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Megadeth: TH1RT3EN

Updated on June 10, 2013

TH1RT3EN: Megadeth's 13th Recorded Album, to Feature the Return of David Ellefson, Songs Sudden Death, Never Dead, and Public Enemy Number 1

TH1RT3EN is the 13th album from Megadeth, to be released on November 1, 2011. The follow up to 2009's thrash metal Endgame album, 13 will also follow the popular Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary tour, the Big Four thrash metal tour, and the Mayhem Festival in 2011. Mustaine and Ellefson have gone on record saying the album sounds most similar to Countdown to Extinction, though heavily influenced by the Rust in Peace tour. Songs confirmed for the release of TH1RT3EN include Sudden Death, Never Dead, the title track, and Public Enemy Number 1. The official album artwork and track listing have been released (see below).

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The Album Release Date for TH1RT3EN

was November 1, 2011. The album has received rave reviews from the metal community on and from music critics. It debuted at #11 on the Billboard album charts, making it the #1 Hard Rock album.

TH1RT3EN Album Cover Artwork - Official artwork from the album

Click thumbnail to view full-size
This is the official album cover, featuring Vic Rattlehead with his back turned.
This is the official album cover, featuring Vic Rattlehead with his back turned.
This is the official album cover, featuring Vic Rattlehead with his back turned.

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See the track listing for all of the songs that will be included on this album. Now that listeners have this gem in their hands, they know it has lived up to everything expected from the band. Mustaine has told interviewers this is the culmination of his work career, and considers it his best effort. You won't be disappointed by the band's adherence to its thrash metal roots in songs like "Sudden Death," "Never Dead," and "Public Enemy No. 1".


Track Listing

Thirteen tracks - including Sudden Death, Public Enemy Number One, and Never Dead

With the track listing now released, there are a few familiar songs in the bunch. Sudden Death was released as a single in 2011. Public Enemy No. 1 has been released as the first single from the album (available for streaming on Megadeth's website in September, 2011). Other tracks are also familiar to some fans. "Black Swan" was a b-side unreleased track from United Abominations. "New World Order" and "Millenium of the Blind" also having previously been b-side rare tracks from Youthanasia.

Millenium of the Blind received a huge facelift from its demo version. It's now a much more complete track. New World Order too, sounds more modern, yet retains its killer riff.

Another track you'll find particularly addictive is "Whose Life (Is it Anyways)", which could be their next radio hit. The album ends on a high note with the ballad "13," in which Mustaine seems to deliver a message about his career. "I can't get out, I can't jump out, too much to face: I can't erase."

1. Sudden Death : Previously released for Guitar Hero, with new effects added to the song. The first song recorded back with David Ellefson.

2. Public Enemy No. 1: The first official single from the album, as well as the first video. A great galloping guitar rhythm.

3. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?): The most catchy song on the album, and possibly its biggest contender as a radio hit.

4. We The People: Violate your right, no more equality! Surrender your freedom, your social security! ... In greed we trust... in revolution we die! With lyrics like these, you know this song is destined to be right up there with "Blackmail the Universe" and "Foreclosure of a Dream" in terms of lyrical content.

5. Guns, Drugs & Money: The fifth track gets better as the song goes along.

6. Never Dead: Beginning with a haunting drumbeat which is interrupted by a scratching guitar thrash, Never Dead is the heaviest song on the album.

7. New World Order: A leftover track from Youthanasia, rerecorded to its full potential here.

8. Fast Lane: Another song about driving fast, much in the vein of 1320 and 502.

9. Black Swan: Unreleased track from United Abominations, Black Swan has been improved with a guitar solo right from the beginning.

10. Wrecker: A song about a girl that will wreck everything in your life, a homewrecker.

11. Millennium Of The Blind: A beautiful metal ballad leftover from the Youthanasia sessions. Rerecorded and reworked for this album, it has been much improved. New lyrics, a new chorus, and new life have been breathed into this amazing song.

12. Deadly Nightshade: The return of David Ellefson's distinctive bass sound can be clearly heard here.

13. 13: Perhaps the best song on the album, "13" delves into Mustaine's personal relationship with the number "13." This song sounds like it could have fit right in on "Cryptic Writings," with a very catchy chorus and acoustic break. Let's hope this song isn't the last recorded song we hear from Mustaine and company.


  1. Megadeth's 13th album, named also because of many coincidences with the number thirteen that have been noted by the band.
  2. Described as sounding closest to "Countdown to Extinction" by David Ellefson, and heavily influenced by the "Rust in Peace" anniversary tour of 2010.
  3. It is the return of bassist David Ellefson to the lineup of Megadeth. It will be his first album with the band since 2001's The World Needs a Hero.
  4. It will be the last album under contract from RoadRunner Records. Mustaine has expressed interest in possibly moving on from this label.
  5. The album will feature artwork by John Lorenzi, who created the album cover art for United Abominations and Endgame.
  6. Two of the songs are to be included in video games: Sudden Death in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and Never Dead for the fantasy game, NeverDead.
  7. To be released in November 2011.
  8. The album will be produced by John Karkazis, or Johnny K, who has produced album by Sevendust, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, and Staind.
  9. The album is to include the title track, "TH1RT3EN."
  10. It was recorded at Vic's Garage, the official recording spot for Megadeth in Southern California.
  11. Will include the lineup of Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Chris Broderick, and Shawn Drover.
  12. It is the follow up to the successful 2009 return-to-roots thrash metal album, Endgame.
  13. Will be released on the heels of the Peace Sells 25th Anniversary box set, the Big Four shows featuring Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, and following the Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour of summer 2011.

Classic Thrash Albums in the Megadeth Back Catalog - Five must-owns -- from the 80's to today

Rust In Peace
Rust In Peace

Often described as the quintessential thrash record. Features "Holy Wars... the Punishment Due," "Hangar 18," "Poison Was the Cure," "Tornado of Souls," and "Five Magics." The band played the album in its full duration for the 2010 20th Anniversary tour of this album.

Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? [Explicit]
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? [Explicit]

The second album by the band, and the first with a decent recording budget. It shows, and the band really stepped it up on this 1986 metal classic.

Countdown To Extinction
Countdown To Extinction

Megadeth's most commercially popular album, featuring "Symphony of Destruction," "Sweating Bullets," and "Foreclosure of a Dream." The album's lineup is the legendary Mustaine, Ellefson, Friedman, Menza members.


Youthanasia has been called one of the most underrated heavy metal albums of all time. While it is by no means their heaviest, the guitars are low, tuned down, slow, sludgy, and brooding. The lyrical content is some of their best. Mustaine has said on occasion that "A Tout Le Monde" is Megadeth's best song.


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The Predecessor to TH1RT3EN: - 2009's Endgame


* Released September 9, 2009

* It featured the acclaimed introduction solo work "Dialectic Chaos/This Day We Fight"

* Singles released : "Headcrusher" and "The Right to Go Insane."

* One of two MD albums to feature James Lomenzo on bass.

* The MD debut of Chris Broderick


News Sources and Metal Websites Talk About TH1RT3EN:

Read these articles on Megadeth: 13

Dave Mustaine Reveals New Megadeth Album Details

Rolling Stone article featuring Mustaine's thoughts on the new album, the 25th anniversary of Peace Sells, his thoughts on the Peace Sells lineup, Chris Poland, and Gar Samuelson, and more.

Megadeth Unveil Public Enemy Number 1 Live on Tour

From Blabbermouth, this article discusses the new songs Public Enemy Number 1 which was played live on tour in July, 2011, and is to be released on "13".

Never Dead Released by RoadRunner Records

A killer intro rams right into a thrashing speed metal hook in the song "Never Dead," which can be heard here on RoadRunner Records official YouTube page. The song will also be promoting the video game "Never Dead."

Sudden Death - The first track released from "Thirteen"

The Follow Up Album

Released in 2013: Super Collider

The band began recording the follow up to TH1RT3EN in late 2012, culminating with the hard rock-thrash crossover album, Super Collider. The album was released to mixed reviews, but has some strong points and standout tracks that rival much of the band's catalog from the 2000's. With a nostalgic 90's era Megadeth vibe, you'll hear plenty of old school Countdown to Extinction, Youthanasia, and Cryptic Writings on this album.

Read the full review of Super Collider here.

Are You Ready For TH1Rt3EN's Release? - Are you looking forward to the release? Leave your comments!

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