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Mike the Knight - Nick Jr

Updated on April 18, 2013

Mike the Knight - A New TV Show for Little Kids on Nick Jr

Mike the Knight is very popular in our house. The animated show can be seen on Nick Jr from Feb 2012. The hero of the show is Mike, a young medieval knight-in-training.

Mike's motto is "Be a knight, do it right." In each episode Mike has some kind of quest or challenge that requires him to use his knightly skills.

Mike the Knight is a firm favorite in our house. My boys already loved knights and renaissance fairs before Mike the Knight came along. Now knightly is a commonly used adjective in our house!

Mike the Knight and Galahad the Great/Mike the Knight and the Scary Dragons

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About Mike the Knight

Mike the Knight is a brave young hero

The Mike the Knight TV show comes from the same company that made Bob the Builder. It has already been airing in the UK for a while. We're in the UK so we've already seen lots of episodes of Mike the Knight.

Mike the Knight is a 52 part CG-animated series for preschoolers and young children. My boys are 3.5 and 5 and it's just the right age group for them.

As parents we enjoy the show because it's a mix of educational and fun. Watch out for the Viking call - that gets a laugh every time in our house. And it's full of castles and dragons which the boys love.

Mike the Knight Characters

Other than Mike the Knight, the main characters include:

Evie: Evie is Mike's little sister and she's a Wizard-in-Training. Her spells often lead to challenges for Mike when they don't quite go to plan.

Galahad: Galahad is Mike's faithful horse.

Sparkie: Sparkie is a friendly fire-breathing dragon.

Squirt: Squirt is a little dragon, who breathes water instead of fire.

Jane and the Dragon

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Before Mike the Knight came along, there's was Jane and the Dragon. We're also big fans of the Jane and the Dragon animated series. It's perfect for slightly older kids than Mike the Knight and has a wonderful sense of humor. Like Mike, Jane is training to be a knight. Unusually she's a girl, but she's not going to let that detail stop her!

Jane and the Dragon: Dragon Rules

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Jane And The Dragon: A Dragon's Tale

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Jane and the Dragon Trailer

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Mike the Knight

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    • profile image

      cvantuyle 5 years ago

      YES! My daughter is 3 yrs old and she really loves to watch Mike the Knight!! She is very excited to watch it everyday. Nick Jr. always has great shows and we are always glad when something new comes out like this!! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      No, my grandson, Archie does not like Mike. He is upset that he has taken over some of his favorites on Nick,jr like Max and Ruby, Olivia, Franklin, Oobi just to name a few. He does not like the changes made to his favorite channel. Bring back Moose A Moose and Zee too!