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Monster DNA Headphones

Updated on December 1, 2013

Monster DNA Headphones

If you are interested in Monster DNA headphones? There are quite a few interesting pairs of these in two main styles. First of all, there are the in-ear monster headphones, and secondly, monster on-ear headphones. The first thing you should know (and probably already do) is that these are not cheap headphones. Most on-ear sets cost about $200 *unless they are on sale* so be ready for some awesome music listening experiences!

Okay - what people are saying about Monster DNA headphones! If you check them out you might see a couple people not fully happy with their purchases BUT for the most part the items are full of positive reviews! People say the music on these headphones is very balanced - not overly bass-powered. I think this is a great thing. With headphones you want nice balanced music and you don't want to blast the bass music right into your ears.

Next - these Monster DNA headphones are super comfortable. One person said these are well worth the bit of extra money for good quality headphones!

Finally - there are quite a few comments about how these blow the Dr Dre "beats" line away!

Image Source - this set of DNA headphones on Amazon

On-Ear Monster DNA Headphones - For Sale At Amazon - Different Color Options Available!

Information about Monster DNA Heaphones - Video

Let's duke it out

Do you like Monster DNA headphones or Dr Dre Beats Headphones?

In-Ear Monster DNA Headphones - And a few alternatives to Monster DNA headphones

Did you buy a pair of Monster headphones?

I'd love to hear from you if you bought a pair of Monster headphones. I personally prefer in-ear "ear buds" but love hearing what other people prefer. I do a fair amount of running so it is easier to use the ear buds as they tend to stay in place better. I never understood how some people run with the 'regular' style of full headphones but it is something I see often - especially at races.

So - if you did buy a pair of these headphones, or even if you already own a pair and were just here to read more about them then please leave a comment in the comment section and let us know how you like them!

Update - haven't heard much from people about whether they really love these headphones or not. I'd like to hear from you so I can feature the ones that people like the most. If you have any special opinions either way about these Monster DNA headphones then please share!

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    • CleftyToo profile image

      CleftyToo 4 years ago

      @Joy2013 LM: no problem :)

    • CleftyToo profile image

      CleftyToo 4 years ago

      @Joy2013 LM: I did some reading to answer this for you. It seems that there was a partnership. Monster apparently designed all the headphones and they were sold under the Beats name. In the agreement, it seems that Beats by Dre was able to own all the patents involved in anything made under the Beats name (even if designed fully by Monster). So, the headphones should be just as good as before. Just without the Monster logo on them :)