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Guided Meditation Brainwaves Music MP3s

Updated on March 7, 2014

Guided Meditation Audio System ParallaxMind Members Monthly by Solexus Health Systems...

Very often, people who have the best intentions to master meditation, soon give up because they struggle with the discipline of balancing the amount of time it takes to master the discipline traditionally over many years (as many as 20), with the actual benefits they experience because the process takes such a long time to produce the desired results they seek.

No longer do you have to struggle with traditional forms of meditation or practice for a lifetime thanks to a mountain of research and breakthroughs in neuroscience.

We designed our proprietary ParallaxMind audio technology to guide you into the deeper brain wave and meditative states instantly and effortlessly- while you sit back and reap all the rewards meditating deeply can give you such as, ultra-deep relaxation, stress reduction, increased receptivity and awareness, super-learning, and what scientists call whole-brain functioning, when monitored with sophisticated (EEG) brain wave monitoring equipment.

But listening to ParallaxMind audio technology provides much more than guided meditation and relaxation...

Explore This Lens To Learn How ParallaxMind Guided Meditation Audio Technology Works

Guided Meditation Audio System Works Wonders... - ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System

How ParallaxMind Audio Technology Works

Essentially, what listening to ParallaxMind technology does is gently guide the listener into the deeper brain wave states- while stimulating the nervous system in a very specific way- to entrain the brain and nervous system- pushing it to evolve to higher levels of peak experience. An analogy would be to consider how a body builder pushes their body to grow bigger and become stronger.

The results of entraining the brain with neuro-technology creates new nerve connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Which in turn, produces more fluid interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain resulting in what is called hemispheric synchronization or brain synchronization.

When you listen to ParallaxMind technology consistently with time, you will quite literally witness a dramatic "shift" in your ability to think with razor sharp clarity, accelerate learning and memory retention, remain "in the zone", focus effortlessly for longer periods of time, discover solutions to difficult problems, and sky-rocket your creativity through the roof!

If you're anything like me, the fact that listening to a little known audio technology each day on a CD or MP3 player can accelerate your mental functions in this way is, I'm sure you can appreciate... really astounding. But what's even more beneficial is how ParallaxMind influences positive change for your emotional well-being.

How does ParallaxMind technology influence mind development to promote positive and permanent changes in your overall mental health and emotional well-being? Even if life limiting behavior patterns have stubbornly resisted change with other self-help methods?

It's simple...

Gaining the ability to instantly bypass the conscious mind by accessing the deeper brain wave states, and tapping into the unconscious mind is not only necessary to create positive change, but easily attainable when listening to ParallaxMind™ technology for a short time each day.

As the stimulus we give your nervous system "builds" upon itself through consistent use, the brain evolves to a higher level of functioning- safely, naturally, and automatically. Each time your brain approaches a state of peak experience, in response to listening to our ParallaxMind technology and the increased stimulus...

...fragments of the eluding psychological and emotional programming hidden in the unconscious mind are forced into "the light of day", and revealed to your conscious awareness to be processed.

Over time as you develop the "witness posture" to what is happening under the surface of your conscious mind, you uncannily develop the ability to process this information as if by second nature as a more complete picture of your early life programming comes into view.

This innate ability is instilled in us by nature as a survival mechanism to allow us to evolve naturally due to early life sensitization and trauma, sometimes by suppressing certain emotions and experiences. And, to allow us to resolve dysfunctional feelings that impose self-limiting behaviors as we evolve through life...

...As your mind becomes aware of the un-resourceful material that surfaces from your unconscious mind, the stubborn emotional material that once eluded you with other self-help methods... effortlessly fades away!

Wouldn't you like to be able to make quantum leaps in your personal growth, and once and for all, learn to process the unresolved material that has perhaps been limiting you and keeping you from accomplishing your goals- automatically...with the least amount of effort possible?

Contact us to learn more, or visit right now...

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