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Matthew Fox Workout Routine

Updated on February 18, 2015

Matthew Fox's Workout And Diet...To Star As 'Picasso' In The Movie 'Alex Cross'.

We are going to run through the Matthew Fox Workout training regime for his role as Picasso in the film "Alex Cross" the movie directed by Rob Cohen.

The type of exercises he worked out to and talk about the strict diet he had to follow to end up with such a distinct body shape for his portrayal of the serial killer in this successful movie.

How Did He Come Up With The Idea Of Such A Workout?

When researching his role as Picasso he had read the script - Matthew had an outline in his mind of the person he was going to portray he knew what he would look like and how he would act.

The training program began 5 months before the filming started. While acting in a play in London Matthew was introduced to someone specialized in fitness, diet and nutrition his name was Simon Waterson.

So while in London they got together to discuss how they would approach this goal to achieve the look that was needed for the role in the movie - Cross.

Simon went off and designed a unique nutritional program for the 5 -6 months of filming, he also created a workout program which Matthew got started on right away while performing in the London play they would workout together everyday.

Not Only A Workout, The Diet Was Just As Important.

The workouts were really intense often lasting over an hour and a half to an hour and three quarters each day.

During the fitness workout he never stopped moving, the circuit designed that he would not rest in between routines within the overall workout converting it into a rigorous cardio vascular workout. He was also instructed to do a lot of cardio exercise on his own, running on a treadmill for 45 minute sessions.

The nutritional program was just great for him where ever in the world he was 'the food would just show up'. He used two companies which would supply the food for him, one in London - Pure Packages and one in Los Angeles - Nuitrafit.

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How Quick Was He Able To See The Results?

So during the run up to filming he was shooting two other films at the same time where he would be staying in different hotels he said that the food would show up, he ate what he got. He quickly noticed a change in his body even during the first six weeks of the exercise and nutrition program the weight was coming off rapidly and he was starting to look like the idea of the person that he had in his mind.

How did he feel when he was heading for the best shape of his life?

He would go through energy level drops but they would be totally controlled and structured. The main advantage was that they had started the whole nutrition and workout routine well in advance of filming the movie, they had a whole 5 months of training before shooting the movie.

How Did He Feel Throughout The Diet And Workouts?

Matthew's metabolism was slowly shifting over to where it was accepting that it was only receiving1200 to 1500 calories per day.

It's structure was:






The snacks in between meals would be low carbohydrate protein. His body would get into this intense clockwork routine. On days that he was shooting for the movie at around 9:30 to 10:00 he would start to feel his energy levels go down, his body would 'feel like it needed to be refuelled' then he was ready to go again, then lunch came he would begin to feel the same again - more protein - he would be more aware of the situation, it was tough, it was really tougher that what he had expected but the results in the end paid off as you can see in the images of the film where you see the actual image Matthew had originally when reading the script for the film

Alex Cross Trailer...

Alex Cross Movie Billboard

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Have You Seen Matthew Fox in 'Alex Cross'?... What Do You Think He Looks Like?

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