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Michonne Walking Dead Costume and Makeup

Updated on August 27, 2015

How to Dress Like Michonne

Michonne is the fierce, katana-wielding apocalypse survivor from AMC's wildly popular hit show The Walking Dead.

Looking to create a Michonne costume for a Halloween party, convention or other cosplay event? This Walking Dead costume guide has you covered from multi-colored headband to studded leather boots. Here you'll find instructions and supplies for putting together an inexpensive-yet-authentic Michonne costume.

Although AMC has not yet released a pre-made Michonne costume, much of this zombie-killing gal's look can easily be found online or recreated with a little DIY.


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Brown Leather Vest, Purple Tank & Tight Pants

Throughout much of The Walking Dead's third and fourth seasons, Michonne wears a brown leather vest over a purple tank top and a skin-tight pair of dark gray or olive green cargo pants. These tight layers protect her during zombie fights while allowing her the flexibility she needs to wield her katana.

Although a similar tank top and pair of pants can easily be picked up online or in any department store, Michonne's vest may be more challenging to hunt down.

Often blood-splattered, the vest features a front zipper, two pockets and lace-up sides that guarantee a snug fit. While opting to shell out extra cash for real leather will certainly put your Michonne costume a step above the rest, simply choosing an inexpensive vest with side laces and a similar cut and color will also ensure that your costume is easily recognized at a Walking Dead viewing party or convention.

Ladies Brown Zip Front Side Lace Vest (Medium)
Ladies Brown Zip Front Side Lace Vest (Medium)

SPLURGE: This vest is a perfect replica of Michonne's Walking Dead wardrobe. Though somewhat pricey, this vest's color, cut, zipper, pockets and lace-up sides all match Michonne's. For the serious Michonne cosplay enthusiast, this vest is a must-have.


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No Michonne costume would be complete without a katana. Michonne's sword is her weapon of choice and an essential part of your Walking Dead look.

AMC released a katana replica after Michonne made her Walking Dead debut, which makes giving your costume that true-to-character detail easier than ever. If the actual show prop is out of your price range, choose a cheaper sword with a white and brown handle and a metallic pattern on its guard. Don't forget to give your sword a little post-apocalyptic grit by adding some zombie blood (and maybe even some guts, too!).

The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Prop Replica
The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Prop Replica

This katana, though expensive, is a true replica of the sword wielded by Michonne on the show.


Black Studded Boots & Belt

Michonne's studded black boots, always worn haphazardly, and black studded belt are a significant part of her look. These items transform what could have been a girlish look (purple tank top, tight pants) into a fierce outfit fit for a battle-ready babe like Michonne.

If you can't find the perfect studded boots, snag a cheap black pair of plain boots at a local thrift store and order some studs online. Adding them to the shoes yourself might be a pain but it's the littlest details that make costumes look authentic.


Dreads & Headband

Michonne's signature hairstyle — shoulder-length dreads held back by a multi-colored fabric headband — is easy to achieve with the right wig and accessories.

To achieve a truly Walking Dead-worthy look, style your tribal headband so that it covers the majority of your forehead, fray it with a sharp blade and stain it with coffee and/or dark red paint. Dust your squeaky clean wig with dirt after dousing it with hair spray.

What's your favorite Michonne moment from The Walking Dead?

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    • Motherbynature profile image


      3 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      This is my choice for next Halloween. I already have my own dreadlocks, boots, and pants. For the vest I'm going to get a cheap pleather jacket and cut off the sleeves.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love the ideas for a Michonne costume on this page, but I was a bit disappointed. The main problem I was having was finding similar boots, and the header on this page said " This Walking Dead costume guide has you covered from multi-colored headband to studded leather boots." Apparently not.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      nice lens, it is having quality and attractive content./////


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