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Maria Lark Fan Page

Updated on September 9, 2014

Maria Lark - Talented Child Actress

If you're a fan of Medium, you know that Maria Lark plays the plucky Bridgette DuBois, middle child of the DuBuis family. Maria brings a very realistic quality to the role. In person, she is a bubbly, outgoing little girl and fun to watch. She is very genuine, which is extra nice in the artificial world of Hollywood. (Put her in a room with Orlando Bloom and plug your ears. He's her current hero!)

Maria Lark's Mom Deserves a Pat on the Back

I hate to see child stars made up and dressed like they are 20 years older. Hooray for Maria's mom, who keeps her dressing and acting her age. From wearing a tux and doing magic to screaming and jumping around when she gets a pillow with Orlando Bloom's face on it, she acts like what she is - a little girl.

I've heard some people being critical of Maria's baby fat or the way she dresses and I'm so glad her mom encourages her to ignore silly comments like this and keep on being a kid as long as she can!

More on Maria Lark

Some of my favorite places to find news about what this young star is up to.

A Recap of Maria Lark's 2007 Jay Leno Appearance

Maria Lark appeared on Jay Leno's show in 2007 and the other guest just happened to be...Orlando Bloom.

She was so cute when she talked about her crush being in the same show before she went on. She was very giggly! However, she did pull herself together enough to show that, as any true actress would be, she was interested in more than just his looks. She asked Orlando Bloom to give her some tips about acting. In fact, she was so busy talking to Orlando that Jay Leno had to get her attention just to welcome her to the show! Several really corny pirate related jokes followed.

Then, Maria discussed upcoming events. The Medium crew was throwing a wrap party and summer vacation started June 20th, which just so happened to be her birthday. (Her 10th!) She also talked about some of her likes and dislikes. (Camping gets a thumbs up and eye shadow gets a big thumbs down.) Oh, and for some reason, Maria thinks Leno with a beard would look a lot like President Lincoln.

The topper of the whole thing? When Leno gave Maria a pillow that had Orlando Bloom's face on it. Oh, how Leno must have wished for ear plugs!

Here's the video clip of her adventure.

Revisit Maria Lark's Role in Medium

Medium: Season 3
Medium: Season 3

The third season of Medium is finally out. Pour over the episodes to your heart's content.

Child Star - The Shirley Temple Story
Child Star - The Shirley Temple Story

See how another child star handled fame...


Can't get enough of the plucky little Maria Lark's character on Medium? Show your support for this young actress here.

Maria Lark Fan Guestbook

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    • profile image

      annami1954 3 years ago

      Love Maria Lark. Left several glowing comments regarding her performance on in the comment section under the series, Medium.

      Delightful little actress, was the "heart" of the whole series in my estimation.

      P.S.: You're a June 20 birthday girl. I celebrate that day every year since 1980, because that's the day my oldest daughter was born. I'll 'think of you every June 20th from now on, as well!!!

      Hope she gets picked up again for another tv series.

      Stay "cool" little girl, avoid Lindsay Lohan's pitfalls and, 'if you need child star examples of remaining the sweet person you are, study the lives of Jodie Foster and Drew Barrymore. These two grew into great adults and so will you, sweet one!!!!

    • profile image

      lilynegrete 7 years ago

      Dearest Maria:

      I am a 44 years old mommy of 3 terrific kids and I really love your performance at the show and I think Bridgette is so you like twins, anyway I wish you tooo much luck, love, happiness, health, success. See you

    • profile image

      Laraby 9 years ago

      Hi, I just love little Maria on Medium. She reminds me of Shirley Temple in the way she talks, acts,. sounds. Has anyone else noticed this?