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Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris Soundtrack List Features Cole Porter, Sidney Bechet & Josephine Baker

Updated on June 11, 2013

Music & Songs From Midnight in Paris

Have you been trying to track down the Midnight in Paris Soundtrack List? Like many of Woody Allen's movies, his latest homage to Paris celebrates the best of jazz from the 1920s and 40s through Sidney Bechet, Josephine Baker and Cole Porter tunes. One of my favorite Sunday morning laze around the house albums was the soundtrack to Radio Days.

But you currently won't find the CD on The Soundtrack to Midnight in Paris was originally released overseas and available only as a rare import. However, the original motion picture soundtrack was finally made available by Madison Gate Records, released on December 9th, 2011 on iTunes.

Thanks to a tip from one of the musicians, Peter Williams from Swing 41 who contributed the track "Je suis seul ce soir", Sony has plans to release an official soundtrack CD on So we should hear about an official release date soon.

Just as Allen captured the vibrant magic of New York in Manhattan, we can easily forgive the award winning director and his cinematographer Darius Khondji for borrowing from Allen's previous filmography -- capturing lush frame upon frame of what we love most about cities like New York, Barcelona and Paris in peeling back the layers to reveal hidden stories and delights.

With such gorgeous visuals opening Allen's homage to the city of lights, it's as if the 76 year old director is sharing his latest crush or rather revealing in all its glory, his lifelong passion to runaway to Paris and write -- a dream many of us share. It's much the same with his homage to Italy in To Rome With Love.

If you haven't yet seen the movie or just want a quick getaway to Paris, you can now stream Midnight in Paris as well as To Rome With Love available online on, iTunes and even YouTube video rental. However, the movie can still be seen at a few screens, so do see it on the big screen if you get the chance.

Midnight in Paris Soundtrack List

Source: iTunes

Updated 4/18 & 6/11/2013

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Song in Opening Scene Midnight in Paris - Si Tu Vois Ma Mere | Sidney Bechet

The opening scene features breathtaking shots of Paris by day and night in all its romantic splendour with lovely streetscapes, quaint cafes, ubiquitous shots of The Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower, Arc DeTriomphe, the Louvre and shots of Paris, impossibly beautiful even in the rain with colorful umbrellas and glistening sidewalks.

It's apropos Allen, a lifelong clarinet player, chose "Si Tu Vois Ma Mere" by the legendary Sidney Bechet for the opening scene of Midnight in Paris. Bechet was an American jazz musician who was never fully appreciated until he was embraced by the Parisians in the 1950s. Perhaps Allen feels much the same given a couple of his most recent films have been produced in Europe.

Just press play to listen to a few bars of "Si Tu Si Tu Vois Ma Mere" by Sidney Bechet from the Midnight in Paris O.S.T.

"Je suis seul ce soir" by Swing 41 - Photo Source: Swing 41 Facebook Page

Swing 41 Ceul ce Soir Midnight in Paris Soundtrack
Swing 41 Ceul ce Soir Midnight in Paris Soundtrack

If you love the song "Je suis seul ce soir" from the Midnight in Paris OST, have a listen to some other tracks by Peter Williams and Swing 41 especially their rendition of "Night and Day", click here. You can also listen to excerpts from their original 2008 release Swing 41 which includes songs by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli.

How Many Academy Awards Was Midnight In Paris Nominated?


Best Picture

Best Director

Best Original Screenplay

Best Art Direction

Midnight in Paris - Theatrical Trailer

"I Just Want to Walk Around Paris With You" - Owen Wilson & Marion Cotillard

Owen Wilson & Rachel McAdams at Giverny - Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris Owen Wilson Rachel McAdams
Midnight in Paris Owen Wilson Rachel McAdams

Midnight in Paris Worldwide Grosses Over $148 Million

Domestic $56 Million

Foreign $92 Million

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

What do you think of the music and songs in Midnight in Paris?

Midnight in Paris Soundtrack

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      The soundtrack in Midnight in Paris is simply... perfect. It fits completely to the movie theme and transport us to a world that we crave to take part too. I think this movie is the best Woody ever made, a master work indeed.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Hi, Just thought I would point out that the soundtrack has been released by Sony, and that I suspect it will be available on CD soon. Then plan was to release it on amazon as a CD (I know because I have a track included so they had to check the cover text with me). The Sony release is the only official soundtrack that has been released for the film Midnight in Paris.

    • profile image

      foodchem 6 years ago

      Allen has also been nominated for Best Director at the Phoenix Film Critics Society baidu