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Making money in the music industry.

Updated on June 29, 2013

How to earn income in the music industry.

With the eruption of GarageBand and similar software, everybody suddenly had the means to record their own music. Recording it is one thing, making money from it is another.

But have no fear, even though you did not make it to the big stage, you can still find income streams!

For example, even though in many places live music does not have a big draw, especially for little known indie or beginning artists, there are still some other creative ways to to get your music heard so you can start earning!

Earning music income

Get creative!

Even though your rock star dreams may not be working out exactly as planned, you can still earn income from your music. In fact, these days many people that do earn incomes from their music never even perform live!

Here are some tips and ideas to get you started, but the best part is - there is no ONE way to do things, and creativity ALWAYS wins! So if you have an idea - go for it!

PERFORM your music on video and upload to your Youtube or VIMEO channel, then spread the joy! post it everywhere so people can see you!

ONCE you had some fans, head over to and set up a live show. People can purchase e-tickets for as little as a few cents, and you can perform right from your own living room!

LICENSE your completed and mastered songs, or just your lyrics for film, games, tv and webisodes. Find a music publisher and have a chat to see if they may like to hear some of your works. Ensure that your music is of professional quality, as good as it can be, and also ensure that you include some 'sounds like' references.

YOUTUBE is now open for monetizing, so make sure all your songs and videos are signed up - just go into your profile and click 'Get Started'!

SET up house concerts in your neighbourhood! You can do this one your own, or find a company that will do it for you. You can even tour this way! People are fantastic and some may even put you in the spare room so you can save on hotel costs!

SELL your cds or EPs in your local coffee shop or bookstore - ask anybody that has a bit of counter space. You can offer them a split, or offer to come and do a free or 'pass the hat' show in exchange.

MANY towns will allow 'busking' sometimes you need a license, check with your local City Hall.

BE creative and if you see an event coming up in your area that doesn't have live music - offer yourself up! Sometimes they will end up paying a bit, or at the very least, they may let you sell your merch!

OFFER your music to websites or companies. Often times relationships you make with people will end up paying out in the long run.

It IS about who you know and the EFFORT you put into getting your music out there!

Learn more from Berklee College of Music - Mike King - Online Music Marketing

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Get your music placed in film and TV

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    • JennAshton profile image

      Jenn Ashton 4 years ago from Canada

      @TenPoundTenor: Creativity wins the day! Check our website and blog for more industry tips and ideas and check us on facebook and twitter! Loads of clever ideas around;-) Ask us anything we're always around to lend a hand~

    • TenPoundTenor profile image

      TenPoundTenor 4 years ago

      Very nice lens. I need to do more marketing. Some great ideas here. Thanks.