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Michael Jackson's Vision Music Videos DVD

Updated on October 15, 2014
Michael Jackson's Vision
Michael Jackson's Vision | Source

You Can Share Michael Jackson's Vision On DVD But Not On Blu-ray...

MTV, also know as Much Television, and Michael Jackson arrived on the North American scene at pretty much the same time and they were perfectly suited to each other.

Jackson used MTV from the very beginning to share his visual style and his music. With the arrival of MTV, people could SEE in addition to hear his music.

Jackson started thinking of his songs as scripts and created stories out of them. He called them 'short films' rather than 'music videos.'

The first and only music video to be initiated into the Library of Congress National Film Registery is none other than Michael Jackson's Thriller. That song had a HUGE impact at the time of its release. I can remember staying home the night that Thriller was released to watch it on television and being totally amazed by it.

On Michael Jackson's Vision, you will find all 35 of Michael's 'short films' that were created when he was working as a solo performer. Ten of them are on DVD for the first time ever. The videos have been restored and remastered so that you will get the best audio and visual impact from them. There is even a bonus DVD with seven more videos with other artists like The Jacksons performing "Enjoy Yourself," Paul McCartney performing "Say Say Say" and the video that has NEVER been seen before, "One More Chance."

This package does reflect, in great part, Michael Jackson's vision. Michael Jackson fans are definitely going to want this impressive DVD set in their collection. Unfortunately for those of you who are looking for the blu-ray version of Vision, it does appear that Vision is not being released on blu-ray disc.

Click here to order your copy of Michael Jackson's Vision from Amazon.

Michael Jackson's Vision was released on November 22, 2010.

Michael Jackson's Vision Youtube Video Trailer

Fast Facts About Michael Jackson's Vision

  • ACTOR: Michael Jackson
  • FORMAT: DVD. Vision is NOT being released on blu-ray at this time.
  • RATED: NR (Not Rated)
  • STUDIO: Sony Legacy
  • ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: November 22, 2010
  • DVD RELEASE DATE: November 22, 2010
  • RUN TIME: 4.5 hours

Advance Customer Opinion

"If you're a fan of Michael Jackson, then you can't go wrong with this beautiful DVD box set. And it's even reasonably priced, considering who it is and all that's on here! I know this is something I'll treasure forever. The words "special" and "genius" are bandied about far too freely, but in this instance, the man truly lives up to the meaning of those words, and then some! Thank you Michael, for all you have given, and continue to give us all." ~ Kaio

Vision is NOT Being Released on Blu-ray.

Order Your Copy of Michael Jackson's Vision

Michael Jackson's Vision
Michael Jackson's Vision | Source
Michael Jackson's Vision
Michael Jackson's Vision | Source

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© 2010 Treasures By Brenda

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    • profile image

      emoiy90 6 years ago

      I love MJ sooooo Much

    • AuthorNormaBudden profile image

      AuthorNormaBudden 6 years ago

      It will be now. :)

    • VarietyWriter2 profile image

      VarietyWriter2 7 years ago

      So talented and amazing.

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 7 years ago

      Michael Jackson had such an amazing talent! I bet this is an awesome DVD.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 7 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Vision looks like an amazing collection - and very reasonably priced. I was surprised, in fact. Great gift choice for a Michael Jackson fan!

    • tandemonimom lm profile image

      tandemonimom lm 7 years ago

      Looks like a great Christmas gift!

    • profile image

      Joan4 7 years ago

      I am sure the Michael Jackson Vision DVD will be on many lists this Christmas - and a super gift, too!