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Updated on September 7, 2015

Dance is generally defined as the art involving rhythmic movements of the body, it is performed by many cultures around the world as form of expression, while sometime they convey intricate stories that enthrals the audience. Dance is definitely entertaining it captures our imagination and makes us appreciate the art form, dance is passion and yes it is profession for many. And yes whoever you are you have been subjected to dance either alone in your room or with people.

Here is small list about various types of dances just to create a certain knowledge about various styles of dance.

1. Odissi – introduced in second century BC, this type of dance is based on natyashastra of bharat, Maherish was the first dance to perform this form of dance.

Important performer: sanjukta panigrahi and kelucharan mahapatra

It is one of the eight classical dance forms of India, It originates from the state of Odisha.

Though odissi is a very old dance form, it got recognition from the central government in the 1950’s after efforts from many scholars

2. Mohiniattam- first introduced in Kerala, it is the most scientific form of dance

Introducer: bhallal thol.

Historians say it originated as early as 16th century, generally performed by women as a solo performance.

The performers as seen in the above image wear an off white coloured sari with gold brocade borders. Hairs are tightly gathered in a bun and wrapped around in jasmine flowers… the dancers are also adorned in gold bangles and necklace.

3. Bharat natyam- first introduced in temple of south india, it is a solo dance based on natyashashtra of bharat. Performed in accordance with Carnatic music, its divisions are: alar ripu, barnam padam, thilaha.

Important performer: rukmani devi, t.bula sarawati

Lord Shiva is considered the deity of this dance,

It is one of the oldest dance form, today bharatnatyam is performed by men and women and has become one of the widely practiced dance form.

4. Kuchipudi - first introduced in kuchipuram a village in Andrapradesh. Trithya Narayan shid joyim introduced this form of dance.

Important performer: binadin maharaj, kakadin maharaj, acchar maharaj, gopi kiljar, birju maharaj.

It is the classical dance of the state of Andra Pradesh, it is accompanied by Carnatic music.

The technique of Kuchipudi makes use of fast rhythmic footwork and body movements

5. Kathakali- first introduced in in Kerala, sathi tiranal of tivankur spearheaded this dance form. Modern form of this dance is created by kovi bhalla thol ( established the scientific form of Kerala kalamandalam)

It originated in the state of kearla, dancers take various roles from Hindu mythology the mahabharat and the ramayan are mostly taken.

The dancers wear large head dresses, and the contours of the face are extended with moulded lime. The extraordinary costumes and make-up serve to raise the participants above the level of mere mortals, so that they may transport the audience to a world of wonders.

If you are interested in showing your talent in dance but couldn’t find the right platform to highlight your talent, we could help and we would nurture your talent your passion which you have for that sacred dance form and show it to the masses. Please contact us at

To be continued…


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