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Why Glee is One of the Best Shows Ever? Understanding Its Impact on Teenagers

Updated on March 27, 2019
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Music, Movies & TV series are three of my interests. Reviews, facts about artists, fans and much other in my articles!

Glee TV series is one of the most famous musical TV series of all times, and even one of the most loved among teens.
Glee TV series is one of the most famous musical TV series of all times, and even one of the most loved among teens.

Glee is surely one of the most famous teen TV series of all times. Music is the main Glee's theme, as protagonists are always engaged in singing and their song covers are played during each episode. However music is not the only topic covered by the TV series: it talks about a group of teens and their lives, it constantly shows life inside an American high school and all the problems kids face every day: bullying, love affairs, school life and much more. By watching it you do not just listen to some song covers: you are following a specific plot and you are getting deep into specific themes regarding life in an American school. You are also learning some specific messages that can apply also to the real life: even if Glee is a fictional story, it deals with many topics of everyday's life. Here I will get deep into those ones and explain why Glee is the best show ever in my opinion (or at least, one of the best shows of all times).

Glee helped many teenagers to better believe in themselves

Don't give up: one day you will achieve what you want and you will realize your dreams
Don't give up: one day you will achieve what you want and you will realize your dreams

Glee Competitions

By watching Glee episodes you will come to moments in which the kids are going to physically prove their talent at local, regional and national competitions. They compare their progresses with the ones realized by the opponents (Glee clubs belonging to other schools). Winning a competition makes a Glee club eligible to take part to the next one, so starting from local events, a winning singing club can access the regional ones and, if they also win these, they access national competitions.

Kids belonging to Glee Club take part to local,  regional & national singing competitions. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose; they never give up, whatever they achieve.
Kids belonging to Glee Club take part to local, regional & national singing competitions. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose; they never give up, whatever they achieve.

Glee Kids Never Give Up

Boys belonging to Glee club have one thing in common: they love music and seem very talented at singing. Some people in the real life tend to overlook their talents: everyday's routine often keeps people from stopping thinking about their real potentials and, when this happens, some of them just ignores this. Maybe someone realizes he is good at singing but he ends up saying he would never become successful because only few people achieve success... or because it is too difficult and many people do not feel ready to transform their talents into something more.

So why Glee is a good show? Because it helps teenagers to believe more in themselves. Glee boys demonstrate everyone can exploit their talents and get satisfaction from them. "Never give up" is the message they convey. Despite all their personal problems and the bad school environment they never stop doing the thing they most love: singing. They sometimes achieve successes when they win competitions, and they also experience fails, difficult situations and other discouraging events. However, whatever is the situation they are living, they never stop giving up and one day their efforts will be rewarded.

As always, you should remember Glee is a fictional TV series: singing some songs in the bathroom while taking shower will not make you famous at a first glance, however if you are really talented and passionate about singing, there is nothing in the real life that would stop you to realize your dreams: it would be hard maybe, but not impossible.

Workin' hard to get my fill

Everybody wants a thrill

Payin' anything to roll the dice

Just one more time

Some will win

Some will lose

Some were born to sing the blues

Oh, the movie never ends

It goes on and on, and on, and on

— Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (the favourite Glee Club's song)

Don't care about people who hate you because you are different than them: one day you'll realize yourself, while they will be the real "losers"

Have you ever been bullied at school?

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Kids belonging to the Glee Club are seen as "losers" by the other guys at the McKinley High School, a place in which only cheerleaders and sport teams are seen as "cool". The boys in the school throw slushies to Glee members everyday, while also headmaster tends to discourage artistic activities at school. But who cares about this? Glee Club is never discouraged by haters and that is another reason of their success. Once they achieve it, bullies and other people have to accept this: Glee club is not composed of "losers".

Also in the real life there are celebrities who redeemed themselves after years of bullying: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, some One Direction singers... even a Glee's actor (Chris Colfer, who was bullied when he was a teen because he is gay).

The message conveyed by the TV series is clear: if someone is trying to bully you and you feel to be nothing in life (because bullies make you believe this), just stop and remember it is not true: it may be even the opposite. Why Glee deserves to be considered one of the best shows ever? Because it helped many teenagers to better understand who they really are: everything but "losers".

Push me up against the locker

And hey, all I do is shake it off

I'll get you back when I'm your boss

I'm not thinkin' 'bout you haters

'Cause hey, I could be a superstar

I'll see you when you wash my car

— Loser Like Me (a song realized by Glee Club as a description of what they stand every day at school)

Being engaged in arts does not mean being without job opportunities

Work is something you do in order to produce something and gain an income. There is nothing that says arts will remain a hobby and will never be exploited in order to find a job.
Work is something you do in order to produce something and gain an income. There is nothing that says arts will remain a hobby and will never be exploited in order to find a job.

A stereotype which sometimes comes out from some people is that you have future only if you study scientific subjects: if you invest everything in arts you are not going to achieve success and you will need to find another job. Obviously a similar stereotype is completely false, as arts may be useful in various situations: while singing and acting is good for very talented people and it is often hard to achieve great successes by doing this (but not impossible), they will always be useful for many jobs in the real life. An example of this can be shown in a Glee's episode in which kids are called in order to take part to a commercial about mattresses (in which they will sing a cover of "Jump" by Van Halen). Also Santana (one of Glee club's members) will be called to take part in a commercial about a drug against vaginal mycosis (the famous "Yeast-I-Stat" commercial you can find in the second episode of the fifth season).

In the real life, it is not foregone everyone who is good at singing and acting will be automatically called by companies in order to take part to commercials... but surely we can say arts can be useful in every situation and, if someone is talented, they will be exploitable in order to have a job: advertising, fashion, in addition to music and movie industries, will always need artists.

Do you like Glee?

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So why is Glee a good show, or maybe one of the best shows ever?

Glee has not been only a funny TV series: it also helped a lot to convey many important messages to teenagers of every part of the world. It helped them to better believe in themselves and to understand they are born to do something good in their life. It also helped to vehicle messages against bullying, homophobia, racism and many other problems that still affect our society. We can say a simple TV show actually helped to make the world a little better. Do you agree with this? Is Glee a good show, maybe one of the best shows ever? Comment this article with your opinions!

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    • Alessio Ganci profile imageAUTHOR

      Alessio Ganci 

      3 years ago from Italy

      Glee is my favourite TV series, I written some hubs just about it! And yeah I also like arrangements of past hit songs. There are many old songs who have been "modernized" by Glee Cast and I like them very much (even if, talking about some other songs, like "I Follow Rivers" or "Marry The Night", I prefer the original ones).

      Yeah I agree Glee is sometimes very bubbly, I think this is because the TV series is mainly made for teens, and teens often love these types of movies, TV series or books. I think the same can be said of "The Fault In Our Stars", "Paper Towns" and other creations made for teens. There are people who may love this aspect, other ones maybe not! I think Glee, in addition to being bubbly, is also very nice, especially when Sue Sylvester says one of her famous jokes to Will Schuester!

    • CYong74 profile image


      3 years ago from Singapore

      Personally, I think Glee is a bit too bubbly. But it does have great arrangements of past hit songs. And you can't help but feel uplifted after watching.


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