublished writer or having the foresight to recognise a genius at work... I have a feeling those publishing houses are still regretting their decision to this day, as Harry Potter is one of the most recognised and popular fictional characters ever created.

So what is my point? Well the point I am trying to get to, is that how many other J. K.Rowling's are out there just waiting for the opportunity, whether this be fate/chance or hard work , to come knocking?


The Solution To The Problem

My Television Concept

Knowing how difficult it is as a writer to try and be discovered, I started to try and think of a solution, rather than focus on the problem.

In the world of reality TV, it seemed that virtually every talent outlet had a platform, except for writers. With this in mind, I began to sketch out an outline for a new TV show, which could help undiscovered writers to get the break that they have been looking for.

Working on a similar principle to that of the X Factor, my idea is to create a reality show whereby writers (initially throughout the UK) are given the opportunity to write and submit a screenplay - the winning entry would then be turned into a film and have the novel published.

The screenplay's would be vetted by a panel of judges and whittled down to a shortlist of possible winners.

An overview for each of the short listed entries can then be provided to the public (without giving away the whole storyline/any twists in the tale) and then just as in the X Factor - the public get to phone vote on which screenplay they would like to be made into a film/book.


Don't Forget The Actors!

Whilst my initial concept was originally aimed at helping only writers - I thought I would take the concept one stage further.

Why not also help aspiring actors, who also may have never had the opportunity to get the break they have been looking for?

So, I revised my concept, to make the reality show a platform/showcase for actors as well.

After the winning screenplay has been chosen by the public, the remainder of the series would be dedicated to auditioning for the lead role(s) for the screenplay. Once again, the lead role would be chose via a public phone vote.

Make A Movie Project -Video Pitch

This video has been created to search for talented but undiscovered acting talent - if you are interested, please visit our Facebook page to meet like minded individuals.


How Can You Help?

Once I had the concept written down and clearly defined in my mind, I submitted the idea to the TV Writers Vault of America. I received quite a bit of interest from several TV production companies - these included:

Glenmar Productions

Imbroglio Pictures Inc.

Spike Digital Entertainment

Solar Films Inc

MTV Networks

Telecast productions

Big Cattle Productions


Fox Television Studios

TBS (Turner Broadcasting)

Harper Winslow Productions

Buck Productions Inc

I also approached several literary/television agents - but I received pretty much the same feedback each time. Yes they loved the idea, but they were not able to commit the time needed to develop and launch the concept.

So where does this leave the concept now?

Well, I appear to be left with only one choice - create my own production company and pitch the concept directly to the television network myself.

So how can you help?

You can help in one of two ways. You can either help to spread the word and help me get the much needed coverage/support to be able to develop my concept, and maybe help me to obtain a sponsor; or you can help by making a small donation via Facebook.

The donations will be used to help set up a production company and to help with administration costs:

Make A Movie Project Please Donate Here

Getting Started

Phase 1 - Make a Movie Project

I have already compiled the high level over view of the TV reality concept - I am currently working on a rough outline of the number of episodes per series, and what will take place during each episode.

I am finding this quite time consuming as I have never produced a television programme before or worked for a production company. However, I have already sought some advise from one of my Facebook friends (Dan Adams) who does work for a production company, and his help has been invaluable.

Whilst I am fine tuning this information, I am also working on the PR element to gain more publicity.

I'll post further updates with news as and when it happens, so thank you for your patience and support.

Make A Movie Project - Video 2

If you are interested in the Make a Movie Project, please visit our Facebook page and meet like minded writers, actors and members of production companies.

Make A Movie Project - Your Favourite Film Genre - What is your favourite type of film?

When the tv program becomes a reality (with your help of course) - in the first series, what type of movie would you like to see?

I would really like to know the general consensus, as at the end of the day this show is going to be down to what you create!

What genre of movie would you like to appear in the first series?

See results

Make A Movie Project - Duel

I value the opinion of all my visitors, and it will be vitally important for the success of the Make a Movie Project, so if you could leave a comment, all feedback will be collated and used.

What is more important for the success of a film?

Hollywood Stars - Those Who Donate To the Cause!

A big thank you to Steve Hudson, who is the first person to donate to the cause!
A big thank you to Steve Hudson, who is the first person to donate to the cause!

Make A Movie Project - Video 3

Check out our latest video!

Make A Movie Project - Video 4

Hope that you like our latest video... please join our campaign and like our Facebook page.

Make a Movie Project Link List

Here are links to associates who are supporting the cause, or are associated with the film, writing or acting community.

Please help support my fellow artists!

The Meisner Technique - Sanford Meisner - Theater's Best Kept Secret

Here is a very interesting documentary about the legendary Sanford Meisner.

Great Stuff on Amazon

Here are a selection of books that you might find interesting if you also share my interest of writing, acting and film making.

If you have any ideas which can help make this page better or if you have any suggestions on how I can promote the concept, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Your Feedback Is Important

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