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Marisa Monte Brazilian Singer

Updated on October 10, 2014

Marisa Monte and her Music

Marisa Monte is an fantastic Brazilian Musician who is very popular in her home country of Brazil and the world. Famous for her MPB music ("Musica Popular Brasiliera") which translates to Brazilian Popular Music, she combines an amazing variety of musical influences and rhythms in her songs and since the 80's she has managed to create a style of her own which is quite recognizable and very unique. Her authentic style comes from many influences, first the fact that she is a trained opera singer, second the fact that she grew up in Rio influenced by the Portela Samba school and lastly because she combines rock, funk, reggae and folkloric styles into her songs. Marisa Monte is my favorite singer and I grew up listening to her music and her albums truly marked the many stages of my life. When I listen to her old songs I get taken back in my passed and I often cherish the memories marked by her songs with a lot of nostalgia. Songs about love, songs about culture, songs about happiness and living life at its fullest, that is what Marisa Monte is all about. I encourage you to pick up one of her albums and even if you do not understand the language you will understand that her voice is able to captivate anyone. If you are looking for some good quality music you will be glad you encountered her and you will see that her vibrations really do get transmitted even tough you may not understand portuguese. Hope you can enjoy Marisa Monte as much as I do, She is truly a very special musical lady!

Last updated: 05/04/14

General Information about Marisa Monte

Full Name: Marisa de Azevedo Monte

Date of Birth: 1st of July 1967 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Music style: MPB, POP, Samba and Contemporary Music

Career: Singer, Composer, Instrumentalist and Music Producer

Instruments: Her amazing voice, classical guitar, ukulele, piano and drums

Opera: Soprano

Time singing: Started in 1987 and still singing today

Musical affiliations and collaborations: Arnaldo Antunes, Carlinhos Brown, Tribalistas, erasmos Carlos, Nando Reis, Nelson Motta, Nasi, Arto Lindsay, Adriana Calcanhotto, Seu Jorge e Cassia Eller

Musicians that influenced her style: Elizabeth Cardoso, roberto Carlos, tim Maia, Caetano Veloso, Os mutantes, Milton Nascimento, Jorge Ben, gal Costa, Maria Bethania.

Watch Marisa Monte Live in Concert

Marisa Monte Albuns - Discography

Click thumbnail to view full-size
1989 - MM1991 - Mais1994 - Verde, Anil, Amarelo, Cor-de-Rosa e Carvo1996 - Barulhinho Bom2000 - Memrias, Crnicas e Declaraes de Amor2006 - Infinito Particular2006 - Universo ao meu redor2011 - O Que Voc Quer Saber De Verdade
1989 - MM
1989 - MM
1991 - Mais
1991 - Mais
1994 - Verde, Anil, Amarelo, Cor-de-Rosa e Carvo
1994 - Verde, Anil, Amarelo, Cor-de-Rosa e Carvo
1996 - Barulhinho Bom
1996 - Barulhinho Bom
2000 - Memrias, Crnicas e Declaraes de Amor
2000 - Memrias, Crnicas e Declaraes de Amor
2006 - Infinito Particular
2006 - Infinito Particular
2006 - Universo ao meu redor
2006 - Universo ao meu redor
2011 - O Que Voc Quer Saber De Verdade
2011 - O Que Voc Quer Saber De Verdade

Have you heard of Marisa Monte before reading this article?

Have you heard of Marisa Monte before reading this article?

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      5 years ago

      I always enjoy reading about different singers. Thanks for sharing.


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