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Men in Black 3

Updated on September 13, 2012

The Men are Back in Black - Part 3

Part 1 and 2 are amazing movies, but the third part will even be BETTER to entertain old and young people!

It took a long time to think about part 3 of Men in Black, but in 2012 there will be finally Part 3 of this mega blockbuster.

I'm a big fan of this movie series, and i hope you get the feeling too after seeing this lens right?

"Don't ever flush toilets with a golden fish in it !"

Latest update :

[Update 1 March 2012] New Insight Trailer!Men in black 3 2012 Official Trailer pt.2

[Update 13 Dec 2011] Finally- MEN IN BLACK 3 Official Trailer!

[Update 1 Nov 2011] There is a new teaser poster available....

[Update 10 Nov 2011] More information about the Cast and Characters in the MIB movie

[Update 18 Nov 2011] More information about the Retro Aliens in the MIB movie!

[Update 1 Dec 2011] Again, a new teaser poster available (Ugly or Not?)

Men in Black 3 Synopsis
Men in Black 3 Synopsis

Men in Black 3 Synopsis

The MIB duo of Agent Jay and Agent Kay are back in action in 2012. When the world is threatened by an evil alien, Agent Jay travels back in time to

1969, where he teams up with the younger Agent Kay to stop an evil villain named Boris (Jemaine Clement) from destroying the world in the future.

And yes, Emma Thompson will play take-charge MIB operative Agent Oh, who is monitoring a prison breakout.

Official Trailer MIB 3 - Finally, the real Trailer!

Who is Tommy Lee Jones?
Who is Tommy Lee Jones?

Who is Tommy Lee Jones?

You Don't know him?

An eighth-generation Texan, actor Tommy Lee Jones attended Harvard University, where he roomed with future U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

Though several of his less-knowledgeable fans have tended to dismiss Jones as a roughhewn redneck, the actor was equally at home on the polo fields (he's a champion player) as the oil fields, where he made his living for many years.

Jones spent the rest of the '80s working in both television and film, doing his most notable work on such TV miniseries as Lonesome_Dove (1989), for which he earned another Emmy nomination.

It was not until the early '90s that the actor became a substantial figure in Hollywood, a position catalyzed by a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role in Oliver_Stone's JFK. In 1993, Jones won both that award and a Golden Globe for his driven, starkly funny portrayal of U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard in The_Fugitive.

His subsequent work during the decade was prolific and enormously varied. In 1994 alone, he could be seen as an insane prison warden in Natural_Born_Killers; titular baseball hero Ty_Cobb in Cobb; a troubled army captain in Blue_Sky; a wily federal attorney in The_Client; and a psychotic bomber in Blown_Away.

2007 brought two major roles for the actor. He headlined the Iraq war drama In the Valley of Elah for director Paul Haggis. His work as the veteran father of a son who died in the war earned him strong reviews and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

However more people saw Jones' other film from that year, the Coen brothers adaptation of the amazing movie : No Country for Old Men. His work as a middle-aged Texas sheriff haunted by the acts of the evil man he hunts earned him a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Tommy Lee Jones about Will Smith - Very personal interview!

Men in Black 3 Trailer - Pre Trailer this one....

MIB "Men in Black" Sunglasses - Black is the colour

You have to choose!

Will or Tommy?

Who is Will Smith? - What? You Don't know him? Read on....

Who is Will Smith?
Who is Will Smith?

Born Willard Christopher Smith Jr on October 25th, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Willard was raised amidst the middle-classes, his mother serving on the school board and the father owning a refrigeration company, installing and tweaking freezer cabinets in supermarkets. The 2nd of four children (younger Harry and Ellen are twins), Will was a bright child, constantly playing upon his natural charm, a habit which, at Philly's legendary Overbrook Secondary school, earned him the nickname Prince (he'd also star with the city's Julia Reynolds Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School).

His upbringing would see him experience many different social circles. The Smiths were a Baptist family, yet Will would attend a Catholic school. His neighbourhood was half populated by Orthodox Jews, and near by was a strongly Muslim area. School was 90% white, but 90% of Smith's playmates were black. He learned how you can be liked by everyone.

Influenced both by the star Eddie Murphy and new hip-hop heroes like Grandmaster Flash, Will started rapping on the chronilogical age of twelve, rapidly creating his own slick, semi-comic taste. Then, at age 16, he met the man with whom he would score his first worldwide success. At a party in Philadelphia, he fired a fart spray into a fan (a mechanical fan, that is, not a fan of his music), impressing no one. No one except DJ Jazzy Jeff - real name Jeff Townes - who had himself been working at music since the age of 10. The pair became firm friends and began to collaborate, Jeff as DJ, Will as rapper (having expanded his nickname to Fresh Prince).

And so vigorous had been their own pursuit of music superiority which Will even switched straight down a scholarship to Boston's super-prestigious MIT to be able to follow his dream. A minimum of, that's the legend built up for this sophisticated performer. Smith himself later claimed that MIT was mentioned because he had extremely high SAT scores and the mother knew the admissions officer there. But there was clearly little real chance of his being accepted, he'd say, as "I would be a B-student that did C-level work. Occasionally I'd pull it out the bag and get an A".

Will Smith - Inspirational words of Wisdom

Will it be in 3D?

Yes, Men in Black III will be shot and released in 3D

Is Will Smith in any other movies coming out?

He has several movies in development.

Will Rosario Dawson be back in this film?

As of September 28, 2010, no word yet if Rosario Dawson's character, Laura Vasquez, will return in the sequel.



Will Smith MIB 3

Will Smith MIB 3
Will Smith MIB 3

Lightbulb-covered stand ins rolled through the shot

Lightbulb-covered stand ins rolled through the shot
Lightbulb-covered stand ins rolled through the shot

This is really Josh Brolin

This is really Josh Brolin
This is really Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin playing a young Tommy Lee Jones

Josh Brolin playing a young Tommy Lee Jones
Josh Brolin playing a young Tommy Lee Jones

The Cast of MIB 3 - Some cool names on this list...

The Cast of MIB 3
The Cast of MIB 3

Will Smith as James Darrell Edwards III

He is playing : Agent J, an MIB agent

Tommy Lee Jones as Kevin Brown

He is playing : Agent K, an MIB agent

Josh Brolin as Young Kevin Brown

He is playing the new Agent K

Rip Torn as Chief Zed

He is playing as always the head of the MIB Chief Zed

Emma Thompson as Agent O

A new agent of the MIB in present day and a secretary in the 1960s

Nicole Scherzinger as Lilly

This beutiful woman is a villain in the film and girlfriend to Agent J

Jemaine Clement as Boris

The primary antagonist in the film :)

Alice Eve as Young Agent O

Until now, not much known about this character

Men in Black 3 Movie Poster

Men in Black 3 Movie Poster
Men in Black 3 Movie Poster
Retro aliens
Retro aliens

Retro Aliens

Does these look cool?

While plenty of set photos have leaked out from the upcoming Men In Black 3, none of them show the brand new aliens design. Special effects make-up artist Rick Baker revealed that the aliens featured in the film will have a “B-movie” style of the 1950s and 1960s instead of modern day versions.

“Where I had fun is that we go back to the Men in Black headquarters of the ’60s. The very first thing I said is that we have to have retro aliens, not aliens of 2012. More based on B-movies of the ’50s and ’60s. So, most of the aliens derive from that. Space suits with fishbowl helmets and ray guns.”

Teaser Poster

Teaser Poster
Teaser Poster

Teaser Poster

Teaser Poster
Teaser Poster

New MIB 3 Movie Stills [13 December 2011)

New MIB 3 Movie Stills [13 December 2011)
New MIB 3 Movie Stills [13 December 2011)

Men in Black Toys

MIB 3 Screenshots
MIB 3 Screenshots
MIB 3 Screenshots
MIB 3 Screenshots
More MIB Screenshots from the Movie
More MIB Screenshots from the Movie
MIB 3 Logo
MIB 3 Logo
Josh Brolin MIB 3
Josh Brolin MIB 3
Will Smith Time Travel
Will Smith Time Travel

MIB Music Archive

Official Trailer Part 2!

Men in Black 3 Trailer 2. New Epic trailer for the anticipated "Men in Black 3" movie. "Don't ever flush toilets with a golden fish in it !"

There are secret of the universe they don't want you to know. But one has to be revealed"

The Perfect Tommy Lee Jones Replacement
The Perfect Tommy Lee Jones Replacement

The Perfect Tommy Lee Jones Replacement

Review of MIB III of a IMDB User!

I am not exactly a Will Smith fan. I think the last Will Smith film I watched and liked was the first "Men in Black" film back in 1997. I was surprised to learn that there will be another installment of "Men in Black" this year, the third of the series. The second MiB was shown in 2002, and I did not even care to finish that one. Will the ten years between the last episode and this one make a difference? I needed to see that.

In this film, a vicious alien villain known as Boris the Animal escapes from his prison on the moon, where he had been locked up since being arrested by Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) back in 1969. One day, Agent K disappears from the present day. His partner Agent J (Will Smith) realizes that K had been assassinated by Boris forty years ago, which caused a major change of events, allowing Boris' alien race to overrun the Earth. J had to find a way to travel back in time to 1969 in order to save K and rectify the tragic consequences of his death. Can J save K and in turn save the Earth from the clutches of Boris?

The odd couple was just as they were before in the first films. Will Smith is still his old loudmouth Agent J as Tommy Lee Jones was his tight-lipped Agent K. As J goes back to the past, he will interact with the young 29-year old K, perfectly played by Josh Brolin. Brolin amazingly captures the laconic persona, and even the distinct voice, of Jones so well that they seemed to have been one and the same actor. It was also good to see Emma Thompson again in a major film as she portrayed Agent O, another senior agent with a soft spot for K. The younger Agent O was played by a cutie named Alice Eve, but she certainly did not convince us that she would look or act like Emma Thompson when she grows older.

I must say that this film was really a most entertaining one. Well, maybe more for me than for my kids. Younger audiences may find the jokes about 1969 cultural references, such as the hippies, the racial tension, etc., to be a bit difficult to grasp. But the fun action sequences with some exciting futuristic vehicles and weaponry, the imaginative and repulsive aliens made by no less than the master monster-maker Rick Baker, the thrilling integration of the historic Apollo 11 lift-off, and the touching revelation of K's big secret made this a very good and enjoyable movie to watch. 3D did not seem necessary. Director Barry Sonnenfeld got it right this time, and this segment certainly gave perfect closure to the story arc of the whole series.

Your Opinion Please..... - Did you allready saw the Movie?

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    • profile image

      Johnnygenre 5 years ago

      I haven't seen that movie yet, but hope so much, the for-casting film is so tantalizing~ the two black eyeglasses are extremely highlighted~!

    • angelaedwards11 profile image

      angelaedwards11 6 years ago

      amazing movies...

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      sure did, great flick.

    • Frank Edens profile image

      Frank Edens 6 years ago

      @Andy-Po: Hey Andy, thank you. I hope i can contribute more to Squidoo in the future with this lense, and other ones! Thank you!

    • profile image

      Andy-Po 6 years ago

      I haven't seen it yet, but I will. Great lens


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