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10 Great Mel Gibson Movies

Updated on October 2, 2014

Mel Gibson: A Controversial Figure

Mel Gibson has become something of a controversial figure over recent years due to what people have perceived his views to be on certain religious groups; this is not something I want to dwell upon here, this page is all about movies.

I have never really been a fan of Mel Gibson's (or of any actor for that matter) but having watched and rewatched a number of movies recently I realised that Mel Gibson had a hand in a number of them. This prompted me to make a page on my favourite Mel Gibson movies.; 10 of the best.

I have used the trailers for these movies to illustrate this page.

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Mel Gibson - The Patriot
Mel Gibson - The Patriot

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1. The Passion Of The Christ - An Amazing Version Of A Familiar Story

The Passion of the Christ is directed by Mel Gibson and is an amazing movie. The Passion of the Christ depicts the final days in the life of Jesus from the moment of his arrest to the crucifiction and then hints upon the resurrection.

This Mel Gibson movie is entirely in Latin and Aramaic, the languages spoken at the time, but this should not put anyone off as the drama is enthralling and has a very realistic feel about it. In fact, the brutality inflicted upon Jesus is so realistic, so graphic and so prolonged that at times it is difficult to watch, but at the same time mesmerising.

A number of Jewish groups have complained that Jews are depicted in bad light in this movie; they are, but then the Romans are not exactly sweeties in this film and the disciples don't come across as very morally strong either so I don't feel that there is any bias against any one group here. I will let you decide for yourself.

This is an amazing piece of movie-making but anyone who cannot stand violence should not watch.

Buy The Passion of The Christ

The Passion of the Christ (Definitive Edition)
The Passion of the Christ (Definitive Edition)

This is a fantastic piece of movie-making, recreating a well-known story and making it enthralling to watch even though the end is known; a work of art. However, some very graphic scenes, including the scourging and crucifiction of Christ, make it not a movie to be watched by the faint-hearted or children.


2. Braveheart - Freeeedom? You Must Be Joking; "Rack Him"

Braveheart is a movie based on the true story of the rebellion of the Scots against the English but many things are over-exaggerated for effect. However, the action, the contrasting heroes and villians and drama make for a very enjoyable movie.

Something tells me that as an Englishman I should be offended at the way the English are depicted in this film, but in fact I love the way they are painted almost as pantomime villians, stopping at nothing to further their evil aims.

This movie has a real feeling of "boo the villians" and "cheer the heroes" but the ending is wonderful with Mel Gibson's character being tortured to death to the glee of the jeering English.

This is a really great Mel Gibson Movie.

Buy Braveheart

Braveheart (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)
Braveheart (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)

An emotional battle epic based on a real-life character, William Wallace, with Mel Gibson as the Scots' hero and great performances by a number of other cast members. This is a really enjoyable production for a whole range of movie lovers.


3. Mad Max III; Beyond The Thunderdome

Beyond the Thunderdome is the last (at least at the time of writing) in the Mad max series of movies. Beyond the Thunderdome is also the most flambouyant and over-the-top of the three full of weird and grotesque characters.

The beginning of the movie, with scenes from the Thunderdome, is quite apocalyptic and latter parts of the movie are more reminiscent of a typical good guy versus the bad guys movie. Much of the acting in this movie is camp and straight out of a pantomime with Tina Turner giving a performance that would make her the wickedest stepmother of all wicked stepmothers.

This movie is enjoyable for all its faults and the character of "Master-Blaster" is so bizarre as to be quite memorable.

Buy Mad Max III

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Keepcase)
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Keepcase)

With some really over-the-top acting and fast-paced action scenes, this is one of Mel Gibson's most memorable movies for its sheer imaginative fun value. Don't expect classic acting or moving dialogue but do expect escapism, excitement, fights and chase scenes; silly fun.


4. Apocalypto - Fantastic Suspense & Cinematography In The Jungle

Apocalypto is another movie directed by Mel Gibson rather than starring him, and like "Passion of the Christ" it is not in English but in native languages from the rain forests of South America in which the movie is set. Once again, viewers should not be put off by this as there is really very little dialogue and the story is well told in pictures. In fact a lack of comprehension of the languages probably adds to the movie as it conveys the fear felt by the unfortunates who are kidnapped by the "bad guys".

The latter stages of the movie are in the form of a chase and the the tension builds as the hero picks off his pursuers one by one.

This is an amazing movie, terrifying at points with some brutal violence but the story is enthralling.

Buy Apocalypto

Mel Gibson's Apocalypto
Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

Fast-moving action, constant pursuit and full of scenes with vivid, beautiful colours - this is an incredible movie and whilst there are some scary and gory moments, Apocalypto is nowhere near as violent as it has a reputation for.


5. Conspiracy Theory - We Have All Believed Some Of Them. He Believes All Of Them

In Conspiracy Theory a taxi driver forms a fascination with a woman with whom he entrusts his conspiracy theories which he believes put him in danger. Like everyone before her, she views these wild theories as figments of his imagination but it turns out that he isn't so daft after all.

This movie is quite dark and Mel Gibson's character is a lonely, shadow of a man, driven to distraction by his numerous, and seemingly crazy conspiracy theories. Towards the end of the movie, Gibson becomes the hero as he attempts to escape from those intent on silencing him.

I like this movie because it at first paints Mel Gibson's character as a nutcase, someone who has been driven from mainstream society because of his beliefs, but towards the end he is proven to be correct.

Buy Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory is a very interesting movie with a great performance by Mel Gibson as a slightly disturbed conspiracy theorist and a surprising, action-packed ending, accompanied by Julia Roberts.


6. The Patriot - Mel Leads The Underdogs Against The Dastardly English (Again)

In its sentiments The Patriot is a very similar movie to Braveheart, this time set in the American War of Independence, but with Gibson as a gallant hero defying the English charlatans. Such is the sadistic and sneaky character of the main English villain, the viewer ends up really hoping that the American rebels win the day and I could imagine viewers in a cinema booing the English and cheering the Americans; such Hollywood cheese, but enjoyable.

This Mel Gibson Movie has a great story, superb action scenes and a whole load of heroes and villians to sneer at and hope for.

Buy The Patriot

The Patriot (Special Edition)
The Patriot (Special Edition)

The Patriot is a really exciting movie, with some great action, a really evil English villain and memorable performaces by Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. There is also a really good set of accompanying characters in this movie.


7. The Bounty - The Best Version Of An Often Told True Story

The Bounty, in my opinion, is the best of the many versions of this classic story. Whilst some of the facts may be slightly distorted this is nevertheless an entertaining movie.

There have been so many remakes of this story because it is such a gripping one and in this version there is some good acting and excellent action, along with some very beautiful scenery.

To this day, families of many of the people involved in the real mutiny on the Bounty cannot agree on exactly what happened, but what is known is that most of the mutineers met very horrible ends rather than living out long lives in paradise.

Buy The Bounty

The Bounty
The Bounty

Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins make this the definitive movie for the true story of "The Mutiny of the Bounty". Whilst this may not follow the facts of the event exactly as they happened, it is close and the acting and action make The Bounty a very enjoyable film.


8. Payback - A Man Who Will Stop At Nothing To Get Revenge

In Payback, Mel Gibson plays a bad guy who has been betrayed and as the movie title suggest, he wants revenge. In Payback, Gibson's character just goes mental and will stop at nothing to get what he believes is his share of a robbery.

Payback is a pretty dark movie, with no good guys, just bad, badder and baddest. This movie is all action and the viewer is carried along by wondering what dark deed Gibson's character is going to stoop to next in his quest for revenge.

This is an exciting and, at times, fairly shocking film.

Buy Payback

Payback - The Director's Cut (Special Collector's Edition)
Payback - The Director's Cut (Special Collector's Edition)

An enthralling story of revenge; Mel Gibson plays a very menacing character determined to pay those back who left him for dead. A somewhat cliched movie with some very over-the-top characters, but as a viewer you really want Mel to get them!


9. Ransom - The Victim's Family Are After The Kidnappers

The story in Ransom movie is not overly original, the son of a wealthy businessman is kidnapped and held for ransom, but the execution is well-done and gripping.

The turning point, and the thing that sets it apart from similar movies, is when Gibson's character goes on TV to put his own ransom, in fact a bounty, on the kidnappers, thus turning the tables on them. From then on Mel Gibson's character is in control and his anger begins to show.

The first time I saw this movie I didn't expect much from it, but it turned out to be a very exciting film indeed.

10. We Were Soldiers - Horrifyingly Realistic Battle Scenes

We Were Soldiers is one of those war movies that came in the wake of "Saving Private Ryan" that makes use of very realistic and terrifying battle scenes.

The movie is based on a true story, although it has apparently been heavily adapted for effect. This should not detract from movie-lovers appreciation of what is a very stirring and, at times, touching war movie. The scenes in which the wives of the deceased soldiers are told of the loss of their loved ones, along with the horrific battle scenes really serve to illustrate how brutal and stupid war is.

Although not particularly well-acclaimed, I think this is one of Mel Gibson's best movies.

Buy We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers [Blu-ray]
We Were Soldiers [Blu-ray]

Action-packed from start to finish this is a very memorable war film with some stunning battle scenes and a great performance by Mel Gibson; enjoy the movie for what it is and don't get too upset about its historical inaccuracies.


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Mel Gibson And His Movies

Mel Gibson and His Movies
Mel Gibson and His Movies

A biography of Mel Gibson's life in acting and movie-making but much more too. Interviews with friends, co-workers and ex-friends, as well as with Gibson, give an unusual angle on the actor's life and detailed descriptions of the making of many of Mel Gibson's movies make this book a sort of Mel Gibson movie biography as well as his life.


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    • jericho911 lm profile image

      jericho911 lm 

      5 years ago

      Anyone who doesn't pick Braveheart as his best film ever had better get this brain checked. That movie is the best motion picture that has ever been shown. Bar none. Great lens !

    • nickupton lm profile imageAUTHOR

      nickupton lm 

      5 years ago

      @GoldenChile: Yes, it is probably a better piece of movie making but I find Thunderdome more entertaining.

    • Diva2Mom profile image


      6 years ago

      Absolutely! Great lens featuring all of his Masterpieces. God bless.

    • GoldenChile profile image


      7 years ago

      I would have included the Road Warrior. Its as good or better than Thunderdome and I think it would have earned more votes!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      He is one of the greatest entertainers i have ever had the pleasure of watching...

    • nickupton lm profile imageAUTHOR

      nickupton lm 

      8 years ago

      @Light-in-me: Yes, both are remarkable movies.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I walked out of the theatre stunned and numb after watching Passion of the Christ. and Braveheart I cried so hard and to this day will not watch it again. It was good though. I really like many of his movies.

      Great lens,



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