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MIchael Jackson Thriller Video And Lyrics

Updated on December 22, 2015

Thriller Is The Best Halloween Video The Lyrics And Dancing Is Great!

Michael Jackson released a 14 minute music video on December 2, 1983. It was like no other video we had ever seen. How many of you out there can remember the lyrics or even know part of the dance steps? The video starts out with Jackson and a girl out on a date when the car they are in runs out of gas. They start to walk home and along the way Michael asks to the to be his girlfriend. She agrees and then he gives her a ring. He tells her that he is not like other guys...and she agrees with him. The moon comes out from under a cloud cover and Michael Jackson turns into a Werewolf right in front of our eyes. Their car has run out of gas so they decide to walk home. Along the way Jackson asks the girl to go out with him. That's at about 2;20 or so minutes into the video....there's a whole lot of time for some real supernatural singing and dancing in the video's remaining time, almost 12 minutes. It's a great video and it's amazing how many versions of this video you can find online. Plus you can find the Thriller lyrics and instructions on how to do the dance. Feeling Scary this Halloween? Thriller would make a great Halloween party theme.

Thriller By Michael Jackson - Here's The Original 14 Minute Thriller

Got 14 minutes? Good, because that's how long this fun video is going to run. Go back to 1983 when Michael and John Landau co-wrote this the words to this song. John Landau directed the video and Michael Peters along with Michael Jackson get credit for the choreography.

Remember Vincent Price, the horror star who talked his way through the entire song, a techinque called sprechgesang in German. Price's performance is credited as "Rap" in the credits. Here's a fun fact...did you know that Vincent Price had a role in the actual video? He performed an uncredited appearance starring as the very last zombie you see in the film.

Check out the very beginning of the video where you can see Michael's disclaimer. Since Jackson was a Jehovah's Witness he wanted everyone to know that making this video did not mean he believed in the occult.

Halloween Is Almost Here - Get Your Michael Jackson's Thriller Costume

If you are a fan of the spooky, fun Halloween video I have some costume ideas for you. Take a look at the costumes you can get...each one reminds us of a famous song Michael gave us.

Thriller Lyrics - Sing Along With Michael Jackson

Here are the Michael Jackson Thriller lyrics so you can sing along with the original video...or any version you want to want and sing with. It's fun to sing along with your favorite songs, so enjoy reading these lyrics and singing them out loud. I like to read the lyrics of songs I like because there are usally some parts of the song I don't understand...that means I usually sing the wrong words at some point. With these lyrics I can make sure I know what I am singing. Okay...get ready to follow the bouncing ball! Just a little witchy humor, there is no bouncing ball...okay, old joke, just go ahead and sing.

Learn The Thriller Dance - Free Dance Instructions from FUNKMODE

Funkmode instructors Mighty and KMDZ show us the dance steps to Michael Jackson's Thriller. When they went online they noticed there were no simple instructions for this popular song, so they decided to make one so we could all learn the dance. One, two, three, four, get your dancing shoes on and your zombie make up are going to be so ready for that spooky Monster Mash dance party you've been invited to for Halloween this year.

What Do You Think Of Thriller? - Is Thriller The Best Video Ever?

Here are some questions you can answer or not...I like to participate in polls so I usually answer them. This is all about Thriller...I would love to find out what other people think about this fun video.

Do You Think Thriller Is The Best Music Video Ever Made?

See results

Halloween Lights Blink To Thriller - Shake Up Your Halloween Decorations With These Lights

Halloween lights are a cool way to decorate your house for our favorite spooky fall holiday. But I've never seen lights that blink on an off to the music, have you? If you have been looking for some fun decorating ideas for your house, you have got to see this video. This amazing light show was put on by Light-O-Rama computerized light shows.

Halloween Lights And Decorations - Get Animated Halloween Decorations

That was an amazing Halloween display and it makes me want to run out and decorate my house, how about you? Are you wondering where to find the materials you need to have your lights blinking to music? Well, you could always call Lights-O-Rama. You can check Amazon first to see if they have something similar.

Thriller Trivia

Did You Know?

1. Did you know that Michael Jackson's famous red Thriller jacket was made by director John Landau's wife? Michael only weighed about 100 pounds at the time of filming and she designed it to make him look bigger.

2. The Guinness World Records listed Michael Jackson's Thriller as the "most successful music video of all time" in 2006. It still holds the record.

3. John Landau insisted all the extras spend two weeks learning and practicing the dance routines.

4. Thriller was the very first video to be chosen for the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2009. This was the first time a music video was included.

5. It took four days to shoot this video.

6. Thriller cost about $500,000.00 to shoot. This was an astronomical amount of money considering the usual music video cost about $100,000.00 to make.

7. The Coalition for Violence classified Thriller as too violent in 1984.

The Multitrack Acapella Cover Version Of Thriller - One Guy Recorded All The Sounds And Words

You have got to see this fabulous video from François Macré. He does the entire Thriller song by himself. He recorded words and sounds on 64 different tracks...(count them!) and then he edited it into one video. I can't imagine how long it took him, but it's a great effort. Isn't it amazing what people can do.

Jake Shimabukuro Performs Michael Jackson's Thriller - On A Ukelele

Jake Shimabukuro will make you look at a Ukelele in a new light. He has an amazing talent and you will want to hear this version of Thriller just because no one will believe how good it is until they hear ti. Go Jake...this young man is really something.

The LEGO Version Of Thriller - LEGO Michael Jackson Turns Into A Zombie

Watch the LEGO figure change, first into a Werewolf and then into a Zombie. How long do you think it took to make this video? LEGO fans are going to be amazed!

Michael Jackson And Thriller Merchandise

Are You Thrilled Or SCARED By Thriller?

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