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The Best Marauder's Map Gift Ideas

Updated on March 2, 2015

Harry Potter and the Marauder's Map Coffee Mug

If you are a Harry Potter fan you know well the importance of the Marauder's Map to the adventures in the Harry Potter books and movies but do you remember in which movie it first appeared? Take the quiz and find out! For the uninitiated, I've included a video showing the first Marauder's Map movie scene.

In 2012, we were fortunate enough to travel to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida and I have to say that one of the souvenirs you could purchase took my breath away. It was the Marauder's Map. While I could only dream of technology that would allow you to actually see people travelling on the map, at least I was impressed with the quality of this unique souvenir item.

However, we did NOT buy the Marauder's Map map. We chose, instead, this very handsome and very large coffee mug. It was a practical gift choice, one that could be loved for a connection to the world of Harry Potter, one that could be used every day and one that was affordable.

The Marauder's Map mug is a handsome piece with a contoured or embossed exterior. Just like the surface on a globe, you can feel the hills and dales. It holds a whopping 18 ounces of your favourite hot beverage and it is easily the largest mug in our mug cupboard. It is perfect for the large hands and large appetites of my 20-year old son and of my husband. As a woman with small hands, I do find the mug a bit big. However, both of those in my family who own this mug love it. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe though if it is a treasured item you should consider that even a dishwasher safe microwave will eventually show signs of every day dishwasher use.

I think that this mug is the perfect gift idea for a Harry Potter fan or geek but don't take my word for it. The Amazon customer reviews are stellar, too with comments like, "I have never been more pleased with a coffee mug in my life."

I have read that this mug has been discontinued at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so buyer beware. If you want to own one, don't delay. Click on the Amazon button today to buy yours and have it delivered to your front door directly from Amazon. Remember that Amazon delivers orders worth $35 or more for free so add a package of hot chocolate or anotther Harry Potter gift idea to your order to save the shipping costs.

Buy the Marauder's Map mug on

Marauder's Map
Marauder's Map

The Marauder's Map

This Marauder's Map measures 15.5 by 72 inches when unfolded. It is huge and printed on quality parchment paper. This is the map that I saw and was impressed by when we were at the WWOHP. Amazon customer reviews are a bit mixed. They love the quality and the size but some wish the map was a more complete representation of the geography of Hogwarts so keep that in mind if you are buying this map. We still think that it is a great gift idea for a Harry Potter geek.

Harry Potter Marauders Map Scene

Here's a trip back in time, at least in Harry Potter time. This is the original scene in which Harry Potter is given the Marauder's Map from the Weasley brothers, Fred and George. Since the map is so important for Harry's activities, this really is an important moment in the series.

More Harry Potter Marauder's Map Gift Ideas

Including a beautiful throw blanket, jigsaw puzzle and Lego set

As someone who loves to curl up with a good book or movie and a blanket, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blanket though I don't actually own it. Customer reviews say this is a lightweight throw blanket, perfect for one person and many are also choosing to use it as wall décor in the form of a tapestry. I have even seen it used as a nursery wall hanging. BRILLIANT! Do you suppose there will be a lot of nurseries decorated in Harry Potter themes and babies given Harry Potter names in the next decade? Maybe...

Lego's Harry Potter and The Marauder's Map Set

Harry Potter fans who are also Lego enthusiasts, won't want to miss Lego kit 4751, which is Harry Potter and the Marauder's Map. It's a 106-piece kit that features a Marauder’s Map that changes with the heat of your fingers. Use it and Harry’s wand to unlock the witch who will move and reveal the secret passageway to Hogsmeade...

Marauder's Map Jigsaw Puzzle

As a jigsaw puzzler, I am definitely interested in this Marauder's Map puzzle. However, I read carefully the Amazon customer reviews and after having done so, I must caution that this is a DIFFICULT puzzle and it is one that either should only be attempted by experienced jigsaw puzzle workers or by those who are prepared to be patient with the multiple spots that work with the same puzzle piece. One reviewer says, "It took HOURS over the course of a month to complete it." As an experienced puzzler, that is exactly what I expect of a difficult puzzle but you most definitely should be aware of this fact before you add this puzzle to your collection.I laughed out loud when the same reviewer cautioned that one requires, "Good lighting, extreme patience and maybe even training at Hogwarts." I know a few Harry Potter geeks, myself included, who would gladly take the training at Hogwarts! Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to try work this puzzle myself.


© 2013 Treasures By Brenda

Do You Need A Marauder's Map? - Do you love the Harry Potter series? The books and movies?

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