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Meat Is Murder

Updated on May 21, 2014

The Smiths were a band which was popular when I was in high school. They had been around since the 1980s, but they were still popular with teenagers in the early 1990s. I remember people in my social circle being completely obsessed with this band and their bleak lyrics. They had a sense of humor which was appealing to a young pseudo-intellectual audience. Their depressing outlook was reflected in their pessimistic lyrics which were very literary and witty.

Meat Is Murder is the second studio album released by The Smiths. 'How Soon Is Now' was featured in a popular beer commercial in the 1990s. This was my first taste of their music. This song would be played at the local video dances which we would pay $5 to get into. This was the highlight of our social lives in small town Ontario.

It was almost 10 years after this album was released that we would listen to this music. This album was released in February of 1985. I would have been 9 years old and oblivious to any form of popular music. I was an only child and this type of music would not enter my life until I was a high school student.

This album topped the charts in the UK. It was a hit with the public and remained in the running for 13 weeks. It also made the charts in Canada and the USA. In the UK version 'How Soon Is Now' wasn't included. The American and Canadian versions featured this song which is probably the best know Smiths song of all time. In 2003 Rolling Stone magazine ranked this album 296 out of 500 all time greatest albums.

The title of this album is pro-vegetarian. Morrissey, who was the lead singer of The Smiths, forbade the meat eating members of the band from being photographed while eating meat. This album had a stronger political message than the preivious.

The Queen Is Dead [Vinyl]
The Queen Is Dead [Vinyl]

This is the first Smiths album I ever owned. It remains one of my favorites.



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