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Maleficent The Movie

Updated on February 25, 2015

What is Maleficent all about?

It is the untold story of the most iconic villain of the 1959 classic movie Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent is a pure-hearted beautiful young woman with eye-catching black wings. She grew up in a peaceful and idyllic life in the forest kingdom until the day the army of humans invaded and threatened the harmony of her home. She then rises to be the sternest guardian of the land only to suffer a pitiless betrayal that turns her pure heart into stone. Vowed to take revenge, she faces conflict against the king of the humans, which ends up in putting a curse upon his newborn infant - Princess Aurora. While the princess grows, Maleficent has been lurking in the shadows awaiting her moment. During this time, Maleficent and Aurora came up with a forthcoming relationship which opened Maleficent's eyes to the realization that Aurora holds the key to the end of war, the harmony of the kingdom, and her true happiness as well.

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My Thoughts on the Movie

I have been anticipating the movie ever since it was announced. There is just something about Maleficent that draws me to her and into discovering her story. In the classic Sleeping Beauty movie, she is portrayed as an all evil character without remorse. Ideally, the nature of the character helped push the story and the good nature of the aggrieved people. The sympathy of the audience were all for the afflicted party which left Maleficent on the bad end. It is a good thing that Disney came up with the idea of a movie explaining the nature of her personality and the reasons behind her actions. This movie will redeem her as a protagonist and rest assured people will show compassion after watching the film.

The Movie Trailer

It just keeps getting better! The teaser was just a glimpse of the movie and characters of the classic film Sleeping Beauty. The dream trailer features what we can expect from the movie. And the third one allows us to see the real reason behind the gift and the incidents that followed before it was fulfilled.

Did you watch the movie?

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Who is Maleficent?

She is the main protagonist in the 1959 classic film Sleeping Beauty. She is referred to as the self-proclaimed "Mistress of All Evil" who curses the baby Princess Aurora after being excluded from the royal christening. Princess Aurora will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die before the sun sets on her 16th birthday.

We are all too familiar with the Sleeping Beauty legend because of the Disney film. However, we only know of the side of the "good guys." We do not know why Maleficent wasted her time putting a curse on the princess. I mean, did you really believe that the non-invite is the reason behind the incident? Or did you just think that she is bored out of her mind and just wanted to spread evil in the kingdom? I guess you are finding this funny because you never took the time to make sense of her actions.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

She is the perfect actress for the role. She encompasses a certain aura that is needed for the role - mysterious, uncanny, and sensual. At first I was a bit wary because I’m accustomed to seeing her in action and drama films. And she definitely marked all her roles so it was a bit off for me to envision her in an unlikely character. But when the first movie pictures where released, I was in awed. She perfectly fits the character. Her facial features are fitting, emotions are seamless, and the way she carries her self is just right. Put in the creative efforts of the production team and Angelina Jolie is wholly transformed into Maleficent.

Reasons I Will Watch the Movie

First, I am intrigued with the concept of this new film. Rarely do we find movies with a villain as the main focus. Oftentimes, movies center on the good people or those who find themselves manipulated by the bad guys. Second, I like to see another side of the story. This particular movie is a recount of the Sleeping Beauty classic in the perspective of the main protagonist. It would be good to take time to discern the reasons behind the events that transpired in the previous film. Third, I like to witness Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. I’m a big fan of her action films and it would be refreshing to see her in a new light. Fourth, I want to see the epic scenes in the classic movie come to life. I saw the trailer and I can’t help but admire what the production came up with. The thorn bushes scene was just one of the many I was looking forward to and it did not fail to amaze me.

The Movie Costume

When the first picture of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent was released, my eyes were drawn to the headpiece. It was intricately made. I had to compare it to the cartoon image to see the similarities and differences. The disparity is noticeable but I applaud the team who made a perfect job because I find the one on Jolie's head more defined and fitting for the role. Jolie's black dress and the ones on the cartoons have slight differences. I cannot find the violet or lavender steaks on Jolie's outfit. I think having the entire outfit in black makes it more appealing and disturbing. And the violet streaks in the cartoons are purposely to define the details of the design only. There are also other costumes in the movie unlike in the cartoons where we always see the villain in a sole outfit. The addition of the staff and the raven completes the total eerie package.

Which of the costumes do you like best?

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The Movie Theme Song

I was floored when I heard Once Upon a Dream by Lana del Rey. I was not expecting a dark and eerie song. I will have to admit that I was expecting a similar arrangement to the classic movie because I didn’t think it would be proper to deviate from the original version. But after listening to the new rendition, I cannot deny that the new song arrangement is perfect. It takes in Maleficent’s emotions, internal struggles, and hopefulness. She totally owned the song.

This is just one of the songs in the movie and I can’t wait to hear the remaining ones.

Which Once Upon a Dream version did You Like?

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What Do You Think of the Movie?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Haven't seen it yet, but I will next week. Thanks for increasing the anticipation!

    • aaxiaa lm profile image

      aaxiaa lm 

      4 years ago

      Can't wait for the movie! I'm sure Angelina will do the untold legend justice.


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