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Me And My Clone

Updated on July 7, 2012

A Clone Of Me?

cloudy_cool asks the question If you had a clone of you, and were living with "it", would you get irritated with "yourself"? I'm not sure the world could handle two of me, but I'll play along.

I'm Twice As Handsome

After I'm cloned, I'd have to look myself over. I'm truly twice as handsome now that there are two of me. Instead of looking in the mirror, I can praise myself face to face. Plus, my clone will be praising my looks. The room would be filled with love.

Of course if we both are really that into ourselves, it might lead to an argument. It would be strange beating myself up. Or would i get beat up by myself?

Dates And Marriage

If I was single I imagine my clone would be the perfect wing man. He would already know what is expected of him. Plus being loyal, like myself, he would willingly take on the challenge. We could even switch if I realized I made a wrong choice of woman.

Marriage is where I could have the most fun. Anytime I don't want to be around the wife, just send in the clone. Let the clone go shopping with her. Let the clone listen to her complain. As long as we aren't seen together, no one will ever know.

I could leave the room one way and send the clone in the other way, baffling the wife. In a matter of months I could have her talking to herself. Give me a year and she would be in the home.

The Job

I'm really lucky. If I don't feel like working, no need to call in sick. Just send in the clone. Let him work for you. you'll never need a sick day again. You can just save them up in case you and your clone gets sick.

Of course if you don't work around people, you can take the clone to work with you. Two people will get the job done quicker, leaving more time for goofing off.

The Cost

I'm assuming clones would be expensive to maintain. Everything would be double. Twice the amount of food. You'd have to buy two of every article of clothing. Last thing you need is to be discovered because you are wearing different clothes.

You would have to have separate doctors. It would only be a matter of time until the insurance company questions your health. Therefore, your clone would need his own insurance.

Answer The Question Will You Already

I guess I should answer the question. It is the polite thing to do. If nothing else I do have manners.

Not only would that SOB clone be irritating, but I'd kill him within 7 days. I'd be getting into twice as much trouble then I do now. I'd be spending all my time defending my actions. Actions I didn't do. I'd be apologizing so much, that it wouldn't seem sincere anymore.

My wife would be seducing my clone, meaning he is stealing my action. I'm not even sure if that would be considered cheating.

I'd have to kill the clone which would be considered suicide, so I couldn't be charged with murder. Or could I? The best bet would just to forget cloning myself. If I was meant to be two, I'd have a twin!


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